changing our pre-run briefing

**OMG a change in the ritual**
Greetings parkrun pals. It's one sleep to go until parkrunday, and the Torrens team wants to give you a heads up on a change to our pre-run ritual.
As you know we do a pre-run briefing to cover important stuff like safety, rules, welcomes and milestones. We've been wrestling with some practical challenges, including parkrunnners blocking the car park before and during the briefing, parkrunners not being able to hear the briefing, and parkrunners chatting among themselves during the briefing (which means they miss stuff and make it harder for others to hear). And we start the run late.
SO, we are going to try a change this week, where we will do the pre-run briefing at the start line. Repeating in case you missed it, we will do the pre-run briefing at the start line. This means we will aim to observe the following timeline:
7.45am briefing at the gazebo for first-timers and tourists
7.50am exodus to startline
7.55am pre-run briefing
8.00am start
Bear with us as we get the rhythm of this going, but hopefully it will work better for everyone.
Safety tip reminders:
* kids under 11yrs old must run with a parent, guardian or other trusted adult, and only get a time if they do the entire course under their own steam
* the dog limit is one per parkrunner, with dog on short leash
* start according to your pace. For example if you are a slower runner or walker, don't stand at the front because at least 200 runners will have to try and get past you in the first 50 metres
* keep to the left of the path at all times - we have a particular issue with the first 400 metres of the course where the peloton covers the entire path down to the first bridge. We ask that you make an extra effort to stay left, because the alternative is that Council may assert we set up a 200m barrier the length of the opening straight, and that will be a hassle. So let's pull together on this.
See you tomoz, and in the meantime, party on


Torrens parkrun #217

Firstly, and most importantly, we had a record attendance, with THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY-ONE parkrunners coming to the party. Seriously, how epic is that? It was a good morning for it - sunny, mild and the mighty Torrens as still and flat as an English beer.

We had a massive 60 first-timers, including parkrun tourists from faraway exotic lands like Northern Ireland, England, Victoria, NSW, Queensland, and the glorious Clare Valley here in SA.

44 parkrunners clocked new PBs, and we are relying on the HONOUR SYSTEM because there was a glitch in this week's results, which may have given some people the time of a runner in front of them. Soooooooo, if you think that may have happened to you, send Uncle Ojo a message so he can amend your time. It'll help you sleep better at night, knowing that you are not living a lie. We care about your psychological wellbeing.

One of our junior parkrunners, Finn, took a tumble today and picked up some hero grazes. He pressed on, finished the course, and blamed the tumble on a dragon that jumped out.

We have had a few bloopers in our database which means we have some double-ups of volunteer roles (the only intended multiples we have are marshals). If you have a volunteer gig coming up, check the volunteer roster at the Torrens webpage: if someone else on that week's roster has the same gig as you, let us know if you are happy to change the week you are on.

Big thanks to this week's volunteer heroes:

Aaron MITCHELL • Glenyss STEEDMAN • Ian MEGAW • Justin KENTISH • Liam FITZPATRICK • Mal MCMILLAN • Marc LE MIRE • Marnie JOYCE • Merrilyn MCMILLAN • Ojo DOJO • Rhiannon NEWMAN • Scott SCHUBERT • Simon BARRY • Thomas CASSIDY

For your statistical interest, Torrens parkrun started on 1st December 2012, and since then 6,031 different runners have completed 42,802 runs covering a total distance of 214,010 km, and there have been 7,836 new Personal Bests.

See you next week, and be sure to watch out for Finn's dragon.

Ojo Dojo

today's pilot


Fitzy’s 5

Don't forget if you want to enter the Fitz's 5 run on the 4th August there are only nine days left to enter at the early-bird price!

We have set up a Torrens parkrun team that you can join. Simply select the team and use the password parkrun when entering.

Here is the link:

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