Plan B

Well it had to happen sooner or later.  Event number 13 after some solid rain events the creek flooded and we had to activate Plan B which meant turning around at the creek and climbing back up 'The Twins'.

Strangely though, we had no complaints even though this meant a tougher course with more overall elevation.  All the runners were on a high and the feedback overwhelmingly positive.but no-one complained even though it meant running back up the twins.

We had 57 finishers on a wet, steamy, overcast course including 14 first timers and even 3 pbs on the alternate course! 

So the course record for Plan B is now held by Tim Bradshaw in a time of 23:16 it was a tough sprint race to the finish between Tim and Jason Collett the second finisher in 23:20.

Our first female finisher on Plan B was Kathleen Donaghy in a respectable 28:49 so this is the female course record.

Hopefully we wont need to activate Plan B again for a while but it will be interesting to see if anyone can go sub-20 on this course.

The runners refreshed after a muggy run with home grown local watermelon.  While some parkruns may have a coffee van, Nambour parkrun has to be different and we have a watermelon lady.

Fingers crossed things are drying up out at Parklands and we will be back on the normal course next week.