Torrens parkrun event 434 Run Report

Jump for joy, it’s this week’s Run Report.890B3F6D-0E4B-4B9F-B1C3-A8134E929414

It was definitely Windy Way this morning, and NO ONE managed to drop their token into the bucket without it blowing off course . Well ok some of you might have, but you get my point; it was breezy.

This week 330 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 27 were first timers and 40 recorded new Personal Bests. Nice. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Torrens parkrun Results Page.

The event was made possible by 24 volunteers:

Des MARNANE • Ojo DOJO • Elizabeth SLATTERY • Chris HARGREAVES • Steph THOMSON • Andrew WATSON • James CORBETT • Stuart THOMSON • Kieron BERRY • Serena KWONG • Ingrid THOMPSON • Taina WILAGAN • Benjamin M BAYLY • Judy M BAYLY • Emily DE ZWART • Marino KOMLUSAN • James RIEGER • Aiden SHEA • Jackie OUZMAN • Margaret OUZMAN • Justin WARNER • Mike HILL • Hayley HILL • Steven CAMERON • Lina RUSSO

We always need volunteers for future weeks, so ping us if you’d like to have a go. But thanks to the folk who signed up today; we think we have a full roster for next week.

Props to Matthew Benetti and Scott Sanderson who both hit 50 parkruns this week. If you know them, post their run pic in the comments.

Sachiko Kamio hit 250 and Clare Stacey hit 350. Look for the Facebook posts showcasing their special day.

Torrens parkrun started on 1st December 2012. Since then 14,041 participants have completed 105,138 parkruns covering a total distance of 525,690 km, including 16,057 new Personal Bests. A total of 926 individuals have volunteered 5,774 times.


Torrens parkrun event 428

A fine morning down at Karrawirra Parri, where we were joined by the friendly folk at Eukenuba, who set up a drinks station for the furkids and handed out show bags carrying a free doggo chow voucher and a poo bag carrier.

Eukenuba are a national sponsor of parkrun and are all about active dogs. And we had plenty of those today. Check out the Facebook pics for more details.

This week 302 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 32 were first timers and 29 recorded new Personal Bests. Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Torrens parkrun Results Page.

The event was made possible by 23 superstar volunteers:

Mal MCMILLAN • Des MARNANE • Ojo DOJO • Matthew IELASI • Elizabeth SLATTERY • Merrilyn MCMILLAN • Serena KWONG • Benjamin M BAYLY • Maryke MCPHERSON • Judy M BAYLY • Melissa DE ZWART • Francesco DE ZWART • Marino KOMLUSAN • Mary RIEGER • Matthew RIEGER • Beth RIEGER • Peter GARDINER • Rachel OFFER • Ben WILCOX • Steve HOSKING • Lina RUSSO • Francesca BOYD-RUSSO • Alren PINTO

Since we started this thing, we have had a total of 910 different people volunteer, and between them they have volunteered 5,634 times. There is no obligation to volunteer, but if everyone volunteers a couple times a year, we are set for perpetuity!

The pic is of Franc de Zwart, who volunteers with us so he can fine-tune his Dad-joke-level-93 stand-up comedy routine . Keep doing your thing, Franc.

Best-dressed parkrunner today was Izabella Percy who ran her 100th parkrun dressed as a fairy.

The historians among you will appreciate the fact Torrens parkrun started on 1st December 2012. And you statisticians will be delighted to learn that since then 13,871 participants have completed 103,391 parkruns covering a total distance of 516,955 km, including 15,887 new Personal Bests. Ain’t numbers great?

Until next time, be healthy and happy.

Today’s pilotCE2D8431-EBA6-41A5-AAF4-6FDF95F97A3D


Torrens parkrun event 425

3EF0A04E-1CF9-4C1A-B535-F120A4186313Here is the run report for Torrens parkrun event number 425, 21st August 2021

The pic is of Murphy’s Haystacks in the beautiful wild west Eyre Peninsula . They have nothing to do with this report. Other than to hope parkrun will last as long as those rocks have.

Fantastic morning down at the river yesterday; beatiful conditions for a trot. Numbers were down a teeny bit, probably because a bunch of people were saving themselves for Sunday’s Adelaide Marathon Festival. Either that if there were some late Friday nights


Torrens parkrun Event number 422 31st July 2021

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Run Report for event 422

Ojo spent most of yesterday trying to fix the results up, because we had a bunch of lost data. We have had many people get in touch for their times to be edited in, so if you participated yesterday and you’re not in the results, you can still get in touch. Ping us here, message us, or email us. It helps if you can give us some info, like if you remember your time, or your finish number, or have a pic of your time on your watch, or if you were running with someone whose is in the results, or you can point to yourself in one of the pics we posted to Facebook, etc. we’ll do what we can to fix it up.  You can see the results on the Torrens parkrun Results Page.

So this week the rain mainly stayed away and 284 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 33 were first timers and 26 recorded new Personal Bests.

Some big milestones today. Kevin Ngugi got his 100th parkrun today. Well done Kevin. If anyone recognises Kevin in the pics we posted to Facebook, can you point him out to us, because we like to celebrate with a pic post for our milestoners.

Also hitting 100 parkruns was Sue Burdon-Jones AND she got a PB. Again, point Sue out in the Facebook pics for us.

Jennifer Saville collected her 200th parkrun today. Watch for the separate Facebook pic post for Jen, and also for Mark Anderson who finished his 250th parkrun yesterday, and Santa’s helper Allen Walters who notched up his 300th!

But of course the biggest milestone was Geoff Hakes who paid a visit to his parkrun spiritual home to knock off his 400th parkrun!!

Big shout out to our newest Run Directors Hayley and Mike who had their first go yesterday, and what a great job they did.

Thank you to the following legends, including some stepping in at VERY short notice, who made event 422 possible:

Des MARNANE • Ojo DOJO • Dave GRIMES • Stuart THOMSON • Serena KWONG • Sachiko KAMIO • Justin KENTISH • Ashleigh GIBSON • Linda GARDINER • Benjamin M BAYLY • Emily GORE • Finn GRIMES • Alan BODDY • Judy M BAYLY • Melissa DE ZWART • Francesco DE ZWART • Marino KOMLUSAN • James RIEGER • Tiffany SMITH • Owen GRIMES • Mike HILL • Hayley HILL • Aaron SARGENT • Steven CAMERON • Jennifer SINGH

If you’d like to help us out at a future event, you can check out the roster here ( The roles are all straightforward and we explain everything.

With the completion of this week’s event,   a total of 13,724 participants have completed 101,761 parkruns at Torrens, covering a total distance of 508,805 km, including 15,679 new Personal Bests. A total of 899 individuals have volunteered 5,487 times.  Crikey!

Hope your weekend finishes out well.



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