Warwick parkrun Report, 16th November 2019 Event #318

A brave 47 runners and 6 volunteers risked the possibility of dusty and smoky conditions today. Thankfully the conditions were not as bad as we were expecting and lots of great times were posted, well done to a

We welcomed one visitor from Armidale and we trust that you had a great run and have a great stay in Warwick. We also met a new local runner who has joined us, well done and look forward to seeing you again.


As always we can't run this event without the awesome volunteers that make it all happen. This week we had Tom Brown, Gale Ward, Kelly Nielsen, Jemmah Nielsen, Aiden Shuptrine, Michaela Shuptrine and Rebecca Shuptrine. Thankyou again for making it all go smoothly.

Also a shout out needs to go to our juniors and their volunteering efforts well done and thankyou.

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Congratulations to all for achieving over 20000 runners around our course today, lucky number 4 got the official title but without you all we wouldn't have achieved this huge milestone. That is approximately 3300 runners per year or 16500 kms each year, great work team.

We are in need of volunteers next week we need a timekeeper and a photographers, the jobs are so easy and we are all here to help if you are unsure.

Well done to all again and have a great weekend.

RD Darren