Willoughby re-starts December 18th, 2021

Hi guys,

Pleased to say we're back on again from this coming Saturday, December 18th in line with government guidelines.
Keep up all the COVID safe measures, check-in with us, use masks and social distancing where you can.


Willoughby Volunteer Event Team


No New Years Day Event 2021

Sorry guy, no NYD event this year the event team all have plans for well deserved holidays


New Years Day Event 2020

Subject to a full volunteer team we will be running an NYD day event in 2020.
Note HQ have decided to discontinue the NYD double concept, so only one event finish will be recognised on NYD regardless of how many you manage to do.


No NYD Event this year

Not enough vollies to put on a NYD event this year, pop over to Curly or North Sydney, or further afield.

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