Event # 135

No milestones. No visitors. No first timers. And no dogs. End of story.

Not quite. There is a story in everything.

Today’s Koonwarra parkrun report starts with the story of Glenn Sullivan. He’s a high school teacher, a new grandad and out on the course, he’s blur of yellow as he thunders past. With previous experience at Inverloch parkrun, today he made his run director debut at the picnic table at Koonwarra.

The next part of this story is about the 41 finishers. The words brave and determined could be used to describe the characteristics that these people have. They were undeterred by the wet autumnal rain that kept the usual crowd snug in bed.

The equally (or if not more) courageous people in this story include Lisa, Sue, Daryl, Peter, Heather, Amanda, Helen, William and Jess. Something that these people have is zest. Their excitement and energy that they bought to Koonwarra parkrun would have been as bright as my running top I wore! It means ‘approaching a situation, or life in general, with excitement and energy, not approaching tasks or activities halfway or half-heartedly. People who are high in zest are excited to get up in the morning, and they live their lives like an adventure.’

There is drama and mystery in this story. A suspicious token was not returned to the container alongside its fellow token friends. Desperate for its own adventure, it followed a parkunner home. It was discovered in the getaway vehicle sometime after the event and has pledged to hitch a return ride with its accomplices. Its punishment will see it properly sanitised and quarantined. Then it will undergo confinement to a wire ring until next Saturday when it may be released.

This story ends with gratitude. Thanks Jason, for thoughtfully parking your vehicle and erecting a shelter to keep the volunteers dry. Thanks to the roadwork crew who stood in the rain and kept us safe from the passing construction trucks. Lastly, thanks to each and everyone of you for turning an ordinary event into an extraordinary story!