Christmas and New Year parkrun events 2018

Riverway parkrun is excited to announce it will be holding an extra parkrun this year on New Years Day.  Please note that the starting time will be 8:00am which is an hour later than normal times.  This is to give a chance for those keen runners to complete North Shore's New Years Day Event to make their way over to Riverway.  There will be no Christmas day event for Riverway this year.  The usual Saturday events will still be going ahead at 7:00am as normal.


Riverway parkrun #61


This week at Riverway parkrun: social media madness, an unofficial course record, a new age-grade record, the "filthy fifty" & junior10s, and all quiet on the scanning front.


We may have got a little bit big for our boots at Riverway in recent weeks because today we found ourselves uttering the words: "it was a bit quiet this week, with just 89 runners" [plus tail-runner makes 90!]. A few months ago "just 89" runners would have been up there as a record attendance, but with the last 4 events before this week seeing the #100 token and beyond being passed out it's become easy to forget just how much, and how fast, we've grown!

Quite a few of you were taking today out to prepare for the 6 and 12km events at Run Townsville tomorrow, if you're not already registered then there's still time to take part - there will be last minute rego until 6:55am tomorrow! We're also wishing "good luck!" to Run Director Kristine Tracey and regular volunteer Fiona Murakami who are both taking part in the Mackay Marina Run tomorrow!

We finally saw two of our regular parkrunners reach the coveted "50 parkruns" mark after today's run. Congratulations Kaya Laird and Andy Magner! Make sure you order your special "50-club" red-shirts, HQ have just had a big delivery of them so hopefully you won't have to wait too long to receive them! Now to start working towards 100! We also had a new member of the "Junior 10" club: Levi Murakami reached the 10-parkruns milestone last week (and was back for more today, in fact he even PB'd!). Levi deserves a special mention here, this young lad is one of the Townsville Bulletin's "Chosen Ones" for the Townsville Running Festival and is raising money for Ronald McDonald House. At age 8, Levi has already faced challenges in his life that most of us hope to never meet, having had treatment for an aggressive tumour just a year ago. Read more about his story in his words (and his mum's) at his blog. Keep up the good work, Levi!

Great job, Levi!

As volunteers occasionally we have the odd hiccup with times and results. Today we had a bit of a panic (and I think we worried a few of the regulars too!) when it appeared the barcode scanner wasn't picking up barcodes. Turns out it had accidentally been muted, so although it was scanning perfectly it just wasn't giving the old reassuring "doob-ee-doop". Thanks for bearing with us those of you who might have been worried that they weren't going to get their results! You'll be glad to see they all went through! Thankfully most issues we've encountered at parkrun are easily remedied and the more we come across the better we're able to solve most problems! So don't be put off by the equipment looking complicated (it's not) - we rely on our volunteers to keep parkrun going - if you can fill any of the gaps in the upcoming roster please e-mail or Facebook us!


Volunteer heroes: Fiona Mintern, Karen King, Vicky Windsor & Katie Rodgers

Back to the field: Tyson Burns flew across the line in 17:29 today marking an (unofficial) new course record in his first appearance at Riverway. Technically the current course record of 17:25 set by Jake Vockins last year still stands, but as we have since significantly changed the route we think Tyson still deserves recognition as the record-holder for the current route! You'll just have to come back and shave off those 4 seconds Tyson to make it official! Well done! We saw 27 new personal bests today, including first lady Viv Scandlyn who also set a new age grade record of 83.99% (she also held the previous one!).

Tyson cruising over the line

Thanks everyone for coming along, and of course to our volunteers who made today happen: Beth TWIVEY  •  Fiona MINTERN  •  Fiona MURAKAMI  •  Karen KING  •  Katie RODGERS  •  Patrick PEACOCK  •  Rachel LIND  •  Vicky WINDSOR. Thanks also to Sandra & Dave Lamari from Choice Finance Townsville for sponsoring coffees for our helper-heroes.

Finally, although we've been active on Facebook since our inception, we're now spreading our social media wings properly on Twitter and Instagram. You can follow us using the handle @riverwayparkrun on both. Also if you have photos you've taken at Riverway parkrun please hashtag #riverwayparkrun if you're posting them on Instagram so that we can enjoy them too!

See you all next week!

Rachel Lind
co-Event Director
Riverway parkrun


Riverway parkrun #58

Run report for 10th May 2014

This week at Riverway parkrun we saw special guests, a feature in Townsville's new webzine, hitting the 100 mark again and more PBs all round.

We make no secret here at Riverway about how much we love meeting parkrunners visiting from other locations, or "parkrun tourists". This week we had the absolute pleasure of hosting two very special guests who jointly hold the record for the greatest number of different parkrun events in Australia attended: Alan and Róisín Burrell. With Riverway making it 37 events apiece it's no wonder that it's been a couple of months since they've been to their home event of Wynnum, QLD. You may be familiar with Alan's alter-ego "The Prof" and his role of providing the weekly statistics for parkrun Australia and The parkrun Show, Australia. We were all delighted to meet them both and hope they come back for another visit before too long! If you're ever away from home over a weekend why not check to see if there's a parkrun nearby? Your barcode allows you to run any parkrun, anywhere in the world!

Riverway meets The Prof: Karen McCabe, Tracey Cullen, Róisín Burrell, Alan Burrell, Rachel Lind & Tim McKean


We were lucky enough to have Katrina Youngman from TheGo Townsville on photographer duty this week, not only taking photos for our Facebook page but also to go with the article on Riverway parkrun that's being featured on TheGo, Townsville's new web-zine and active community. This is a great place to find out what is going on, new ideas for ways to get active and other helpful advice like choosing a good physiotherapist. There are also some pretty inspiring interviews from local athletes on there too! Check it out!

Last week one of our regular first finishers, Shane Lewis, offered to slow down enough to help pace one lucky runner. First off the mark to snap up the offer was Sandra Lamari, who wanted to try and get her PB down into the 28 minute region. With a bit of one-on-one pacing and advice from Shane she took a full 35 seconds off her previous PB and crossed the line in 28:37! She said afterwards:

"I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to Shane Lewis for helping me pace out for my 28.37 minute personal best run this morning. I really appreciate your generosity, and I am grateful that you didn't leave me behind a few times! I did make it, my legs felt like jelly and my lungs were burning (I didn't spew, so I probably wasn't trying hard enough .)"

Well done Sandra! Great job! And thank you Shane for being our first official pacer!

Sandra "on struggle street" approaching the finish

Another PB was gained by Connor Byrne, son of our co-Event Director Tracey Cullen, who got his first sub-25min parkrun! Connor caught up with me about halfway around the course and neither of us wanted the other to pull ahead after that! (So I got a sub-25 out of it too!) A great job and great progress made since his first parkrun at Riverway's launch in March 2013 where he couldn't yet run without stopping to walk. Good on ya mate!

This week we had yet another 100+ run with 113 of you crossing the finish line. As our event grows it makes filling all of our volunteer roles even more important. Thank you to those who made this week possible: Cam LAIRD  •  Daniel NOGUEIRA  •  Karen Alicia MCCABE  •  Karen FISHER  •  Katrina YOUNGMAN  •  Rejane PEREIRA  •  Shane LEWIS  •  Tracey CULLEN  •  Vicky WINDSOR

If you haven't volunteered yet, have a look at the roster for the next few weeks here, and see if there's a role you could help with. All volunteer roles are very simple and there is always a Run Director available to answer any questions. If you can help out please message us on the Facebook page or e-mail

See you all next weekend!

Rachel Lind
co-Event Director
Riverway parkrun



Men's placings:
Jon-Paul HARVEY (SM20-24) (Unattached) was first over the line in 20:06 - first appearance.
Ryan SHAW (SM30-34) (Unattached) was second over the line in 20:15 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.
Chris BOYLE (SM30-34) (Unattached) was third over the line in 20:38.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Chris BOYLE (Unattached) 576 pts.
Andrew Damien MAGNER (Unattached) 540 pts.
Ross JOHNSTON (Unattached) 507 pts.

Women's placings:
Kaya LAIRD (VW40-44) (Unattached) was first (10th overall) over the line in 22:36 - 21st time in 46 appearances.
Karen KING (VW45-49) (Unattached) was second (14th overall) over the line in 23:51 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.
Rachel LIND (SW25-29) (Unattached) was third (19th overall) over the line in 24:36 - was first to finish once before.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Kaya LAIRD (Unattached) 595 pts.
Karen KING (Unattached) 583 pts.
Rachel LIND (Unattached) 576 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Kaya LAIRD (VW40-44) was graded 69.10% for the time 22:36 (10th overall).
Karen KING (VW45-49) was graded 67.92% for the time 23:51 (14th overall).
Jason WOODFORTH (VM40-44) was graded 66.83% for the time 20:54 (4th overall).

This week there were 113 runners, of whom 17 were first timers and 42 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 3 different athletics clubs took part.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Riverway parkrun Results Page.


Riverway parkrun #57

Brrrrrr! The long summer is winding its way to an end and we were definitely feeling a bit of a chill in the air this morning at Riverway. Jumper weather for a couple of our volunteers who were stood still for much of the hour but excellent running weather by the looks of all of those PBs you guys were knocking out. We had 104 runners cross the line today (proving it doesn't need to be our birthday to inch over the magic 100 mark!) including at least 22 first timers and 28 of you scored PBs! One of those wiping the floor with his previous personal best was Max Sainty, who has scrubbed a fantastic 14 minutes off in just 4 parkruns and completed the 5km in under an hour today, phenomenal work Max! Another notable PB was first past the post, Shane Lewis, who shaved 33 seconds off his previous best crossing the line in a time of 19:17, worthy of The Flash!


Max crossing the line at 58:02

Shane has very kindly offered to run as a pacer next week (at a slower pace than his usual warp speed) for anyone with PB of 21:30 or slower who might be interested. If you are becoming frustrated, having difficulty running an even race and haven't achieved a PB in a while then this could be a great opportunity from one of our best runners! First in, best dressed. See Facebook for more details.

We had a few visitors from far and wide today, including Mark & Sharon Foster from Ramsgate, UK (Margate and Pegwell Bay parkruns).

Mark & Sharon from the UK, we love our parkrun visitors at Riverway!

A big thank you to all of our volunteers who helped today run like a well-oiled machine, you were all great: Tracey Cullen, Alana Edwards, Cam & Kaya Laird, Linda Mitchell, Fiona Murakami, Krystal Pearson & Claire Twivey. We were sad to hear that North Shore parkrun had to be cancelled due to lack of names on their volunteer roster. We hope this never happens at Riverway and the only way it won't is if you don't let it! Our roster for the next few weeks can be found here. Please have a look and see if you would be free to put your name down to do any of the roles, they are all super easy and we give full training! E-mail us at or message us on Facebook.

Have a fantastic weekend, see you all next week - don't forget your barcodes!

Rachel Lind
co-Event Director
Riverway parkrun



Riverway parkrun #51

Woweeee! We're so close to the 100 runners mark we can almost taste it here at the Riverway office! Or maybe it's anticipation of the taste of birthday cake as we get ever-closer to our 1st Birthday on 29th March 2014… Mmm, cake. Today we had another attendance record with 91 runners on the field. I don't think we can put this recent surge down to New Years Resolutioners 3 months into the year! Whether you've never missed a Saturday, have previously run at other parkruns or only heard about us on Friday evening and decided to come along and give it a go: well done and thank you for making this the biggest Riverway parkrun yet! Lots of you were new which was fantastic to see, we hope you enjoyed your 5km whether you walked, ran, piggy-backed on dad and that you keep coming back.

As our numbers grow we have to enforce the parkrun policy of No Barcode = No Time. Up until now we've occasionally bent the rules (ok, we've bent them pretty much every week.) but now the task of manually multiple runners who have forgotten their barcodes is getting too big to continue. So if you want your time to be official and recorded then please remember your barcodes! Several of us on the Riverway team have ours on plastic keyring tags from Bent Logic, and we'd highly recommend them. They're resilient and make it a lot more difficult to forget them (particularly when they're attached to our car keys!), best of all, they're only $6 including postage!

Conditions were pleasant by the river this morning, with low humidity levels making running a lot less uncomfortable than some of our events this summer! Tropical Townsville is blessed with a high UV index all year round though, so even as it starts to cool down do remember to slap on the sunscreen and stay sun-safe! Or you can go for the old-school zinc-stick coloured warpaint, we welcome creativity at parkrun! There were 31 personal bests at today's run, that's almost a third of you! Gayle Walkom took almost a full minute off of her previous PB, wowza!

There is just one parkrun left to go of our first year at Riverway, how exciting is that? We have a little surprise planned for you, come along next week to find out what! The week after that is the 29th March which is our first birthday! There will be cake, points competition prizes, snags on the barbie and all-round merriment! We would love to make this a big 'un, so everybody grab a friend and bring them along! (Make sure they remember their barcode!). We welcome any donations of prizes for the points competition and we'd also love to have some people volunteer to help man the BBQs and bring some food along too. It's going to be awesome!

Speaking of volunteers, we've never seen the future roster looking so good! parkrun is entirely reliant on volunteers, and we'd be unable to run our wonderful Riverway event without them. Thank you today to: Cam LAIRD  •  Chris KILLEN  •  Hans PREUSS  •  Kelly NETTLE  •  Timothy MCKEAN  •  Tracey CULLEN. Great job crew! If you've been watching these fabulous people in fluorescent yellow vests and wondered "I wonder if I could do that some time", the answer is YES! Please do! Every role is simple to do and we'd love to have your help. Please contact the Facebook page or flick us an e-mail at

Finally, one of our regulars is taking part in World's Greatest Shave, in support of the Leukaemia Foundation. Ben Goldsack was sporting an interesting hair-do this morning and plans to shave the rest off next week. If you would like to sponsor him please find his page here. Good on ya, Ben!

Do you have a flair for writing? Do you have a parkrun story you'd like to share? Or would you just like to give that loud-mouth Scottish lass a run for her report-writing money? We'd welcome contributions to the news blog. Usual methods of getting in touch apply. Carrier pigeon currently out of action.

Have a great Saturday!

Rachel Lind
co-Event Director
Riverway parkrun

Men's placings:
Ryan SHAW (SM30-34) (Unattached) was first over the line in 21:08 - first time in 3 appearances.
Donald BODE (VM40-44) (Unattached) was second over the line in 21:42.
Beau TERRY (SM25-29) (Unattached) was third over the line in 22:05.

Current standing in the Men's annual points competition:
Andrew Damien MAGNER (Unattached) 3998 pts.
Daniel LETT (Unattached) 3482 pts.
Toney MAGNER (Unattached) 3371 pts.

Women's placings:
Viv SCANDLYN (VW55-59) (Unattached) was first (8th overall) over the line in 23:07 - 15th time in 17 appearances.
Karen KING (VW45-49) (Unattached) was second (10th overall) over the line in 23:23 - has been first to finish on 3 previous occasions.
Kaya LAIRD (VW40-44) (Unattached) was third (14th overall) over the line in 24:18 - has been first to finish on 18 previous occasions.

Current standing in the Women's annual points competition:
Kaya LAIRD (Unattached) 4142 pts.
Karen KING (Unattached) 3527 pts.
Fiona MINTERN (Unattached) 3015 pts.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:
Viv SCANDLYN (VW55-59) was graded 78.30% for the time 23:07 (8th overall).
Karen KING (VW45-49) was graded 68.57% for the time 23:23 (10th overall).
Keith SCANDLYN (VM55-59) was graded 65.88% for the time 24:08 (13th overall).


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