Studley 4th anniversary – 29 February

Studley 4th anniversary - 2 parkrunners leaping
Leaping lizards, it's Studley parkrun's 4th anniversary! It's a leap year, and we're the first event in parkrun history to have our anniversary on 29 Feb!

To help celebrate, everyone is encouraged to dress up on the day with our leap year theme - we might as well make the most of it as the next leap year parkrun on 29 Feb will be in 2048!

If you're looking for inspiration, Tu + Tu = 4th anniversary fun, so you could leap around the course like a ballerina, or come as something else that leaps, such as a frog, kangaroo, bunny, gymnast, dancer, or a lord :)

We'll have cake and other treats on offer. If you'd like to bring along a plate of something to eat too that would be much appreciated :)

Please arrive by 7:45 in time for our briefing. We're likely to have a larger crowd than usual so parking may fill up early.

Hope to see you all leaping around our course on the 29th :)