Lead Bike Volunteer Role

We've added a new role to our regular volunteer roster - "lead bike".

The role of the lead bike volunteer is to cycle the course ahead of the first participant to provide directions and ensure the public along the route are informed of incoming participants.

This is particularly important as our attendance numbers continue to grow and our course is on paths shared with other park users.

As always:

Lead Bike


February 20, 2021 Event – Going Ahead

We've received official confirmation that we CAN hold an event this Saturday (February 20)!
In order to do so, we'll need a team of volunteers to do all of the things that make parkrun possible - we've got lots of roles to fill!
If you can help out with any of the roles, please email us at maribyrnong@parkrun.com.
You can check out the current roster as any time here: https://www.parkrun.com.au/.../maribyrnong/futureroster/


February 13, 2021 Event – Cancelled

Following the Victorian Government announcement on 12 February 2021, all parkrun events are cancelled for February 13, 2021, and junior parkrun events for 14 February 2021.

Please respect the lockdown restrictions, safety comes first.



Reopening – What To Expect

Only 2 more sleeps until we're back parkrunning at Maribyrnong this Saturday! :)

For the time being our events will operate under the parkrun COVID-19 framework - here are the key changes:

  • QR codes for contact tracing will be on display around the start/finish area.
  • The pre-event briefing will be short (approximately 2 mins), will only include safety information and will start just before 8:00am.
  • We'll have more barcode scanner volunteers than normal and they'll be spread out more than normal.
  • Barcode scanning will be "contactless" - the parkrunner shows their personal barcode to the volunteer to scan, then shows their finish token to the volunteer to scan, then drops their finish token into the container provided.
  • There'll be no printed volunteer roster available during the event - if you'd like to volunteer, please email maribyrnong@parkrun.com or send us a Facebook message.

Some other points that are also worth repeating:

  • if you're unwell, please stay home
  • please position yourself at the start based on your expected finish time - this will help reduce congestion (especially during the first 1km)
  • please follow normal COVID-19 practices (e.g. social distancing)

The Maribyrnong parkrun contact tracing QR code is available here:
The parkrun runner/walker and volunteer codes of conduct are here:
The parkrun COVID-19 framework is here:


Contact Tracing QR Code

Our events at Maribyrnong parkrun have a unique QR code that you can use to check in at Maribyrnong parkrun for COVID-19 contact tracing purposes.

We ask that all volunteers and participants check in each week - you can do this by scanning the QR codes on display at the event or by scanning the QR code in this article (it's the same code).

The state government knows that parkrun operates Saturday mornings - roughly 8am-9am - so it's OK for you to check in before or after the event if you prefer (you don't have to bring a phone to parkrun).

In most cases you should be able to open the camera app on your phone, point your phone at the QR code and it'll automatically scan the QR code and pop up a link to kick off the check in process. If you have any issues with this then alternatively you can use the Service Victoria app and enter location code B7G 8Z7.


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