The time has come to move back to the Hub…

Hullo parkrun family.

We are pleased to announce that we are changing the course at Kingston Park parkrun.

No longer will we meet at the lower oval, which has morphed into a swamp in recent times.

We will meet you under cover at the Hub, where you'll receive your briefing before setting off from the new start/finish line adjacent to the playground.

We have reconfigured the course and trialled it so we know what to expect and now it is your turn to experience the change.

Here is a link to the course description:

See you soon!


Parking arrangements for Saturday 27th March 2021

Hullo parkrun family!

The Kingborough Council are thrilled to announce that the official opening of the new playground area is happening this weekend.

For us, this means that car parking may be challenging as official events at the Hub begin at 10am.

It has been suggested that parkrun participants utilise the council carparks at 15 Hutchins Street and 98 Beach Road, or us the church carpark @ 127 Beach Road (permission has been given).

Please see the map provided and do what you can to help alleviate parking issues in Goshawk Way.

Thank you for your assistance.

Suggested parking map for parkrun users 27/3/2021

Suggested parking map for parkrun users 27/3/2021


A new procedure for park runners and walkers

Check in TAS - How to Download App


Hullo parkrun family!

We have a new procedure to follow at parkrun, starting this Saturday 9th January, 2021.

The state government require you to log your attendance at Kingston park parkrun on your smartphone, once you download and install their Check-In Tas app.
You can find it in the App Store/Google Play. You are then required to sign in on it. This enables you to scan our QR code (or that of any business/other parkrun you attend) when you turn up ready to participate each week. If you cannot see our QR code displayed, ask someone in an orange vest.

We know you'll have questions so ask away in the comments below. This move is an important one within our Covid-19 operational framework regarding contract tracing, so thank you for your co-operation.


Ongoing works at KPP

5E6935CB-9012-40BF-ACD1-154AF4410DF5 5E92AC68-D638-408A-96D4-664491DC7CC8Hullo parkrun family!

After a stellar return under the guidance of Run Director Nika, we had 127 participants at our return event on Saturday 24th October.

As you may know, we now meet on the lower oval off Goshawk Way. Some of the paths in are a bit rough and the grass is growing rapidly so won’t always be nice and short - we can thank Daniel Smee and his hand mower for taming the start/finish line and turnaround at John Street!

The council have scraped all the bark mulch covering off the lower soggy corner of Whitewater Creek track, adjacent to our oval. It may be more traversable in the near future.

We are grateful to both Daniel and Kingborough Council for helping us give you a safe and comfortable course.

The toilets at the Hub should now be accessible to us again so your comfort stops are nice and close.

A big shout out to the volunteers stepping up to help deliver your parkrun each week - please email to help or to get your name and details on our email list so we can contact you directly.

Remember to socially distance and bring your barcode when we see you again this Saturday.

Welcome back!


Are you ready to parkrun?

0601F878-8251-4DCE-9417-5C6DB0AF8A0CWe are thrilled to welcome you back this Saturday 24th October!
There are some changes to operations you need to be aware of.

1. We meet at the lower oval (off Goshawk Way) at 8.50am and we scan your barcode there, too, once you finish. Take care reaching the oval as there is rough ground and it can get very wet and soggy underfoot.
2. The Hub toilets are not yet available to us so if you need a comfort stop, plan to walk a little further to the Coles complex off John St. This takes longer so build extra time in to your arrival time.
3. We must be Covid-safe in everything we do so the volunteers will be behaving differently and we ask you to follow the new behaviour rules, too. (See photo)
4. One thing hasn’t changed: remember to bring your printed barcode. No barcode = no time.

Thank you for your patience and understanding with supporting these changes.
Remember: If you feel at all unwell, stay home and join us the following week when you feel better.

Welcome back!


Covid Restrictions and You

3BB83FEF-A937-4AE3-8EAC-05C4C1E4F551 0601F878-8251-4DCE-9417-5C6DB0AF8A0CWhether you are volunteering at our event (re-starting 24th October) or participating, there are ways we need you to behave to keep everyone safe.

Of the highest priority is that you are a registered parkrun participant. This means you have a printed barcode with you and we know who you are. Please remember to bring it and get non-contact scanned when you cross the line. If you are bringing friends or family members, ensure they are registered and have their barcode, too.

We need to be able to contact anyone who participated on any date, so turning up without registering first is unsafe. Click on the Register tab or link on the Kingston Park parkrun web page.


Re-starting Kingston Park parkrun

2E4BE624-209C-4C17-8A13-24349C5FFA5DHullo parkrun family!

We are just as keen as you are to resume our Saturday morning routine together.

While the rest of Tasmania resumes from the 17th October, we are resuming on 24th October.

Regulars know that we are located at the developing location of Kingston Park and that we use the Kingborough Hub in Goshawk Way to meet, and to scan barcodes afterwards.
Covid restrictions may alter our location for the briefing to the start line down on the oval.

Long term, you can look forward to our course changing as more developments take place at Kingston Park.

LivEat are looking forward to serving us drinks and snacks after our re-start.

We can’t wait to see our parkrun family back together, socially distanced and appreciating our community on a whole new level.

Watch your inbox for volunteering opportunities or get in touch at:


International Women’s Day Saturday March 7th 2020

Hullo parkrun family,

Please note that we are celebrating International Women's Day on Saturday 7th March 2020 by encouraging everyone to bring a female colleague, family member or friend to experience parkrun.

Parkrun HQ state that female participation is not quite equal in numbers to male, so this is something we can change. This means walking, running or volunteering.

Additionally, we encourage you to wear purple on the day. This can be clothing, flowers or even a purple wig if that's practical for you. Gentlemen, feel free to don a skirt.

There will be a slightly special briefing at 8.40am - we look forward to seeing you there. Don't forget your barcode!



The Changing Face of Kingston Park

Welcome to our parkrun!

The area we use in Kingston is currently undergoing development. There is temporary fencing around much of the grass and grounds while building gets underway on the multiple playgrounds being created right next to the Hub.

We still meet at the Hub and have our briefing and barcode scanning on the front steps.  Parking has opened up with a new area accessed on the lower end, off Skipper Lane.

We all walk together to our start/finish line on the lower oval, taking care to watch where we walk as some of the ground is uneven, and the grass is long in places. Please bring your own water as there is not yet a water fountain on site.

Eventually these developments will affect our course but for now, it's business as usual. Your Kingston Park parkrun family thanks you for your patience.

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