Easter Saturday – we’re on!

For anyone who's not sure, we will be holding an event on Easter Saturday (Saturday, April 20, 2019), starting at the usual time of 8:00am (pre-run briefing starts at 7:50am).

We hold an event every Saturday, all year round.



We have pacers at Maribyrnong parkrun on the first Saturday of every month.

Each pacer aims to run at an even pace and finish as closely as possible to a target time (ideally a few seconds under the target time).

In odd-numbered months - January, March, May, July, September and November - the target times are 21 mins, 23 mins, 25 mins, 27 mins, 29 mins, 31 mins, 33 mins and 35 mins.

In even-numbered months - February, April, June, August, October and December - the target times are 20 mins, 22 mins, 24 mins, 26 mins, 28 mins, 30 mins, 32 mins and 34 mins.

To be a pacer:

  • You should select a target time that's comfortably within your ability
  • Unless you're an experienced pacer, you should use a GPS watch (Garmin, TomTom, Nike, Suunto, etc.) or a smartphone with a running app (Strava, Runkeeper, etc.) - something that can accurately tell you your pace while you're running (ideally you want average pace / lap pace, not just current pace)

If you're able to help out and be a pacer, please email maribyrnonghelpers@parkrun.com.

Our pacers for June 1 are:

Our pacers for July 6 are:

  • 21 mins: TBD
  • 23 mins: TBD
  • 25 mins: TBD
  • 27 mins: TBD
  • 29 mins: TBD
  • 31 mins: TBD
  • 33 mins: TBD
  • 35 mins: TBD

Our pacers for August 3 are:

  • 20 mins: TBD
  • 22 mins: TBD
  • 24 mins: TBD
  • 26 mins: TBD
  • 28 mins: TBD
  • 30 mins: TBD
  • 32 mins: TBD
  • 34 mins: TBD

Festive Arrangements

Maribyrnong parkrun will not be hosting an additional run on Christmas day this year but many of our neighbours are.

If you need a parkrun fix to offset those Christmas calories you could try:

Albert Melbourne 0900
Coburg 0800
Newport Lakes 0800

For further options check out the Christmas compendium

On New years day parkrunners have the special opportunity to record two runs on the one day and have them both count. Maribyrnong parkrun have decided to host a New years day run and we have paired up with Albert Melbourne to ring in the new year.
If you want to, join us at:

Albert Melbourne 0800
Maribyrnong 0930


Our 4th Anniversary

Maribyrnong parkrun turns 4 on the 25th August and to celebrate we want you to bring the brightness in Fluro!

Want to go the extra mile, make your fluro fashion a bit retro. Drag out the fluro sweat bands, scrunchies, socks, wigs or hyper-colour t-shirts and get creative!


Keeping things smooth and safe

A quick reminder - when you cross the finish line at Maribyrnong parkrun, please ALWAYS take a finish token, even if you don't want an official result.

By taking a finish token, you make things as easy as possible for our volunteers, and if you don't want an official result that's fine - you can skip having your personal barcode scanned when you come to the scanning table.

Some other points to help things go smoothly and safely:

  • Run / walk on the left-hand side of the path where possible
  • Keep aware of who's around you and who's approaching (from in front or from behind), especially if you're on the right-hand side of the path
  • Only cross the finish line once - if you finish and then go back to run with someone else, make sure you don't cross the finish line again
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