Registration Advice

Many thanks for reading this page.
If you're after information about registering other people please read the registering other people page.
More specific information about filling in the form is on the registration form help page.


Do I Need to Register?

If you have ever run at any of our events, then you are registered on our system and you never need to register again. Please do not re-register - it takes a lot of effort to tidy up, and we may lose some of your previous results.

Questions and Answers

Q. I have run before, and just want to let you know that my registration details have changed, what should I do?

A. Please visit our support site to find out how to update your details.

Q. I'm not sure if somebody has already registered me, should I register?

A. No – please do not register again. You can follow the 3 simple steps on our support site to see if you’re already registered.

Q. I ran at one of your events ages ago; am I still on your system?

A. Yes you are; if you have ever run at any of our events (even back when we first started in 2004) you will be on our system. If your details have changed, please contact us as above.

Q. I have not registered before and I have never run at any parkrun worldwide, what should I do?

A. Please register at the national registration page

Q. I'm not sure if I'm going to run this week, should I still register?

A. Yes, there's no harm in registering (as long as you haven't done so before), even if you don't run; you will stay on our system for when you do run.

Q. Can I turn up at the event and register there?

A. Absolutely not. Each event is organised by the smallest possible group of volunteers and we don't have the resources to register people there. Unregistered runners take up a lot of administrative effort to deal with. Please help us by registering in advance online.

Q. Why do you need the information you ask for?

A. Most of the information we ask for, is used to identify you at our events and make sure you get the correct result. We do not ask for information we do not need (we do not need your full address, for example). It's important that the information you provide us with is accurate - that way you'll get the most out of our results service and us / our volunteers will be able to locate your record. We ask for your first name, family name, gender, date of birth and club to help us locate you on our system. We ask for an email address from everybody so that we can send you your result, and send you our weekly newsletter (which you can choose to opt out of). Gender and date of birth also allow us to calculate your age graded result each week (see next question).

Q. What is age grading?

A. Age grading is a way of calculating how well all athletes have performed against each other, regardless of age or gender. The higher your percentage, the better you have performed against other runners in your age group. Visit our support page for more Information.

Q. What will happen after I register?

A. Shortly after you have pressed the submit button on the form you will be emailed a confirmation that we have received it. Please read this email carefully - occasionally we will not be able to add you to our system straight away, because we need further information; the email will explain what to do next.

Q. What if I don't get the email?

A. First, check your spam or junk mail folder and add to your contacts. Normally you will get an acknowledgement from us within 30 minutes. If you have still not received an acknowledgement within 4 hours please get in touch with us.

Q. Once I have been registered, what next?

A. Just turn up at your event. You can run at any of our events as often as you want. You will never need to register again. If you're not sure where our other events are, have a look at events list

Q. Do I get a log-in account to the website? I can't remember my log-in details, what do I do? How do I log in to the website?

A. Everything runners need is available on the website without logging on. For more information, you might want to read this support article.

Q. I'm a group organiser, should I register all the runners myself?

A. No. We would prefer it if you got your runners to register themselves. Please see the Registering Others page for more details.

Q. I would like to register somebody who can't register themselves, is this OK?

A. Yes it is. Many thanks for doing this for them. Please bear in mind the information on the Registering Others page. If you're still not sure what to do after reading it, please get in touch for further advice. You can also find loads more information about parkrun in our FAQ on our support site at

Once you’ve registered, why not visit your local events page where you can find loads more information about your event, including course details and information about volunteering.