#192 Mullum Mullum parkrun report (22/5/21)

This week's report courtesy of Stephen D.

It was sure to be a fine Saturday for parkrun today but the clear skies meant it was a chillier start than we've been use too recently and we certainly felt it as we set off into the first downhill section along the creek! We can wear gloves (no doubt some will be going through the drawers to find a pair for next time) but I'm not sure if I can warm up my eyeballs for the first few hundred metres! Fortunately it was just my hands that were still cold by the time I had worked up a sweat along with the rest of the participants.

At least if you're a volunteer at this time of year don't have to worry about such things and can stay warm while helping us keep our parkrun running!

Purple was the colour for the day with the date coinciding both with National Volunteer Week (our 25 volunteer milestone t-shirts are purple in colour) and being the 22nd (two-two) some parkrun participants wore tu-tus to mark the date for a bit of fun! Great to see people getting into the spirit of the occasion.

A special thanks once again to all those who have helped as volunteers at our parkrun! We really wouldn't have an event without people offering to help. It's easy to do, no experience is necessary and it's rewarding with an opportunity to get to know others at parkrun. Please see below if you would like to help in upcoming weeks.

This week 172 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 14 were first timers and 11 recorded new Personal Bests.

Participants doing their first parkrun ever included:

  • Anne Lord
  • Bailey Wallis
  • Jake Gilbert
  • Paige Moore
  • Nicholas Wyngaard
  • Laura Kowski
  • Stuart Keane

Representatives of 16 different clubs took part.

This week Anne Lord (VW60-64) achieved the highest age grade of 74.64%, 41st across the line - showing it's not about being fast over all participants. Lachlan Marasco (JM11-14) who finished third reached a 73.43% age grade and first finisher, Sam Ford (VM40-44), got 72.18%. Great personal achievements by all in their respective age groups!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mullum Mullum parkrun Results Page.


Congratulations to the following people on reaching their special parkrun milestones (and getting a free parkrun t-shirt, white for junior 10, red for 50!):

  • Junior 10 parkrun milestone
    • Liam Blakeman (7 at Mullum Mullum)
  • 50 parkrun milestone
    • Ranya White (10 at Mullum Mullum)

Some unofficial milestones reached include 25 for Daniel Strada and Ian Scarborough; 125 for Narelle Costin!

Well done to all on their terrific achievements!

Please let us know about any milestones you're celebrating/have celebrated at Mullum Mullum via email (mullummullum@parkrun.com) and send us a photo (or link to one) if you are happy for us to publish it.

Upcoming works around Schwerkolt Cottage

We have seen signs erected by Whitehorse Council advising of upcoming works beginning in June (next month) to seal some current gravel paths around Schwerkolt Cottage with colored concrete. We don't have any additional information at this stage but may need to adjust the start line at some point as that path is shown as one to be sealed and will affect us most. Please pay attention to the Run Director's briefing for the latest information of any course change needed.

Schwerkolt Cottage path works IMG_2211

Want to walk/run midweek with other parkrunners?

We all know if can be a struggle to get out and exercise in the cooler months. Thank heavens for parkrun on Saturday but what about midweek? Well one option might be to come down to the Schwerkolt Cottage car park just before 7pm any Wednesday for an informal walk or run with the M2R: Mullum Mullum Runners!

It was organised by some local Mullum Mullum parkrun regulars for just that reason (a free, informal midweek social exercise get together) and usually covers between 5 - 7 km depending on who turns up and what they want to do (flexible) along the paved paths by the Mullum Mullum creek. A head or chest torch (cheap ones are under $30) is strongly recommended for this time of year.

It's another great way to get to know others from the parkrun and local community and exercise with no additional cost.

Check out the M2R Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/161366687771985

You can also log into your parkrun account and add the parkrun group: https://www.parkrun.com.au/mullummullum/results/clubhistory/?clubNum=25476


Now there's no excuse to get at least two free exercise opportunities each week with others!


Thanks again to those parkrunners that volunteers this week. We need more due the changes as a result of the impact of COVID-!9. All our scanners and the timer are required to use the updated parkrun Virtual Volunteer app on their own phones and it continues to be working much more efficiently than the old equipment that was used.

Without the 17 people below helping out we wouldn't have been able to run parkrun this week. Thanks all!

Kate Eversteyn • Caz Derby • Stephen Day • Ros Lording • Leah Sharp • Carolyn Sgro • Louise Mccall • Graham Abrey • Claire Phillips • Paula Carlton • Gav Williams • Stephanie Payne • Craig Payne • Monica Payne • Ian Richardson • Mercedes Maaraoui • Zara Kimbel

We have plenty of vacancies that we need to fill for the weeks ahead for volunteers and we'd love to have your help! It's easy, fun and everything is explained. Could you please have a look at the roster online and email us (mullummullum@parkrun.com) if you are interested in one of the best aspects of parkrun!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning at Mullum Mullum parkrun!