Event # 149….parkrun returns!!

The long awaited return to parkrun across the state finally happened this week and 65 locals at Koonwarra were excited to be back!

A surprise to some that there was only 65. Some were off touristing, some didn’t have enough time to get organised, some quite enjoying their sleep ins still and some perhaps still uncertain about big crowds!!

Since the 11th September, parkrun across Victoria has been temporarily closed with covid restrictions! The usual weekly Saturday event has been on and off this year with the weekend marking only the 24th event for the year.

Whilst on hold the encouragement and motivation with “not” parkrun grew rapidly and in one week we had 82 not parkruns logged!! With some people having completed more “not” parkruns than actual parkruns!

Helen Lughetto had been parkrun recruiting during the down time and it was great to see her gym friends Natasha Kneale & Chris Trotman experience their first ever parkrun! We also welcomed Haydn Chapman, tourist adventurer to the Koonwarra course!

Well done to Colleen Clark, with a brilliant PB, cracking the 28 minute mark!!

Congratulations to Fiona Dalgleish celebrating an unofficial milestone, her 200th parkrun.

Thanks to this weeks volunteers, who at short notice put their hand up, Felicity Castellen, Leo Argento, Sarah Knox, Indie Hulls, Sarah Peachy, Helen Lughetto, Amy White, Trish Miller & Emma Miller!

It was certainly nice to be back! Good to see the steady progress of the road works, a change of scenery on the course with a new tunnel! Memories talked about of parkrunners who have sadly left us, kids getting bigger and new baby bumps! It felt like a big family catch up!!

More exciting times ahead with a Christmas Day & New Year’s Day parkrun planned.

But for now let’s hope for a consistent Saturday parkrun, nice weather and let’s encourage those to get back out there!

Koonwarra parkrun happens every Saturday at 7.45am on the rail trail at Koonwarra. To register simply visit https://www.parkrun.com.au/register/?section=form parkrun is a free, weekly event for the whole community to enjoy! Everyone is welcome to come along, whether you walk, jog, run, volunteer or spectate.


Event # 142

Event # 142 - What rain!! 

How many of us laid in bed during the wee hours of Saturday morning and thought parkrun isn’t looking good!? The rain and hail pelted on the roof and the wind sounded like it was coming in sideways! 

Some stayed in bed, huddled under the warmth of the doona but 42 enthusiastic park runners ventured out to brave the weather! The thermals, the driza bones, the gloves, the umbrellas, the alpaca wool beanies and the merry people gum boots all made an appearance to get us over the line! 

But what rain...

We welcomed Peter from Berwick Springs who was down visiting his sister, Wendy from Warragul who came away with first female and a PB and the ladies from Hastings who even had time to stop for selfies with our bovine friends along the way! 

The course held up well. The rain had compacted the gravel. There was no hill diversion to climb and only a couple of puddles to jump! 

Congratulations to Kelly & Garry Dorling Garry & Cheryl Lamb and Wendy Lines on snagging PB’s! 

This weeks volunteers deserve a huge pat on the back! Thanks to Lesley, Brooke, Leanne, Helen, Heather, Keren, Trish, Mackenzie and Amy for standing out in the cold and working like clockwork! The finish line conversations a chance to get to know our parkrunners that bit more each week! 

We still need 2 timekeepers and a barcode scanner for next Saturday. If you haven’t volunteered for a while, need a rest day or simply just want to help out please get in touch with us. 

And as we put the lid on the parkrun gear, down she came...hail bouncing off us like tiny little golf balls. We scampered quickly to cars, wiped the hail off our brow and thought how lucky that the rain had stayed away! 


Event #123 – February 29…Leap Year!

written by Judy Langstaff

Welcome to the very first leap year parkrun and congratulations to the 133 people who took advantage of the perfect weather to participate in our 123rd event. We welcomed one visitor all the way from Inverloch and celebrated one milestone, a 12-year wedding anniversary for Trudi and her husband!

Leaprun start

Lots of leaping out on the course today for leap year! Old traditions say that ladies who would like to propose – February 29 is the day and if your man says no, they have to buy you 12 pairs of gloves to hide your ringless fingers, but with winter approaching you may need these for the cold mornings at parkrun. Our next leap park run will be in 2048, save the date!


Jumping TrioA great number of our parkrunners sported their Run Down Under shirts for parkrun Down Under day with $1 for every runner photographed in their shirt being donated by Run Down Under to parkrun.

Sixteen people wearing their Run Down Under tops

Lots of dogs today who were all keen to get going with one wriggly rascal deciding to slip their harness and bolt back to his owner who was volunteering at the start. Thanks go to his walker who unfortunately clocked up a few more steps than they usually do in pursuit of the homebound hound.

Kids and pups

Four first timers today and a massive 22 PBs! Great to see Shane getting a PB for the second time in two weeks and Wendy, one of our parkrun tragics, also getting a well deserved PB. Also a PB for Liam, in only his second parkrun after a long break, who took two minutes off last week’s time, leaving him needing a bit of ‘time to himself’ at the end to recover. A great effort by all Koonwarra parkrunners every week, especially all of the families and supermums juggling kids and prams.

Pram Crew

Its is also great to have our parkrun families staying for our PPP…the post parkrun picnic - a cuppa and sharing of goodies on picnic blankets at the end of parkrun, having a chat and catching up. Everyone is welcome.


Next week is International Womens Day so make sure you wear purple and bring along a friend or two.

Happy parkrun and see you all next week.

100 Mum



Event #118 – Australia Day weekend begins!

by Wendy Vitols

My 11 year old and 13 year old and I were filled with grand intentions last night, of all of us heading off to parkrun and shuffling our way through the Koonwarra course, one I hadn't done for a while, and one they hadn't done for even longer. Teen and pre-teen excessive fatigue soon filled the morning, and I found myself heading over the hill from Foster alone. While this was initially a little out of my comfort zone, I soon embraced it as I was able to be aware of my surroundings and the other people around me.

Gathering for the pre-parkrun briefing

Gathering for the pre-parkrun briefing

The sun was out, and the breeze was mild, and as I approached the group gathered at the meeting place I recognised familiar faces, as well as new faces, and felt the unique atmosphere of Koonwarra parkrun. There is something distinctly 'Australian' about a communal activity, a gathering of like minded people, and dogs - of course. Friendly greetings, chit chat, laughter - the mood was positive, bright and easy to slip into. It's very hard to describe a feeling - 'connectedness' is the closest word I've come up with that could possibly come close to illustrating the sense of community felt at the start line. There was genuine joy felt for Allyson and the two Sarahs for their milestones, and the applause was heartfelt.

Allyson Oprey, Sarah Lewis and Sarah Peachey all hit respective milestones of 50, 100 and 50 parkruns today! Congratulations!

No hooter today, but that was fine, as the excitement of a walk/run doesn't necessarily need a loud honk to mark the start. Heartbreak Hill is always easier going downhill (d'uh!) and it's easy to get swept up in the confidence of the first few hundred metres. As we made, in our own individual fashion, our ways through the course and across the three bridges, I had the opportunity to watch people heading back the other way. I wondered at the motive each of you had to arise and make your way to Koonwarra to pelt, shuffle or crawl your way the 5 kilometres. Regardless of what your personal reasons are, it was clear to me that there was enjoyment, happiness, and contemplation in each face I looked at.

We love our prams and dogs!

We love our prams and dogs!

Congratulations to the first two runners finsihed today who both smashed out PBs - and of course to all of those other wonderful PBs achieved today! Well done!

A special well done to the pram pushers and baby carriers - you all do it so well!

Definitely the youngest parkrunner on the day...just four days old!

Definitely the youngest parkrunner on the day...just four days old!

With many thanks to the volunteers for today and the first timers and tourists. I am confident you enjoyed your time with Koonwarra.

After a harrowing few weeks for our nation, on this Saturday as we enter the Australia Day long weekend, it was apparent to me that each of us relished the beauty and connectedness that we are fortunate to experience here in our special part of the world. beautiful landscape, a welcoming attitude, and positivism and laughter. It's times like these that remind us of how fortunate we are.

Happy Australia Day, team, stay safe.

150 eager parkrunners and parkwalkers start their free, weekly, timed event. 24 new Personal Bests were set in the ideal conditions.

150 eager parkrunners and parkwalkers start their free, weekly, timed event. 24 new Personal Bests were set in today's ideal conditions.


Koonwarra parkrun #65 – Tunnel Vision

Koonwarra parkrun - Event number 65 - 12th January 2019

Tunnel Vision

The tunnel is a marker....along with the 3 bridges on the 5km Koonwarra parkrun course along the rail trail heading towards Meeniyan.

From the 8am starter's hooter near the picnic table it is a short distance to the tunnel under the South Gippsland Highway.

Over 3 bridges, turn around at 2.5km and return. It is a wide, picturesque well maintained track marked with parkrun motivational distance sign and the odd rock cairn along the way. At this time of year plums are ripe for the picking to stave off hunger pains before a well earned breakfast at the Koonwarra Store. On the return journey the tunnel is the last little bit before "Heartbreak Hill" the finish line, stopwatch and your parkrun token.

Greg Anthony powered home to collect the first token on Saturday on his 24th parkrun with a time of 22.44 minutes. Seth Cropley and Andrew Hamilton were on his tail. And in overall 4th place teenager Ada Hill was the first female over the line on only her 2nd parkrun.

118 runners, joggers, walkers and pram pushers participated in the 65th Koonwarra parkrun event. Seven were first timers ever to parkrun and shows the ever increasing interest and participation locally.  Statistics show that over 30.000km have just been clocked up by Koonwarra parkrunners!

Pleasant weather conditions helped 17 participants with the all important "new PB " on their results email.

Visitors or parkrun tourists were from Echuca/Moama, Highlands, Churchill, Toolern Creek, Traralgon and neighbouring Inverloch parkrun .

Well done to brothers, Harper and Jaspar Anthony who shared the Junior 10 cape.  Juniors can register from the age of 4 and until they reach the age of 11 must be with an adult on the course.

Volunteers made the day happen and Lani Cropley as run director led the team. Peter Rose, Amy White, Cassie Van Hoorn, Patricia Miller, Sarah Peachey, Vincent Brennan all donned the orange singlet to help out.

Last week it was a volunteer love story and this week it was a survival story. Turns out barcode scanner Peter Rose was the 74 year old Berry's Creek farmer airlifted to a Melbourne hospital last week after being trapped under a tractor. Peter attributes his survival and recovery to his running history. In hospital for 4 days he asked everyday when he could go home.

He had to be home... he had a job to do.....barcode scanning at Koonwarra!

To see more photos and to volunteer or register.... Google Koonwarra parkrun or LIKE the Koonwarra parkrun Facebook page.

Every Saturday morning, briefing at 7.45am......hooter at 8.

Rosemary Knox


This week 122 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 11 were first timers and 17 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 7 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 7 volunteers:

Amy WHITE • Lani CROPLEY • Patricia MILLER • Vincent BRENNAN • Cassie VAN HOORN • Peter ROSE • Sarah PEACHEY

Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Koonwarra parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Sam QUIRK who recorded a time of 15:54 on 7th April 2018 (event number 24).
The female record is held by Sarah LEWIS who recorded a time of 18:44 on 25th August 2018 (event number 44).
The Age Grade course record is held by John GRAHAM who recorded 83.88% (20:22) on 11th November 2017 (event number 2).

Koonwarra parkrun started on 4th November 2017. Since then 1,182 participants have completed 6,125 parkruns covering a total distance of 30,625 km, including 1,188 new Personal Bests. A total of 162 individuals have volunteered 548 times.



Koonwarra parkrun Event #57

Koonwarra parkrun - Event number 57, 24th November 2018

It was a mixed feeling this morning as conversations were had about the state of the weather, will it rain? Won't it rain? One person was overheard saying it will be only the serious runners that come this morning as the feeling was the heavens were about to open.  Well we were very lucky and only experienced a slight drizzle throughout the time on the course. As the time drew nearer for the briefing to commence people started emerging from all around resulting in 75 runners in total.
It's really interesting throughout the morning to watch, listen and chat to people about parkrun and what it means to them.  Today I was really fortunate to spend the run, walking in fact with some friends and enjoying the view, the company and cheering the runners on as they cruised on past us on their way back to the finish line.
Today was another example that parkrun doesn't have a specific prototype, with Pam Derrick celebrating her 50th parkrun, Bailey Langstaff age 6 celebrating his Junior 10 parkrun and he tells me he is the Under 10 age champion at present, which is pretty impressive.  Not to mention our  6 first timers, including local Tate Borg, welcome, we hope you enjoyed our run.
The celebrations continued with Narelle Hanily, Felix O'Leary, Stella O'Leary, Sarah Beck and Marian Harper all achieving new Personal Best, congratulations. We had visitors from Westerfolds, Point Cook and Traralgon.
One pleasure after completing the parkrun is the cuppa at the Koonwarra Store, where if you sit back and watch & listen, the stories of the day emerge.  Some of the comments today, were of people chatting about how others were encouraging them to go quicker, which helped them achieve their PB's, others it was simply about getting out and having a morning of exercise and a social chat.
Today we meet some very interesting and inspiring visitors to Koonwarra parkrun, Cheryl, Mark, Irene and Parth.  These four individuals are extreme parkruners.  Cheryl & Irene have completed over 200 parkruns each, Irene has completed 106 at her home run Westerfolds and across 73 different locations. Having started her parkrun journey in South Africa and when immigrating to Australian chose their route to Australia so that they could complete a parkrun in Singapore along the way, Cheryl has tallied up 120 across the world and 62 different runs in Victoria.  I was fascinated to chat with these lovely people and find out that they are aiming for something referred to as the States Person (where you run in every parkrun throughout your state) apparently its not an official title, but within the parkrun faithful, there are many that aspire to achieve the accolade. They also mentioned there is a young person who in 2 weeks at the age of 9 will become the youngest States Person, who would have thought.
When chatting to Mark and Parth, Mark said they are the drivers and haven't done as many runs as the ladies.  Parth has clocked up 185 runs, and his comment was " of all the parkruns I have done, Koonwarra parkrun is his favourite so far, it is so scenic."  Throughout the run Parth could be seen stopping on many occasions to take photo's of our beautiful surroundings.
So whatever your reason for exploring the parkrun experience, it definitely has a positive effect on people, from a fitness, social, emotional and community.  This can't be achieved without our wonderful volunteers, this weeks were; Lani Cropley, Judy Langstaff, Helen Lugetto, Joy Miles, Lisa Riley (special mention for Lisa who sets up our course for us each week), Sue Ritchie, Joe Sheppard, Mitchell Sheppard
So until next week enjoy.
Sue Ritchie

This week 75 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 6 were first timers and 5 recorded new Personal Bests. Representatives of 10 different clubs took part.

The event was made possible by 8 volunteers:


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Koonwarra parkrun Results Page.

The male record is held by Sam QUIRK who recorded a time of 15:54 on 7th April 2018 (event number 24).
The female record is held by Sarah LEWIS who recorded a time of 18:44 on 25th August 2018 (event number 44).
The Age Grade course record is held by John GRAHAM who recorded 83.88% (20:22) on 11th November 2017 (event number 2).

Koonwarra parkrun started on 4th November 2017. Since then 1,050 participants have completed 5,201 parkruns covering a total distance of 26,005 km, including 1,077 new Personal Bests. A total of 157 individuals have volunteered 486 times.


If you’re happy and you know it….

Koonwarra parkrun # 39, 21st July 2018

FIRST time parkrunner Kylie Francis from Yanakie made light work of the 5km Koonwarra course on Saturday to be the first female finisher and third overall in a time of 23:12. Kylie is used to longer distances – much longer – tackling the extensive network of Prom trails close to her home on a regular basis as part of her training for the brutish 100km Hut 2 Hut challenge in the Victorian Alps. Kylie said she enjoyed the quicker pace of the parkrun and will return.


First finisher on Saturday was Mark Ball in a time of 20:52 ahead of Sam Sweeney in 22:47 who was due to compete in a 15km trail run at Mt Worth the next day.


There were 40 parkrunners and walkers who all received a free shower on the way back to Koonwarra after the event started in pleasant conditions.


Among the special guests was Carol McQueen from Adelaide. She worked with Clive White (Oakleys White Lawyers) in Foster for a couple of years before joining the army, and was back for a visit over the weekend. Carol is a regular parkrunner in Adelaide along the Torrens and said she enjoyed the picturesque Koony course.


PBs on Saturday were set by Steve Rogers, Sarah Peachey, Trudi Roy and Judy Langstaff. (RD comment: Seeing Sarah's face light up when she learned she had wiped almost 3 minutes off her previous best... priceless).


Thanks to the volunteers who included Lynden Costin, Fiona Dalgleish (great photos Fiona!), Sarah Lewis, Sue Dutton, Arielle Rawson, Alex Ritchie, Bree-Anna Roy and Nathan Johnston.


Check out all the great photos from today's event at https://www.facebook.com/pg/Koonwarra-parkrun-119365088773640/photos/?tab=album&album_id=211398799570268


Today's event report was written by Nathan Johnston, the first to volunteer in our newly created Event Report Writer role. Thanks heaps Nathan! Each week we seek a volunteer to give their unique perspective on the event. If you find stop watches, scanners and finish tokens a little daunting but like writing and talking to people, this is the role for you!  And you can still run or walk the event at the same time (and enjoy a free coffee afterwards).


This will be my last RD shift for the time being. I have been volunteering since 2014 at Inverloch and more recently Koonwarra. It’s time for me to step back and focus on my Mumma role for a while and do some actual parkrunning!


This has been by far the best volunteer job I have ever undertaken. I cannot recommend volunteering for parkrun highly enough. I have met and feel part of a wonderful community and have had the privilege to encourage and witness hundreds of people like you and I for whom parkrun isn’t just about exercise - it’s about social connection through difficult times, overcoming significant health challenges, setting a good example for your kids or just finding out you are capable of more than you once believed.


See you on the course! Ebony Knox is your RD next week.


Lynden Costin


Today's full results and a complete event history can be found on the Koonwarra parkrun Results Page.


The female record is held by Sarah LEWIS who recorded a time of 18:49 on 30th December 2017 (event number 9).
The male record is held by Sam QUIRK who recorded a time of 15:54 on 7th April 2018 (event number 24).
The Age Grade course record is held by John GRAHAM who recorded 83.88% (20:22) on 11th November 2017 (event number 2).


Koonwarra parkrun started on 4th November 2017. Since then 872 participants have completed 3,616 parkruns covering a total distance of 18,080 km, including 812 new Personal Bests.