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Tamborine Mountain on New Years Day 2020


We will run parkrun on New Years Day 2020, with a 8-30AM Start.

The 8-30AM will allow those who have run nearby parkruns with a 7AM start time to travel up the Mountain and experience:

-Our cooler climate, yes, it will be at least 5ºC cooler up here than any where on the lowlands at the same time. (and our humidity will be about 50% lower as well).

-Our trail/rainforest (inpart) course.

-Our country hospitality at coffee/breakfast afterwards.

Bruce (ED)


New Years Day 2019-Tamborine Mountain parkrun


For New Years Day 2019, Tamborine Mountain parkrun will start at 8-30AM.
1-This will allow us to run one of the nearby parkruns that have either a 6-30AM or 7AM start.
2-The nearby parkruns are in the ‘lowlands’, and based on past experience by 7-30AM, the temperature in the lowlands is somewhere between 25ºC and 28ºC with high humidity, where as up on Tamborine Mountain, by 8-30AM the temperature is generally between 20ºC and 22ºC with  low humidity.
So it makes much more sense to do your 2nd parkrun of the day at Tamborine Mountain.
If you have too much ‘New Year Cheer’ the night before, then maybe it is only one parkrun for you on New Years Day, and the 8-30AM start will be far more attractive to you.
Bruce Hargreaves
ED Tamborine Mountain

Xmas Day

Please note we will not be running an event on xmas Day


New years day

Yes, Tamborine Mountain will be running on both New Years Day, and Saturday January 2nd, 2021

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