COVID-19 Special Update

Two parkrun volunteers wearing facemasks

In the ever-changing landscape of COVID-19 restrictions, we are asking all parkrunners to check their local conditions before leaving for parkrun this weekend.

If you have visited the Greater Brisbane area recently, please have a COVID test as soon as possible.


NYD 2020 parkrun for Mernda!

Mernda parkrun is hosting a special New Year's Day parkrun at 8am. NYD is the only day that you can run double parkruns in one day, so keep your eye out on the other local parkruns to see at which event you'll do your 9.30 run! There isn't a better way to start the new decade than getting down to parkrun and joining in double the fun with your friends and community.


New Year’s run at Mernda parkrun

parkrun has a once a year option on New Year's Day,  to run 2 events on the one day - regardless of what day it falls on. We are excited to announce that Mernda will have a New Year's event at 8:00am!
New Year's day is the only day when parkrunners can complete 2 official parkruns in one day. Start times are flexible so that close by events can work together to provide doubles. Keep your eye on the compendium for news on which local parkruns will run at 9:30am.
The global rules are:
No doubles allowed on Christmas day (25th December)
Doubles allowed on New Year's Day (1st January), but no trebles
Start times on 25th December may be between normal start time and 1 hour afterwards
Start times on 1st January, may be between 30 mins before normal start time and 1.5 hours after start time.
Mernda parkrun event will commence at our normal start time of 8:00am


Launch of Mernda parkrun announcement.

We are excited to announce the start of Mernda parkrun on Saturday 17th June, at 8am at Mernda Adventure Park, Mernda Village Drive, Mernda.
We hope you can join us both at the launch, and for a cuppa afterwards!

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