Christmas/New Year’s Day Events

A list of Australian parkruns which have confirmed whether or not they are holding events on Christmas and/or New Year's Day can be found on parkrun Australia's Christmas Compendium page.

Due to circumstance beyond our control we will not be holding an event on Christmas Day, however Nepean River will be starting at 8:00 am for those who are keen for a local run.

Penrith Lakes will be holding an event at 9:30 am on New Year's Day. For those who are keen to run a 'double' in the local area, Werrington Lakes Reserve will have an event starting at 7:30 am. Remember, you can officially complete 2 parkruns on New Year's Day only.



A British running web site has created a simple tool to help determine whether you could make it to another parkrun to achieve the 'NYD double', found on the Australia New Year's Day double finder page. (For those who will be overseas on NYD, visit the worldwide index to find your parkrun country.) Each country's page lists all parkruns with a NYD event as well as the nearest neighbouring parkruns which you might get to in time to do your second NYD run.

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