Studley parkrun returns 16 Jan 2021

After a 10 month break, Studley parkrun is starting up again on Saturday 16 January 2021!

First Timers briefing will be held at 7:50.

The main pre-event briefing will be held at the start area at 7:57. The event will start immediately after the briefing! Please be quiet while the briefing takes place.

To minimise congestion where the track narrows near the bridge, we will be using a seeded start. Please follow the directions of the volunteers and start in the appropriate zone.

To help keep our community safe, if you plan on attending parkrun please follow the Covid-19 Walker and Runner Code:

COVID19 Runners and Walkers Code

All Victorian parkrun events will be using the Services Victoria App to help with contract tracing. If you don't run or walk with your phone, you can scan in using the QR code below either immediately before or after you attend. You can also ask someone else at the event to sign you in too on their device.

QR Code for Contract Tracing



Studley 4th anniversary – 29 February

Studley 4th anniversary - 2 parkrunners leaping
Leaping lizards, it's Studley parkrun's 4th anniversary! It's a leap year, and we're the first event in parkrun history to have our anniversary on 29 Feb!

To help celebrate, everyone is encouraged to dress up on the day with our leap year theme - we might as well make the most of it as the next leap year parkrun on 29 Feb will be in 2048!

If you're looking for inspiration, Tu + Tu = 4th anniversary fun, so you could leap around the course like a ballerina, or come as something else that leaps, such as a frog, kangaroo, bunny, gymnast, dancer, or a lord :)

We'll have cake and other treats on offer. If you'd like to bring along a plate of something to eat too that would be much appreciated :)

Please arrive by 7:45 in time for our briefing. We're likely to have a larger crowd than usual so parking may fill up early.

Hope to see you all leaping around our course on the 29th :)


Blackmores at Studley parkrun 16 Nov – alternative course!

Blackmores will be celebrating their sponsorship of parkrun with a special event at Studley parkrun on 16 November. Thanks to generosity of Blackmores and our other national sponsors, parkrun is able to grow and provide a free timed 5k walk or run at about 375 locations around Australia each and every week.

On the day there will be:

  • free smoothies,
  • a chill-out and warm-up zone,
  • a naturopath to discuss your health and wellbeing needs, and
  • social media competitions.

For the Blackmores event, Studley parkrun will be held on an alternative course.
Our start and finish line will be on the other side of the river at the Loop Picnic Area.
(We will be back to our usual start and finish line from the 23rd onwards.)

Please arrive early on the day.

  • Briefing will start at 7:50
  • We expect a larger turnout for the event
  • Carparks may fill early
  • If arriving from the Kew side of the river, remember it will take about 5 minutes to walk to the start line!

Studley parkrun alternative course


Christmas at Studley

This year Studley will once again be hosting a special Christmas Day parkun.

It's just like a usual parkrun, except it's on a Wednesday :)

We'll have our usual start time, so please arrive by 7:50 for the briefing. We'll also have some food to share afterwards - feel free to bring along a plate of something to share :)


Volunteering at Studley parkrun

Volunteers at Studley parkrun One of the best ways of feeling a part of the parkrun community is to help out as a volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow parkrunners and help make the event happen each week.

All of our roles are fairly straight forward. Our Run Director will explain everything you need to know on the day. You can also find out more about each role in our Volunteer Summary.

To sign up as a volunteer, just add your name and barcode on the Volunteer Roster when you're next at Studley parkrun. Alternatively, send us an email with your name and barcode number to

You can view our roster for the next month at: Future Roster. When looking at the Future Roster:

  • row heading like this (with a grey background) show roles that we need to fill each week
  • row heading like this (without a grey background) show roles where we have extra volunteers one week, and so we generally don't need any volunteers to fill these positions

Studley parkrun’s 3rd Anniversary – 23 Feb

It's been 3 years since the start of Studley parkrun. To celebrate our hat-trick, come along on 23 Feb wearing your favourite, most stylish or wackiest hat :)

To help celebrate some of the achievements of the past year, we'll be starting our run briefing at 7:45. There is also another event being held in the park, so the carpark is likely to fill early so please arrive at little earlier this week.

Hats post

Wear a hat - Studley parkrun's 3rd Anniversary


Christmas 2018 at Studley parkrun

Studley parkrun will be hosting our traditional Christmas Day run again in 2018. Just like a regular Studley parkrun, but this time at 8am on a Tuesday :)

We won't be holding a New Years Day event - though some of our nearby parkruns will be in action, with the option of running a double at two of the events if you're keen.

Check out the official parkrun Christmas Compendium for details of which parkruns are hosting special Christmas and New Years Day events.

If you're heading away for the holidays, you might also like to check out the parkrun Tourist Tool which can help you find your closest parkrun. As a bonus, it can give you the directions on how to get there from where you're staying :)


Christmas day at Studley Parkrun

This year Studley parkrun will be holding an extra event on Christmas Day. This event will start at the usual time of 8am, but will be on a Monday. We will still have our regular runs on Saturday 23rd and 30th of December.

Studley parkrun won't be holding an event on New Years Day. If your keen for an extra parkrun fix, you should try one or two of our neighbouring events as this is the only day in the year you can run a double and have both times recorded!

You can check out the full list of which events are holding Christmas or New Years events at:


1st birthday celebration – 25 February

Venture UNDER THE SEA and help Studley parkrun celebrate our first birthday! 

Discover your inner Nemo as you fish out your fancy (and not-quite-so-fancy) dress outfits and swan alongside the river for a morning run or walk bream full of your fellow parkrun seastars. 

In true parkrun tradition, there will be cake, tasty treats, and more cake on offer. Come along at 7:45 for some awards and thank-yous to help recognise those who've helped make Studley parkrun a great way to start off our weekends :)


Christmas and New Year’s Day

Studley parkrun will be holding an extra run on Christmas Day starting at the usual time of 8am.

As an added bonus, the Old Xaverian's Athletics Club will be having their annual Christmas Day training session and will be putting on a free breakfast to share with all parkrunners :)

The only other non-Saturday where parkrun's can hold an event is New Years Day. This year, Studley won't be holding an event, but there will be several events happening near by if you're also after an extra one or two 5k events to kick start 2017.

We'll update this post closer to NYD to let you know the details of other New Year's Day parkruns.

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