Christmas Day 2020 & New Years Day 2021

Its that time of the year again, and the team at Nightcliff parkrun are very excited to announce that we will be having extra events on Christmas Day and New Years Day starting at 7am.

Christmas Day runners & walkers  are encouraged to wear a Santa Hat or costume if you wish.

As long as the roster is filled for both days and there is no lightening on the morning, we will be running.  We love running in the rain!

See you then.


Nightcliff parkrun 2019 Newsletter

What a great year 2019 was for Nightcliff parkrun, with the addition of new run directors, change of Event Director, themed events and incentives.

As I write this newsletter, I reflect on the fantastic year we have had. Friendships made and how proud I am to have such an awesome team of Run Directors and parkrun community. At lot of work goes on behind the scenes each week to run our event and it’s all worth it to see you all out there running, walking, smiling and volunteering every week.

Early in 2019, Jim & myself moved from Darwin parkrun as Run Directors to Nightcliff parkrun to continue on as Run Directors, joining a very small team of just three, Tina, Kirsty and Sarah.

In May, Tina made the hard decision to hand over the reins of Event Director, so she could return and concentrate more on her love of cycling as well as running. Tina continues to be part of our friendly team as a Run Director on a rotating roster.

Mid year we said goodbye to Sarah who was one of our lovely Run Directors. Sadly we lost Sarah to Perth.

Since May, we have welcomed Rachel, Karen, Shani and Libby to the team giving us a total of eight Run Directors to rotate. This meant that current Run Directors were able to get out and run the course on a regular basis and reach their milestones as well as having a little bit of a break.

We have had three Darwin Deadly Runner groups graduate from their free 10 week running course at our parkrun. It has been fantastic to see our regular parkrunners encouraging and cheering the graduates as they completed their graduation run. It has also been wonderful to see some of the runners come back regularly to continue on with their newly found love of running as well as volunteering regularly.

The Beachfront Hotel located across the road have been great supporters of our parkrun and provides all volunteers each week with a free post event coffee.

We recently were donated a camera, and hope to see the photographer volunteer role fill a little more easily in the future.

In October we held Nightcliff parkrun turns pink. This was an event that was very close to my heart and for some of our runners and walkers. It has been decided to have this event on a yearly basis. This years event the Beachfront Hotel donated 50+ free pink juices on the day and Josh Tidswell from Elite Physiotherapy donated two free massages to two lucky runners on the day.

In October we also introduced milestone pens for Nightcliff runners and walkers. These are right little beauties. These are an incentive gift to our Nightcliff patrons from our own parkrun team. To receive one of these pens, you have to be able to demonstrate that you are a Nightcliff parkrunner or walker and have run at least 50% of your runs at Nightcliff and to have run your last ten runs consecutively at Nightcliff parkrun.

More excitement came in November when we had our very first 250th parkrunner, Ashley Freeman. Ashley started running at Darwin parkrun however runs regularly with us at Nightcliff parkrun.

Don’t forget that Saturday 21 December, is our Christmas themed run. Dress up in the spirit of Christmas ( Santa Hats, Reindeer Ears, Tinsel, Christmas tops) the possibilities are endless.

Nightcliff parkrun are hosting a special New Years Day run with a later start time of 8:30am. A great way to start the new year off with an extra run towards your next milestone. If you plan to run New Years Day, please make sure you bring will be a little warmer with a later start time. We are still on the lookout for a couple of volunteers.

This year we also saw both the male and female course records broken. In June the male record was broken by Jacob Cocks with a time of 15:21. The female record was broken a few weeks ago in November by Brooke Hines with a time of 18:46.

We have had some big attendance numbers this year and we broke our record of 254 runners and walkers in November. Our new record stands at 285. I wonder if we can break that at our 2nd Birthday Event in late February.

We have our 100th parkrun scheduled for 11 January 2020.

Our 2nd Birthday is on 22nd February 2020 and this will be a themed run. Stay tuned for the theme of the day.

I’d like to thank everyone who have volunteered this year. Our roster always looks generally healthy. When the need arises from time to time, our community bands together and we manage to fill essential roles quite quickly. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your parkrun. Without volunteers, our parkrun would not be possible. If you haven’t volunteered before, it’s never too late. We encourage each park runner or walker to volunteer at least once every ten runs or walks. We would love to see some new faces in 2020 volunteering.

Thank you to my wonderful team of Run Directors, Kirsty, Tina, Jim, Rachel, Karen, Shani and Libby for all the hard work you put in each week and for your support. You guys rock! Kirsty, thank you for looking after emails,  messages etc. over the holiday period.

Please feel free to come and chat to me at anytime if you have any concerns or suggestions.

In closing, the team at Nightcliff parkrun would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

See you all in 2020, we have some great themed runs coming up throughout the year.

Event Director


New Years Day parkrun – 1 January 2020

Hello awesome parkrunners and walkers.

On top of our weekly Saturday events we will also have an extra event at Nightcliff on New Years Day 1/1/2020 starting at 8.30am.

As if the morning couldn't get any better, there will be post event coffee and breakfast at the Beachfront Hotel.

See you all on New Years Day

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