New Years Day 2020

We are pleased to announce we are holding a New Years Day parkrun. Please note the time is 8.00am NSW . Same as usual.
This should give you time to safely do "The Double" coupled with Kirra who are starting at 9.30am NSW. (8.30am QLD)


New Years Day – Yes we are on and so is the double!

We are running at 8am as usual on New Years Day. Kirra are delaying their start time to enable the double to happen. They will start at 9.30am (DST) which is 8.30am QLD.


#newyear New Years Day. 1/1/18 8am DST.

Yes we have an extra run. New Years Day. 8am normal start .
And Yes, you can officially do the double. Kingscliff and Kirra, as they are delaying their start to accommodate. Both runs will be timed and counted.


New Years Day Run 2017 Start Time will be 8am DST (ignore previous time)

Yes there will be a parkrun on New Years Day, thanks to our festive and hopefully sober run directors.

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