We can’t parkrun for now but we can (not)parkrun!

Complying with the latest Victorian Government COVID-19 related restrictions we are unfortunately not able to run parkrun for the time being but there's still an opportunity to keep up our fitness in the meantime via (not)parkrun!

Here's more information about (not)parkrun but basically it's an opportunity to do your own timed 5km run/walk, anytime that suits you, while still complying with the COVID-19 restrictions and within the allowed radius from your home. Then just upload your time via your parkrun profile!

Here's how:

You can register a (not)parkrun for each day and the quickest one will be shown in the weekly results ((covering Monday through Sunday).

Have you done a (not)parkrun this week?



COVID-19 Special Update

Two parkrun volunteers wearing facemasks

In the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions, we are asking all parkrunners to check their local conditions before leaving for parkrun this weekend.

If you have visited the Greater Brisbane area recently, please have a COVID test as soon as possible.


Mullum Mullum parkrun QR code

For contact tracing purposes every Victorian parkrun is required to display a QR code each Saturday morning. These are unique to each parkrun location. This is being provisioned via the Victorian state government's QR code service.

As mentioned in our previous post, the Mullum Mullum parkrun QR code will be available at various locations around the event. It is also shown online below and on our Facebook page.

You can register for contact tracing by:

  • Scanning the QR code at the event with your smart phone camera and entering your details in the page that appears
    - OR -
  • Scanning the QR code online and following the same process
    - OR -
  • Downloading the Service Victoria app (from app store or visit: go.vic.gov.au/check-in)
    Open the app and enter for code for our location: DRD QJ8

You can check in before leaving home, in your car, at or after the event. We encourage  all volunteers and participants to check in each week. The Department knows that parkrun operates ~8-9am on Saturday so it is ok for you to check in before or after the event. You do not need to bring a phone to parkrun.

Most importantly, if you are unwell, please stay at home, do not attend parkrun.
Thank you.

MMullum QR code


Mullum Mullum parkrun changes due to COVID-19

In our previous Mullum Mullum pakrun News update we provided details from parkrun HQ about the  COVID-19 Framework describing operations globally.

parkrun Australia has been describing the situation closer to home in our country, as it has been evolving, via the parkrun Australia blog.

Since the announcement of planned resumption in Victoria a just few weeks ago  volunteer parkrun teams at each location have had to assess their individual and unique situations against the Framework and any additional local requirements that may exist for them.

Locally at Mullum Mullum parkrun the Event Director and Run Directors have had several meetings and reviewed, evaluated, inspected, discussed and decided upon many aspects relating to the resumption of parkrun on Saturday 16th January 2021. These have been summarised below to assist participants with their understanding:

Pre/post parkrun

As with any outdoor gathering of people in Victoria, participants are expected to sensibly socially distance before and after the event. We operate in a public park and as members of the public, people are free to use the park/facilities before, during and after parkrun.

As parkrun participants we ask that you continue to remain courteous and respectful of other other participants/other park users. Individuals are responsible for their own behaviour and choice to participate.

Please note we won't be able to provide a bowl for keys, our PB bell, milestone capes or the photo frame for the time being.

QR code signs will be on display that can be scanned.

parkrun briefing

There will be a first timers briefing in the traditional meeting location (near the picnic tables). A Run Director (or delegate) will make an announcement to make people aware of this. It will be kept short in line with the new parkrun requirements. Reviewing the information online beforehand for parkrun in general, registering to get a barcode or about our course will assist with making this easier for first timers.

The main parkrun briefing will take place in a slightly different location from normal. It will be a bit further away from the picnic table area, closer to Schwerkolt Cottage, on the more open, gravel/grassed area with the Run Director speaking from the raised position shown in the photo below. It is hoped this will help people with social distancing before the event as well as allow people to better see the Run Director and hear the briefing.

In line with new parkrun requirements, the main briefing will be kept quite much shorter (eg. no milestone announcements/pauses for photos as in the past) and the parkrun will start (walker/runners set off) at the normal time of 8am (or soon after).


The Mullum Mullum parkrun course will remain the same as before with a slight change of start location. This still falls within the distance variation allowed for parkrun. Please pay attention to the Run Director for specific details. This also reiterates the need for respectful quietness and attention each week during this most important part of parkrun. Please don't assume there isn't information you might need to hear each week and allow others the same opportunity to hear it.

While it won't be perfect, within the area we have available it is hoped the new start point will provide a variety of benefits including increased safety (for us and other park users), quicker dispersal on the course (if people seed themselves reasonably based on their previous finish times), drier/more stable footing in wetter/colder weather and be closer to the run briefing area meaning less time before we can start after the main briefing.

As regular participants become familiar with the new arrangements it is hoped any teething issues will be smoothed out and people can position themselves accordingly for a more efficient start.

As with other aspects, the parkrun team will make further changes, if needed, in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable event.


The finish line is in the same position as before. The parkrun flag will signify this. The timekeeper will clock your time as you step off the path so please slow down soon after (no need to keep running to the token holder who will be set back for safety!).

After you have been issued a finish token the Funnel Director will direct you to a barcode scanner. To assist with efficient and safe processing please listen carefully to the Funnel Director and follow their instructions. It is preferable if you keep your barcode with you during the event as, apart from having your emergency contact details on it, it will help with more efficient processing in the finish funnel (rather than you having to depart the funnel to fetch it from elsewhere).

The barcode scanners will be spread out to assist with social distancing. Please present your printed barcode and then finish token from an outstretched arm's distance to be scanned. Then place your finish token only in the collection bucket in front of the scanner. This will help to minimise shared contact. Pretty please DO NOT TAKE THE FINISH TOKENS AWAY/HOME! We need then to run parkrun! They will be disinfected along with other gear for use at the next event.

Please then move away from the finish/barcode area to not only reduce congestion but to help us with social distancing.


As a reminder for participants:

1. Stay at home if you or anyone at your household is unwell.
2. Distance yourself whenever possible.
3. Be quiet at the pre-event brief and start line.
4. Position yourself at the start according to your estimated finish time.
5. Minimise amount of time spent in close proximity to others.
6. Respect other people’s personal space.
7. Support your children to socially distance.
8. Observe local COVID-19 guidelines on your way to and from the event.
9. No spitting or high-fiving (Sorry!) or any other non-essential contact.
10. Show your barcodes to the scanner from a distance.


Mullum Mullum parkrun is run completely by volunteers.  Without them we would not have an event so we would love your help to be one!

We will not be able to have a physical roster at parkrun so please check out our online roster and let us know if you can help by emailing us your name, barcode number and preferred position via an email to mullummullum@parkrun.com. We will respond accordingly and update the online roster.

Note if volunteering for barcode scanner or timer you will need to have the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app installed on your own charged, smartphone for use. https://volunteer.parkrun.com/principles/virtual-volunteer

Other Info

  • If you are new to parkrun you can register via https://www.parkrun.com.au/register/
  • If you are an existing parkrunner please log into your profile and make sure all your details are up to date/correct (If your local parkrun is Mullum Mullum could you please update it to match as it helps us distinguish participants in the global system when updating the roster, for volunteer credits, etc.) You can also print off additional parkrun barcodes. Always a good idea to have them in a few locations  so you're covered  (eg. in your pocket, car, wallet, back of phone cover, etc)!
  • General information/help about parkrun is available via https://support.parkrun.com/hc/en-us/categories/200040643-English
  • We post any future News updates on our webpage here as well as posts on our Facebook page. We can be contacted via our email address: mullummullum@parkrun.com

We look forward to seeing you on the 16th January 2021!


We’re back… almost!

There was some welcome Christmas cheer as parkrun Australia advised in mid-December that:

"The Victorian Government (Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions) has now clarified that parkrun events in Victoria can reopen in accordance with Tier 3 of the Government’s public events regulations, which applies to public events up to 1,000 participants. As with all parkruns around the world, events in Victoria will operate under parkrun’s global COVID-19 Framework and local requirements."

This is great news for all of us but then there is the challenge for the Mullum Mullum parkrun event team to work out how we can make our event work as effectively as possible under the parkrun COVID-19 Framework. As is often the case there is a lot of work behind the scenes to make an event such as our operate smoothly so all can enjoy it.

Our Event Director and Run Directors have been meeting and discussing options, potential changes needed and getting ready for our resumption on Saturday 16th January 2021!

Being volunteers we ask for your understanding as we adopt the new requirements and adapt to changes that may be needed as we refine things to get parkrun running as smoothly and as safely as possible in the context of our beautiful and unique setting for parkrun at Mullum Mullum.

To help with compliance, potential parkrun participants will be asked to:

1. Stay at home if you or anyone at your household is unwell.
2. Distance yourself whenever possible.
3. Be quiet at the pre-event brief and start line.
4. Position yourself at the start according to your estimated finish time.
5. Minimise amount of time spent in close proximity to others.
6. Respect other people’s personal space.
7. Support your children to socially distance.
8. Observe local COVID-19 guidelines on your way to and from the event.
9. No spitting or high-fiving or any other non-essential contact.
10. Show your barcodes to the scanner from a distance.

We will also shortly be asking for your help as we will need additional volunteers compared to events in the past.

Please stay tuned for more information in the days ahead. We are nearly there and look forward to seeing you and enjoying the fun again at our parkrun!


Christmas Day (2019) and New Year’s Day (2020)

There are two special days in the Australian parkrun calendar that an extra parkrun may be held (apart from the regular Saturday mornings), Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

Christmas Day

Mullum Mullum parkrun won't be holding a parkrun on Christmas Day (25th Dec 2019).  We encourage you to check the compendium below for alternate locations if looking for a parkrun on that day.

New Year's Day

Mullum Mullum parkrun will be holding a parkrun on New Years Day (Wednesday 1st Jan 2020) at the later time of 9:30am!

It's also the only day you can do two parkruns on the single day and have them both count! You may want to do an earlier one elsewhere and then do your second at Mullum Mullum or simply come along to ours for one walk/run at 9:30am. The choice is yours.

We hope you can join us at Mullum Mullum parkrun for one of the most popular days on the parkrun calendar!

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