#193 Mullum Mullum parkrun report (26/6/21)

This week's report courtesy of Stephen D.

We're back! After a month's break it was time to pick up where we left off and get back to parkrun! The rain stayed away and the sun even shone through at times as 133 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 16 were first timers and 6 recorded new Personal Bests.

The drainage works that were being performed before the break were able to be completed which meant it was back to our regular course route, well apart from a minor change at the start with our normal path being fenced off as it's being concreted! Hopefully this will be better for us once completed.

Special thanks to those who volunteered when we got the go ahead from the VIC government to be able to operate again at short notice!  We have plenty of vacancies for volunteers in the weeks ahead so if you are interested in a role please send us an email or have a chat with the Run Director the next time you're at parkrun!

Participants doing their first parkrun ever included:

  • David Lith Lewis
  • Zoe Maccabi
  • Ming Gao

Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

This week junior, Angus Alder achieved the highest age grade with 67.69% age grade and also cruised past me too easily on the last hill! ;-) Dani Macfarlane (VW45-49) was the first female across the finish line and also achieved the second highest age grade with 66.13% (as well as a 32 second PB on her second run at Mullum Mullum). Trent Gauci (VM40-44) reaped the benefits of all his training for the Gold Coast Marathon and achieved a 65.78% age grade for his milestone run (See below).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mullum Mullum parkrun Results Page.


Congratulations to the following people on reaching their special parkrun milestones (and getting a free parkrun t-shirt, red for 50, black for 100!):

  • 50 parkrun milestone
    • Daniel King (8 at Mullum Mullum)
    • Kevin Rother (48 at Mullum Mullum)
    • Jeremy Maxwell (48 at Mullum Mullum)

  • 100 parkrun milestone
    • Trent Gauci (56 at Mullum Mullum) who also got a new 31 second PB and was first across the line! More proof that our milestone capes can bestow special powers to those that wear them! ;-) Well run Trent!

There was an unofficial milestone reached of 75 for Neil Price and
Michelle De La Pierre.

Congratulations to all on their terrific achievements!

Please let us know about any milestones you're celebrating/have celebrated at Mullum Mullum via email (mullummullum@parkrun.com) and send us a photo (or link to one) if you are happy for us to publish it.

Path works around Schwerkolt Cottage

Whitehorse Council is replacing some of the paths around Schwerkolt Cottage with colored concrete. This includes the path we use for our start but with a bit of luck that one may be finished by the next event. Please pay attention to the Run Director's briefing for the latest information of any course change needed.

Schwerkolt Cottage path works IMG_2211

Participant spotlight

Today we have the Mullum Mullum parkrun participant spotlight focused on one of at least two beekeepers who regular participate at Mullum Mullum! Steven O'Connell has run 52 of his 91 parkruns here at Mullum Mullum. Let's get to know a bit more about Steven!

When/How did you find out about parkrun Steven?
Steven: I have been involved in street orienteering for many years and heard about  parkrun from friends there. I did my first parkrun in 2015 (Westerfolds), second a week later (Lillydale Lake) had a break from it and then became a regular at Mullum Mullum from February 2017, soon after it started, as it was close to home.

Do you have a favourite parkrun course (apart from MM of course!)?
Steven: I don't have a favourite but I do have a least favourite so far [Ed: You'll have to ask Steven which one and why when you see him!] :-) My favourites are those that have a lot of nature, lovely views and variety, like Mullum Mullum! I also like those with views of the water/sea and a friendly atmoshphere.

Any running goals you're working towards at parkrun?
Steven:  COVID lockdown has made things a challenge but I'm interested in working towards covering the parkrun alphabet (doing a parkrun at a variety of courses such that their starting letters cover the full alphabet, except X as there isn't one yet!). I have 15 of the 25 so far. I would also like to do the Boston Marathon and do a parkrun there while at it! [Ed: There are two parkruns currently in Boston]

That sounds great! Any upcoming events you're looking forward to participating in?
Steven:  I’m hoping to do the Wonderland 60km+ trail course in August at Halls Gap (Grampians/Gariwerd). Fingers crossed it is able to go ahead without any problems.

Anything else you'd like to tell our MM Run Report readers?
Steven:  I really enjoy Mullum Mullum parkrun as well as volunteering. It's a great way to feel connected to the community! [Ed: Steven has volunteered 42 times so far across 7 different roles including 16 times as timer!!]

We totally agree Steven! Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best with your preparation for Wonderland!  Readers if you like honey from a local source get in touch with Steven the next time you see him!

[Ed: Bonus fact about Steven which I'm sure he wont mind me sharing. In January this year he ran the 56 km Two Bays Trail Run. At the 25 km mark he fell and cut open his knee. He decided he could continue running, completed the entire event in 5 hour 45 minutes and then got five stitches by the course doctor afterwards! Wow! PS. Please don't do this at Mullum Mullum parkrun. Most of our Run Directors are not good at sewing!]


Thanks again to those parkrunners that volunteers this week. We need more due the changes as a result of the impact of COVID-!9. All our scanners and the timer are required to use the updated parkrun Virtual Volunteer app on their own phones and it continues to be working much more efficiently than the old equipment that was used.

Without the 16 people below helping out we wouldn't have been able to run parkrun this week. Thanks all!

Adrian Mascetta • Scott Wilson-smith • Shane Bogemann • Scott Hawkins • Andy Hawkins • Stephen Day • Melinda Alder • Justin Hasell • Francis Kaszmarek • David Mock • Andrew Gosbell • Stephanie Payne • Craig Payne • Monica Payne • Ian Richardson • Mercedes Maaraoui

We have plenty of vacancies that we need to fill for the weeks ahead for volunteers and we'd love to have your help! It's easy, fun and everything is explained. Could you please have a look at the roster online and email us (mullummullum@parkrun.com) if you are interested in one of the best aspects of parkrun!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning at Mullum Mullum parkrun!