#190 Mullum Mullum parkrun report (8/5/21)

This week's report courtesy of Stephen D.

The weather forecast had the rain holding off till the afternoon and so it was another lovely autumn morning for parkrun. This week 211 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 15 were first timers and 24 recorded new Personal Bests.

Participants doing their first parkrun ever included:

  • Tobias Blackburn
  • Max Frolley
  • Stuart Johnstone
  • Samuel Chee
  • Levi Davies
  • Tamsyn Reyneke
  • Nigel Roper
  • Pramod Kumar Kapani Gowdana Palya Shivaramaiah
  • Sharon O'Keefe
  • Lachlan Scholes
  • Mikky Davies

Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

There was added excitement on course later during the event when a police helicopter circled  overhead, a police car appeared in the car park and the Run Director got a call from of our marshals that there was also a police car driving down the course! Fortunately it was when we only had some walkers out there and nearing the end! As a courtesy we were able to to warn cyclists heading that way though. Another unpredictable situation highlighting the importance of volunteers and the role they play in allowing our parkrun to operate safely and smoothly!

We heard later the police were looking for a lost teenager with autism. We didn't hear/see from them later (or in the media) so hopefully they were able to find him safe and well.

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mullum Mullum parkrun Results Page.


Congratulations to the following people on reaching their special parkrun milestones (and getting a free parkrun t-shirt, white for junior 10, red for 50, black for 100!):

  • 50 parkrun milestone
    • Zach Cowan, a juinor with 45 completed at Mullum Mullum!

Unofficial milestones include 25 parkruns for Rohan Harper, Conrad Chan, Wayne Harbor and junior Lizzie Abrey. Karl Weber reached 75 and a special mention to Sophie Honeyman with 225 parkruns (100 at Mullum Mullum)!

Well done to all on their terrific achievements!

Please let us know about any milestones you're celebrating/have celebrated at Mullum Mullum via email (mullummullum@parkrun.com) and send us a photo (or link to one) if you are happy for us to publish it.

Australian parkrun record? Perhaps not

A couple of weeks ago there was an anomaly with the data for one of our parkrun participants that our Run Directors scratching their heads, looking at data and photos and wondering how an Australian age grade parkrun record had been set! Information luckily came in later in the week explaining a participant had felt unwell (fortunately ok later) and had finished early but had then crossed the finish line, scanned their barcode, etc. Our volunteers are great but are unable to keep track of each participant's movements!

We were able to adjust the results accordingly later but it's a timely opportunity to remind participants:

  • Please only cross the finish line if you have completed the full 5km parkrun.
  • Please only cross the finish line once. If you choose to go back to support others (after you have been scanned), that is great but please peel off/depart the course well the finish line so you don't risk confusing the volunteer timer who it is that is actually finishing/needs a finish token. If running with young kids you can help the timer know how many to actually "count" (ie. are registered with parkrun) as you finish so they don't have to guess or risk counting too many, getting results out of sync.
  • If you finish early (for any reason) please do not cross the finish line, do not collect a finish token, etc. You can leave at any time, during the participation of parkrun and do not need to finish, collect a finish token, be scanned, etc.
  • If you are uncertain or someone with you had accidentally scanned a barcode, etc which may affect results processing please advise the Run Director as soon as possible.


Thanks again to those parkrunners that volunteered this week. We need more due the changes as a result of the impact of COVID-!9. All our scanners and the timer are required to use the updated parkrun Virtual Volunteer app on their own phones. It's easy to use and works a lot more smoothly than the older system!

Without the 14 people below helping out we wouldn't have been able to run parkrun this week. Thanks all!

Tim Joyce • Stephen Day • Aaron Paravicini • Kim Irvine • Louise Mccall • Steven Mchutchon • Dylan Mchutchon • Nerilee Rinkquest • Stephanie Payne • Craig Payne • Monica Payne • Ian Richardson • Mercedes Maaraoui • Zara Kimbel

We have plenty of vacancies that we need to fill for the weeks ahead for volunteers and we'd love to have your help! It's easy, fun and everything is explained. Could you please have a look at the roster online and email us (mullummullum@parkrun.com) if you are interested in one of the best aspects of parkrun!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning at Mullum Mullum parkrun!