COVID-19 contact tracing

We ask all of our parkrunners, volunteers and spectators to please check in for contact tracing using the link or QR code below, every time you attend.  You can check in before the event, at the event (where we'll have the post below displayed in multiple locations), or after the event.  Each event has their own unique code.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Redland Bay parkrun COVID-19 contact tracing.

COVID Contact Tracing

If you have any questions please contact us:

You can also contact parkrun support.


New Year’s Day parkrun at Redland Bay

Redland Bay parkrun will be holding a special event (extra parkrun) on New Year's Day (Friday 1st January 2021).   We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful bayside course.


Our New Year's Day parkrun will run according to the same schedule as our regular events:

  • 6:30 am volunteers arrive
  • 6:45 am welcome to first timers
  • 6:50 am  main run/safety briefing
  • 7:00 am  Ready, Set, Go!

It may be very warm on that day so we remind everyone to be prepared for the conditions and your level of exertion.  Hydrate and stay safe.  You will also need to check in for contact tracing on that day.

We will not be hosting a parkrun on Christmas Day.  To see the list of Australian parkruns and their intentions for Christmas and New Year's Day, please see parkrun's website:

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