Event # 142

Event # 142 - What rain!! 

How many of us laid in bed during the wee hours of Saturday morning and thought parkrun isn’t looking good!? The rain and hail pelted on the roof and the wind sounded like it was coming in sideways! 

Some stayed in bed, huddled under the warmth of the doona but 42 enthusiastic park runners ventured out to brave the weather! The thermals, the driza bones, the gloves, the umbrellas, the alpaca wool beanies and the merry people gum boots all made an appearance to get us over the line! 

But what rain...

We welcomed Peter from Berwick Springs who was down visiting his sister, Wendy from Warragul who came away with first female and a PB and the ladies from Hastings who even had time to stop for selfies with our bovine friends along the way! 

The course held up well. The rain had compacted the gravel. There was no hill diversion to climb and only a couple of puddles to jump! 

Congratulations to Kelly & Garry Dorling Garry & Cheryl Lamb and Wendy Lines on snagging PB’s! 

This weeks volunteers deserve a huge pat on the back! Thanks to Lesley, Brooke, Leanne, Helen, Heather, Keren, Trish, Mackenzie and Amy for standing out in the cold and working like clockwork! The finish line conversations a chance to get to know our parkrunners that bit more each week! 

We still need 2 timekeepers and a barcode scanner for next Saturday. If you haven’t volunteered for a while, need a rest day or simply just want to help out please get in touch with us. 

And as we put the lid on the parkrun gear, down she came...hail bouncing off us like tiny little golf balls. We scampered quickly to cars, wiped the hail off our brow and thought how lucky that the rain had stayed away!