Warringal Parklands parkrun # 10 – 20/02/2021

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

It was a perfect morning to celebrate our 1st birthday.  We had many runners/walkers dressed up in their best 'W' Costume.  We had a few Witches, Where's Wally's and a very cheery Wasp.  Thanks to all those that came to hep celebrate with us.

First timers

A very warm welcome to the forty people who had their personal barcodes scanned at Warringal Parklands parkrun for the very first time today, especially those who were at parkrun for the first time: Andrew EGGINTON, Annabelle DOWNIE, Bence PAUL, Bryce BORTOLIN, Clinton KIETZMANN, Connor RANDELL, Daniel MARTINELLI, Declan LEE, Euan GAMBLE, Grant DOWNIE, James RICKARD, Jared WILLITS, Jenny ROBINSON, Kacey MARTIN, Kathy ROUCH, Kerri STRONG, Lachlan RICHARDS, Leigh MADEN, Levi HUNG, Liam FLANAGAN, Lisa FLANAGAN, Luke HIGGINS, Mandy ERRINGTON, Markus ROTEN, Meghann BLAKEMAN, Ollie BOOTH, Parveen AKTHER, Phil ANDERSON, Philip NASS, Renee WEBSTER, Robert DAVEY, Robert SCULL, Scott BECKER, Selina REID, Sian ANDERSON, Susan OLLEY, Vanessa SEALY, William VAN DER NAGEL, Zoe HEATH, and Zoe MULES. We hope to see you all again soon!

Personal Bests

Warringal Parklands parkrun is not a race, but many of us get great joy and motivation from a personal best. Congratulations to those thirty-two participants who completed our five kilometre course faster than ever before today: Abbie KAY (32:15), Alison STOKES (29:16), Angus HULL-BROWN (29:03), Christabel CROMPTON (34:18), Colleen DALTON (55:15), Darian CAIRNS-COWAN (20:39), Dianne DEBLASSY (33:32), Gita PAUL (33:33), Glenn BERRY (25:44), Jared KITNEY (18:52), Jared WADE (51:07), Jason CRESP (23:24), Jim HOPKINS (25:24), Jon BOOTH (22:59), Julian CHUA (24:50), Laetitia CLEMENTS (22:44), Larry MATSUWAKI (30:18), Laura STEPKO (29:50), Marshall HENRY (25:09), Neil MATHEWS (22:27), Olivia REIFSCHNEIDER (39:19), Ollie WILLIAMS (27:45), Oscar PAUL (32:14), Owen TODD (17:52), Rachel PATERSON (23:59), Rachelle SMITH (42:48), Robin MASSEY (30:11), Stuart HOWARTH (25:34), Tracey BANNAN (36:56), Tracey STOTT (24:25), Tyson SMITH (42:35) and Zachary OSBORNE (20:20). May your new PBs be short-lived!

Age Category Records

It's pretty special to set a new benchmark for your age category. Today we saw this happen and we want to celebrate it.

  • Jim HOPKINS set a new VM70-74 record of 00:25:24 (70.28 %)
  • Robert DAVEY set a new VM80-84 record of 00:44:30 (48.43 %)
  • Susan OLLEY set a new VW65-69 record of 00:28:02 (74.55 %)

Very well done indeed!

Don't forget your barcode! #dfyb


No barcode, no result, no exceptions

This week's results include ten "Unknown" participants. This is because they forgot their barcode.

Printed barcodes are used at all parkrun events globally to record your results. You can collect and print your barcode from parkrun.com. Alternatively, you can order your barcode on a laser engraved silicone wristband from Bent Logic. We are strict with regard to this policy as we process over 100,000 results every weekend and if we were to relax our approach it would increase the amount of work for our volunteers.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of the printed barcode at parkrun and why this policy is in place, take a listen to the special No barcode, no result, no exceptions episode of the excellent Free, Weekly, Timed podcast.

Thanks to this week's volunteers

Every parkrun event relies on volunteers and volunteering is a wonderful way to make friends, feel great and have fun. We're very grateful to everyone who's volunteered at Warringal Parklands parkrun in the past.

This weekend's community event was brought to you by eleven wonderful volunteers. Thank you to: David BUERCKNER, Olivier DAVID, Sharon FRASER, Matthew GREGORY, Angela KINDEN, Natalie LANGFORD, Pam LONGE, Luke MCDOUGALL, Freya SHAW, Pauline VANDENBERG and Gary ZUCCALA.

If you'd like to help, please take a look at the Future Roster page and drop our volunteer co-ordinator an email with the date(s) on which you'd like to volunteer.

Please visit our FAQ to learn all about volunteering at parkrun.

Please download the Virtual Volunteer App

The parkrun Virtual Volunteer is our official timing and scanning application and is available free of charge from Apple's App Store and Google Play.

The Virtual Volunteer app replaces timing and scanning hardware at parkrun events and helps maintain our free-to-participate model as we expand. All parkrun events are now required to be ‘app-only’ and we no longer have stand-alone timers or scanners.

To see how easy this app is to use, read the user guide.

Running Clubs

Warringal Parklands parkrun welcomes all running clubs to participate at our events.

This week we welcomed participants registered with the following clubs: Melbourne Midday MilersDiamond Valley ACCoburg HarriersBox Hill ACDiamond Creek RunnersVegan Runners AustraliaWesterfoldiansBloody Good RouteMINERs (Melbourne Inner North Eastern Runners)Collingwood HarriersVictorian Masters AthleticsCrosbie CrewPlatypus Running ClubVictorian Cross Country LeagueKarki ParkieShepparton Runners ClubTri AllianceKirribilli RunnersRunning Mums AustraliaLung Buster Running Club and Achilles Running Club Melbourne.

Hello, my name is...

Perhaps you are reading this and you haven’t yet registered for parkrun. It’s really easy! Visit parkrun Australia or check out How do I register? for more information.

When you are registering please be mindful not to:

  • register more than once – once registered, you remain registered for life. You can turn up at any parkrun anywhere in the world without having to re-register
  • register separately when running with a pram
  • register your dog or any other animal – we welcome all animals to parkrun, but they cannot register a time

Warringal Parklands parkrun Facts and Figures

This week 173 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 40 were first timers and 32 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 22 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 11 volunteers:

David BUERCKNER • Freya SHAW • Olivier DAVID • Gary ZUCCALA • Sharon FRASER • Luke MCDOUGALL • Pauline VANDENBERG • Pam LONGE • Angela KINDEN • Matthew GREGORY • Natalie LANGFORD

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Warringal Parklands parkrun Results Page.

The female record is held by Lisa WEIGHTMAN who recorded a time of 17:39 on 15th February 2020 (event number 1).
The male record is held by David HARTLEY who recorded a time of 16:44 on 29th February 2020 (event number 3).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lisa WEIGHTMAN who recorded 87.16% (17:39) on 15th February 2020 (event number 1).

Warringal Parklands parkrun started on 15th February 2020. Since then 1,472 participants have completed 2,763 parkruns covering a total distance of 13,815 km, including 507 new Personal Bests. A total of 79 individuals have volunteered 139 times.