Event #85

Event #85

By Ebony Knox

It wasn't as cold this morning as everyone was expecting, a good thing and a bad thing. Some wore too many layers and heated up too quick. For myself and seven others, it was the perfect conditions for a PB. The conditions well and truly suited our second place finisher, Brian Jefferis, who took 16 seconds off last weeks time. Who needs pacers right?

Lisa having already introduced the team of volly's was grateful to see the freshly washed volly vests stroll in, just in time - Laurie summed it up well.. "if running late to parkrun is the worst thing that happens, then I think we're all doing okay." Thanks Laurie - although I am concerned we are getting a little bit of a reputation for our tardiness.

Brooke and Cindy had a ball out on the course this morning as Tail Walker and Photographer. Together they kept the super positive Laurie entertained.. or rather.. I think they all kept each other entertained! (Check out the Facebook photos for a hint of the shenanigans they got up to!)

Jol and Joel were on the Stopwatches and did a super job successfully clicking 76 people over the line. Two of these were First Timers -  Chris and Jodie. Congratulations on completing your first parkrun and we hope to see you back soon. Joel later helped Lisa process the results at The Koonwarra Store, picking up tips ready for when we welcome him to the picnic table as Run Director on August 10.

Judy also did a super job handing out Finish Tokens. We know how much Judy loves parkrun and later in the morning after we finished our coffees, we discussed our plans for next Sunday's Longest Run. Starting at the Warragul parkrun course at 6.30am and finishing at the Inverloch parkrun course at 4pm, participants can choose to do however many of the seven un-official parkruns they want at set times throughout the day. More information can be found on the Longest Run - Gippsland 2019 Facebook page.

Cindy was efficient on the barcode scanner today and explained to people that we will no longer be using the green folder to store the barcodes in. While other events may still use similar, parkrun policy discourages the use of them due to the following:

  • we believe it should be the parkrunner’s responsibility to bring their barcode
  • if a barcode goes missing, the parkrunner is likely to be upset (our no barcode, no time, no exception policy applies)
  • if the folder/box with barcodes if accidentally left home, this will be a big problem
  • parkrunners may expect other events to provide this service
  • And in Koonwarra's case, mistakes were happening when more than one barcode was scanning at once causing problems with the results.

Before packing up for the day, we managed to fill a few spots on our volly board. Don't forget, volunteering is fun, friendly and should be done as often as possible! It would be great to see those regulars who have not yet volunteered to put their names down.

And to finish, we had only 4 unknowns in our results today, proving everyone is remembering to register or bring their barcodes. Congrats to the parkrunner and his partner who recently welcomed their second child into the world. And safe travels to those parkrunners heading north in search for some sunnier conditions.

I'm sure the lovely Lynette is looking forward to seeing you all next week as she takes the Run Director reigns for event # 86. See you then. x