parkrun resumes 27 November

Good news - Studley parkrun is back on again from Saturday 27 November.

Please ensure you follow our Covid-19 Safe guidelines:
- Stay away if you feel unwell
- Scan in when your arrive
- Remember to bring your barcode
- Have fun


COVID-19 Special Update

Two parkrun volunteers wearing facemasks

In the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions, we are asking all parkrunners to check their local conditions before leaving for parkrun this weekend.

If you have visited the Greater Brisbane area recently, please have a COVID test as soon as possible.


Studley 4th anniversary – 29 February

Studley 4th anniversary - 2 parkrunners leaping
Leaping lizards, it's Studley parkrun's 4th anniversary! It's a leap year, and we're the first event in parkrun history to have our anniversary on 29 Feb!

To help celebrate, everyone is encouraged to dress up on the day with our leap year theme - we might as well make the most of it as the next leap year parkrun on 29 Feb will be in 2048!

If you're looking for inspiration, Tu + Tu = 4th anniversary fun, so you could leap around the course like a ballerina, or come as something else that leaps, such as a frog, kangaroo, bunny, gymnast, dancer, or a lord :)

We'll have cake and other treats on offer. If you'd like to bring along a plate of something to eat too that would be much appreciated :)

Please arrive by 7:45 in time for our briefing. We're likely to have a larger crowd than usual so parking may fill up early.

Hope to see you all leaping around our course on the 29th :)


Christmas at Studley

This year Studley will once again be hosting a special Christmas Day parkun.

It's just like a usual parkrun, except it's on a Wednesday :)

We'll have our usual start time, so please arrive by 7:50 for the briefing. We'll also have some food to share afterwards - feel free to bring along a plate of something to share :)


Volunteering at Studley parkrun

Volunteers at Studley parkrun One of the best ways of feeling a part of the parkrun community is to help out as a volunteer. Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow parkrunners and help make the event happen each week.

All of our roles are fairly straight forward. Our Run Director will explain everything you need to know on the day. You can also find out more about each role in our Volunteer Summary.

To sign up as a volunteer, just add your name and barcode on the Volunteer Roster when you're next at Studley parkrun. Alternatively, send us an email with your name and barcode number to

You can view our roster for the next month at: Future Roster. When looking at the Future Roster:

  • row heading like this (with a grey background) show roles that we need to fill each week
  • row heading like this (without a grey background) show roles where we have extra volunteers one week, and so we generally don't need any volunteers to fill these positions
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