Launch Day Rooty Hill Parkrun 10th Dec 2016

A beautiful morning for all at the inaugural Parkrun for Rooty hill today. 200 runners and volunteers came out to launch this event which has been nearly 2 years in preparation,

Special thanks to all our Sponsors, from Major and the Single events contributors, as without you help we could not have got to this day.

A huge thank you to the Event Directors from The Ponds Rio and Jun for your support as well,

Mischelle and I would like to thank our great team of volunteers and especially the hard work of our run directors, thank you,

With Lachlan Oakes posting the inaugural course record time of 17.02, we are wondering how long will this stand, some cooler days and  mid 2017 may bring out some more Cheetahs to rival this record and bring this fast course pace and time crashing down.

Look forward to seeing all newcomers to Rooty hill, and all the best, Keep active,




David Otte

Rooty Hill Parkrun Director