Lillydale Lake parkrun – Event #295

Lillydale Lake parkrun
A lovely morning was enjoyed by our 235 parkrunners this week. We had 17 first timers step up to join our course. 39 picked up their pace and recorded new Personal Bests. A warm welcome also to visiting tourists this week from Benalla and Engand.
Milestones: Congratulations to our latest member of the elite parkrun milestones clubs. This weeks 3 inductees have all joined our 25 Volunteer milestones club. So a huge thank you goes with the congratulations:

  • Libby King, (186 parkruns): Libby's volunteer roles have included Timekeeper x 11, Barcode Scanner x 5, Tail Walker x 3, Finish Tokens x 2, Equipment Storage and Delivery x 2, Photographer x 1, Marshal x 1, Token Sorting x 1 (including twice at Birdsland Reserve and once at Mullum Mullum)

Lillydale Lake parkrun

  • Linden Danks with help from Trevor of course, (131 parkruns): Linden and Trevor have taken on Tailwalker x 13, Barcode Scanner x3, Finish Tokens x 3, Token sorting x 3, Finish Token Support x 2, Photographer x 1 (including once at Elagin Ostrov parkrun in Russia)

Lillydale Lake parkrun

  • Brigitte Jung, (174 parkruns): Brigette has helped out as Finish Tokens x 7, Tailwalker x7, Token Sorting x4, Timekeeper x 3, Barcode Scanner x 3, Finish Token Support x1

Lillydale Lake parkrun
Parkrunner of the Month (PROTM):

  • Clover Parker, (70 parkruns): In October Clover ran 4 parkruns, ran a fantastic 90 second PB to break the 30 minute barrier and set herself a new PB of 29:26. Clover also did an awesome job volunteering as the 37:30 pacer on Super Saturday. Congratulations and well done Clover.
    Lillydale Lake parkrun
    Super Saturday: The first Saturday of the month is when we have volunteer pacers who don our time vests and run a nominated pace to help those with a particular time goal. Thanks this month go to:
  • Stuart Kingma: Paced at 20:00, recorded 19:59
  • Rob Twisk: Paced at 22:30, recorded 22:15
  • Sean Lowe: Paced at 25:00, recorded 24:56
  • Neil Gibson: Paced at 27:30, recorded 27:24
  • Kathryn Ruddick: Paced at 30:00, recorded 30:08
  • David Gorman: Paced at 32:30, recorded 32:35
  • Craig Brydon: Paced at 35:00, recorded 35:03
  • Mel Duckworth: Paced at 37:30, recorded 37:32
  • Maria Twisk: Paced at 40:00, recorded 40:00

Awesome achievements: Congratulations to everyone who managed a new Personal Best time this week, with a special shout-out to anyone who has already completed more than 30 local events (10 for juniors):

  • Jacob Hayles, SM20-24 (85 parkruns): Jacob managed a 22 second improvement to set himself a new PB of 18:54
  • James Williams, VM50-54(59 parkruns): taking 3 seconds off his previous best has set James a new time to beat of 21:50
  •  Mick Ashworth, VM45-49 (41 parkruns): Mick scored himself a 4 second PB for a new time of 24:35
  • Chloe Messerle, SW30-34 (47 parkruns): a 27 second improvement sees Chloe dropping under 25 with a new target of 24:59
  • Kelly Hobson, VW35-39 (68 parkruns): with the biggest improvement of the event  of 34 seconds Kelly's new PB is 25:45
  • Robert Pavic, JM10 (12 parkruns): slicing 28 seconds off makes a goal time for Robert of 26:05
  • Jodie Elms, VW35-39 (67parkruns): 27:17 is now the aiming point for Jodie after her quickest yet by 29 seconds
  • Oliver Hardy, JM11-14 (14 parkruns): a 9 second jump drops Oliver's PB down to 28:46

Lillydale Lake parkrun

Lillydale Lake parkrun
Lillydale Lake parkrun
Lillydale Lake parkrun

Lillydale Lake parkrun

The Weekly Stats Report:
Lillydale Lake parkrun started on 26th April 2014. Since then 5,407 participants have completed 47,690 parkruns covering a total distance of 238,450 km, including 7,479 new Personal Bests. A total of 517 individuals have volunteered 3,465 times.

This week 235 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 17 were first timers and 39 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 21 different clubs took part.
The event was made possible by 22 volunteers:
Helen MOORE • Graham COUTTS • Craig BRYDON • Darren MOORE • Jacquelyn SKEWES • Robert TWISK • Neil GIBSON • Kylie DEALY • Fonibear WILLIAMS • Kathryn RUDDICK • Stuart KINGMA • Mel DUCKWORTH • Joshua HELLEMA • Sean LOWE • David GORMAN • Maria TWISK • Samantha CARDWELL • Amelia KOOLE • Thomas KOOLE • Jerome KOOLE • Katie HELLEMA • Fiona SCHWAB
Male placings:

  1. Jack Tan (JM15-17) - 17:46
  2. James Anderson (SM25-29) - 18:09
  3. Alex Huser (SM25-29) - 18:41

Female placings:

  1. Kellie Emmerson (SW30-34) - 17:51
  2. June Petrie (VW55-59) - 21:18
  3. Elka Mallon (VW35-39) - 22:43

Age Grade placings:

  1. June Petrie (VW55-59) - 83.88%
  2. Kellie Emmerson (SW30-34) - 83.29%
  3. Jack Tan (JM15-17) - 77.11%

Course Records:
The female record is held by Rebecca ROSEL who recorded a time of 17:46 on 24th May 2014 (event number 5).
The male record is held by Zak PATTERSON who recorded a time of 14:45 on 9th March 2019 (event number 256).
The Age Grade course record is held by Lavinia PETRIE who recorded 104.06% (21:45) on 25th October 2014 (event number 27).

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Lillydale Lake parkrun Results Page.