#178 Mullum Mullum parkrun report (6/2/21)

This week's report courtesy of Stephen D.

Another day where we had to wait and see just what conditions the morning would bring for parkrun. Fortunately it turned out to be a perfect one for this time of year, not too warm and with the recent humidity reduced. The sun was shining down come parkrun briefing time before 220 people ran, jogged and walked the course. 31 were visiting Mullum Mullum for the first time. 18 participants recorded new Personal Bests! Representatives of 15 different clubs took part.

Nathan Pennell, Ritsuko Higa, Danielle Callanan, William Van Der Nagel, Elena Johnson, Alexandra Kajewski, Martin Hewer, Brendan Wilson, Dean Stanley, Amy McKernan, Soon Teck Chee, Ez Gridley, Karen Simm, Wendy Mi, Lincoln Baxter all completed their very first parkrun! Congratulations and we hope you enjoyed our course!

The two people with the highest age gradings today were Simon Hasell (73.56% age grade, VM35-39) and Irene James (69.03%, VW55-59)! Congratulations to both on their personal achievements!

Thanks again to Anne McManus who offered to volunteer on Friday otherwise we wouldn't have had any photographs (and videos!) to capture the event! Much appreciated Anne! A reminder that all you need is a smart phone as these days the built-in cameras can take great shots!

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Mullum Mullum parkrun Results Page.


With the recent changes due to COVID-19 causing us to keep our run briefing as short as possible (in line with the parkrun COVID-19 Framework) we aren't able to celebrate milestones or take photos with the Run Director as we've become accustomed to. So, with your help, we hope to be able to commemorate them online. Please let us know about any milestones you're celebrating/have celebrated at Mullum Mullum via email (mullummullum@parkrun.com) and send us a photo (or link to one) if you are happy for us to publish it!

  •  Lachlan Turnley and Theresa Wu reached their 50th parkrun milestone! This is actually Lachlan's first parkrun at Mullum Mullum but Theresa has run 48 of her 50 here!
  • Justin Hasell (70 MM parkruns), Andrea Tammita (47 MM parkruns) and Rowan De La PIerre reached their 100th parkrun milestone! Rowan has done 84 at Mullum Mullum. An even more impressive effort as a junior!

Congratulations to all on their terrific milestone achievements!

Participant spotlight

Every now and then we'll cast the spotlight on to a participant (or participants) here at Mullum Mullum and today I bring you Helen and Will Van Der Nagel!  Helen is a local and has done 27 of her 45 parkruns here at Mullum Mullum. She has also participated in Master Athletics.  This week her son Will visited for his first parkrun ever!

Helen and Will Van Der Nagel

When I asked Helen later what Will thought of it she said "He loved it!" He now looks forward to running more regularly and has set a goal of working towards a half marathon!

It's so lovely to hear personal stories like these! Congratulations on your first parkrun Will and we are glad you were able to do it here at Mullum Mullum. We wish you every success as you work towards your running goal!

It's also a reminder of how parkrun can be a wonderful opportunity for families to exercise together and stay connected regardless of age!

parkrun pooch

We've got a back-to-back episode of Mullum Mullum parkrun Pooch coming off last week with Kaia!  This week we bring you a familiar face for Mullum Mullum regulars!

It's Maisie, a kelpie-cross who likes to run and loves parkrun! Her owners are Mullum Mullum regulars, Andrew (34 of 55 parkruns at MM) and Kerryn Gosbell (49 of 49 parkruns at MM).

Andrew and Kerryn Gosbell

Andrew says Maisie can be a bit crazy (in the nicest pooch way) and she says "Sorry that I bark so much at the briefing but i just want that bell to ring so we can go running!" [Ed: We humans can relate to that too! ;-)] Maisie continues "Sorry to anyone I have cut off of nearly tripped up but I like to run fast! Thanks for the 50 parkruns and for all the friendly pats, especially from Francis K!"

Congratulations on that terrific milestone Maisie and all is forgiven as the excitement that builds for the start of parkrun is quite understandable for all of us! parkrun doesn't have any pooch attire to commemorate that milestone but we hope you got a special serve of your favourite treat, bacon!

Feel free to say hi to Maisie (and her owners too!) next time you're at Mullum Mullum parkrun!


Thanks again to those parkrunners that volunteered this week. We need more due the changes as a result of the impact of COVID-!9. All our scanners and the timer are required to use the updated parkrun Virtual Volunteer app on their own phones. It's easy to use and works a lot more smoothly than the older system!

Without the people below we wouldn't have been able to run parkrun this week. Thanks all!

  • Run Director - Stephen Day
  • Timekeeper - Ross Pentland
  • Finish Tokens - Nicole Brown
  • Marshals - Michelle De La Pierre, Francis Kaszmarek, Emily Centonze-Williams, Jeremy Maxwell
  • Funnel Manager - Andrew McKeown
  • Barcode Scanning - Tara Mitchell, Emily Abra, Leigh O'Gorman • Brendan O'Gorman
  • Tailwalker - Angelique McAuley
  • Photographer - Anne McManus
  • Sign  Language Support - Megan Bushby
  • Run Report - Stephen Day
  • Volunteer Roster - Mel Alder

We have plenty of vacancies that we need to fill for the weeks ahead for volunteers and we'd love to have your help! It's easy, fun and everything is explained. Could you please have a look at the roster online and email us (mullummullum@parkrun.com) if you are interested in one of the best aspects of parkrun!

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday morning at Mullum Mullum parkrun!