Timebanking: Reward for your volunteer hours

Lake Mac parkrun is now registered with Timebanking.com.au, so that you may claim hours that you volunteer with us through the Timebanking system. Our Timebanking Account Number is: TBAU001695

Once registered as an individual on Timebanking.com.au, you earn an hour's credit for every hour that you volunteer with us, which is deposited into your Timebanking account when you claim it. You can then spend these accumulated hours on whatever you choose from the system.

Examples include:

  • tutoring,
  • work experience,
  • cooking,
  • time out on the lake,
  • assistance with your resume,
  • lawn mowing,
  • math tutoring for your kids or grandkids,
  • singing lessons,
  • yard work,
  • proof reading for Uni assignments,
  • transport,
  • and more...

This social movement of community giving benefits both the giver and receiver. Whatever you give, you get back in the form of more than just an hour of time. You get to socialise with others, get out into the sun (or into the shade), to practice new skills, help others, and ensure you stay connected to your community. And by accepting offers from other people you are allowing them to participate in the community as well, breaking isolation, and using skills they have and want to share.

To claim your hours of volunteering at Lake Mac parkrun, register on the website and start making trades. Details for how to register are below.

Timebanking is not one-to-one, so if you offer to do a couple hours of gardening for someone one weekend, they may proof read someone else’s fiction novel, or train someone in calligraphy. The budding calligrapher may then volunteer to help change the oil on someone’s car, and the car owner may then teach you how to sing, if that’s what you’re into.

Timebanking expect you to include at least one or two wants. Have a think about what you would like, or have a look through at what others are requesting and see if that jogs some ideas. You can always add or change them from your account later on.

So, don’t be shy, if you’re interested in something get in contact with the other Timebanker advertising the offer. The only thing that is asked is that you stay safe and be kind to others. There are safety tips on the website and if you have any questions, please just call 1300 786 176 or email hello@timebanking.com.au.

To register for Timebanking as an individual [you may also register as a family or “shared” account], follow these steps:

Step 1: Log on to www.timebanking.com.au
Step 2: Click ‘register for an account’ on the right hand side of the web page
Step 3: Read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Use
Step 4: Under the ‘Your Details’ section, insert the following:

Registering as: An individual

Step 5: Complete the rest of the form.
Step 6: Submit your details. An email will be sent to you with your log-in information.


Volunteer Roles: What do our volunteers do?

Volunteer Roles: What does "Numbers" (now called Finish Tokens) do?

The numbers role is fairly straightforward, and if you've run at parkrun before, you've definitely run into this guy/girl. The numbers volunteer is the one that hands out your finishing position token once you have crossed the line. Simple as that. We even try to ensure the numbers person has a helper to smooth out any busy times when lots of runners cross the line.

Volunteer Roles: What does "Registration" (now called "Barcode Scanning") do?

The registration role is another that you've definitely dealt with if you've run at parkrun before. The registration volunteer(s) scan everyone's barcode and finishing position at the end of the run, or manually record details if there is a problem with scanning. The scanner unit has only one button to press, so hopefully nothing can really go wrong! If it's appropriate (e.g. we have not done this in the rain), these volunteers may also help sort the finishing tokens into order for the next week's event.

Again, this is a role that we like to organise in teams so one can be in charge of the scanner, and one in charge of manually recording any extra details.

The downside to this role: you get to handle lots of sweaty barcodes. To be honest, that's about as bad as it gets with any of the volunteer roles!

Volunteer Roles: What does "Marshal" do?

This is absolutely one of the most important jobs you could be tasked with at parkrun. The primary responsibility for the marshals is, of course, to provide all runners with motivation and encouragement in the form of high-fives! Of course, we also ask that you think about the safety of the runners and warn them of any possible problems, for example oncoming cyclists, and generally keep a watch to make sure everything runs smoothly on course.

This role does come with two possible shortcomings:
- standing in the rain
- sore high-five hand (we recommend an alternating hand strategy to avoid serious injury)

Volunteer Roles: What does "Timekeeper" do?

Timekeeper is one of the easiest jobs at parkrun, but also one of the most feared. The timekeeper is in charge of the stopwatch for the event, and whilst the role is just pushing one button every time someone finishes their parkrun, the responsibility of recording everyone's time can make this feel much more difficult than it actually is. Our timekeeper also works with "Numbers" and "Funnel Management" to keep everything in sync and ensure the right athletes get the right time.

As with all of our roles, we keep a "cheat sheet" of instructions in the box with all of our run kit, and our run director has a reasonable knowledge of how to operate the stopwatch and is available to help whenever needed.

Key attributes that we look for when filling the role of timekeeper are:
- enjoys parkrun and encouraging runners over the line
- can press a button
- knows left from right

Volunteer Roles: What does "Funnel Management" do?

The funnel manager is really a glorified helper role for "numbers" and should be easy for most people to try. The key responsibilities are to have the next bundle of finishing place tags ready for the numbers person, and to help guide runners to keep in order until they receive their position tag. The funnel manager also works with both timekeeper and numbers to keep the stopwatch position counter and runner positions tokens in sync.

As the role includes this communication between timekeeper, numbers, and runners, this can be a great job for volunteers with big voices!

Volunteer Roles: What does "Photographer" do?

"Wait!" I hear you say. Isn't it obvious?

Well, yes it is. The photographer takes photos. As simple as that. The photographer is the most autonomous role we have, free to roam the course as they like and take complete creative license with making a pictorial record of each event. The only guidelines are really that we want to capture both the community and park parts of parkrun, and as many runners as possible.

We have a camera available for use (please let us know before the event if you need it - we should have it anyway but just to be sure) if you don't have your own.

Responsibility for uploading photos to a facebook album can either be taken by the photographer if they want, or one of the event directors can organise to do this if preferred.

Volunteer roles: What does "Pacer" do?

If you run at Lake Mac parkrun, you may have seen pacers in action. Pacers are simply runners who aim to finish in a predefined time. Hopefully pacers keep a steady pace/speed throughout the whole run so you can judge your own effort better from them.

The pacer role has one major advantage over the other volunteer roles: You still get to run! Of course, running a set pace means you will almost definitely finish further down the field than usual, but you will still pick up points in the point competition even if you have already received your maximum "volunteer" points.

After the successful introduction of pacers at Lake Mac parkrun, we are keen to include pacers for various run times to continue this role as often as possible.

Volunteer Roster: How do you know if we need more volunteers?

There are a few ways that you can find out how the schedule for volunteers is looking. Email lakemacoffice@parkrun.com or facebook message both work to get in contact with us, and we can tell you what the current plan is.

We also keep the future roster on our website, and keep it as up to date as we possibly can. You can check the website roster at any time if you are thinking of helping and want to see which roles have been filled.

If you are interested in any volunteer role, please email us at lakemachelpers@parkrun.com


Last parkrunner Standing

Last parkrunner Standing is an idea that is taking hold of parkruns around Australia at the moment, and the time has come for Lake Mac parkrunners to step up and support each other across the finish line.

All that is required for Last parkrunnner Standing is for parkrunners who have finished their run and registered their place to return to the finishing chute and line up on either side of the path to cheer home the rest of their fellow parkrunners. Each runner can spend as long as they like in the guard of honour, from a minute or until the last runner makes their way across the line. How long you stay is up to you.

Last parkrunner Standing was trialled at our big sister event Newy parkrun a few weeks ago, and all reports are that it was a great addition to parkrun. At Lake Mac parkrun, we will be announcing a few targeted weeks for Last parkrunner Standing, but we encourage our parkrunners to join in cheering home their fellow runners whenever they feel like it!

Update: Last parkrunner Standing was a great success at Lake Mac parkrun, with our brigade of parkrun regulars, new parkrunners, and visitors from other parkruns all joining in to create an honour guard celebrating all of our parkrunners as they crossed the finish line. In the weeks since, we have also seen impromptu gatherings of runners along the path to cheer others home, something that we feel really reflects what parkrun is all about. Thanks to all of our parkrunners for not only supporting this idea, but for supporting each other.


Welcome aboard Baker Love Lawyers

We are excited to announce the addition of a new local sponsor at Lake Mac parkrun.


Welcome aboard Baker Love Lawyers.


Who are Baker Love?


"Baker Love Lawyers has been advising generations of Novocastrian businesses for nearly 140 years.

The firm has evolved in stride with our region, and continues to play an active role in the success of the Newcastle community.

Today’s Partners have been a part of Baker Love for up to five decades, and follow-in the notable footsteps of equally long-serving predecessors.

They head a team of energetic and expert young professionals practicing across a range of areas of law.

Baker Love believes in providing an all-inclusive approach to legal services for its clients, encompassing family, estate, property and business legal advice.

Time and time again, decisions in one area of law impact another. Baker Love works with its clients through every stage."


We look forward to working together with Baker Love Lawyers as they support Lake Macquarie's favourite free, weekly 5K.


For more info visit: http://www.bakerlove.com.au/

Address: 30 Dan Rees Street, WALLSEND, NSW 2287
Tel: (02) 4951 5766


Announcing the start of Lake Mac parkrun

Lake Mac parkrun starts 09 Feb 2013

We are delighted to announce the launch of Lake Mac parkrun on 9th Feb 2013, 8am at Lake Macquarie, 1a First St, Booragul, opposite Booragul Primary School. We hope you'll be able to join us for the launch and coffee afterwards in The Point Café at Marmong Point Marina.

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