New Years Day Kennington Reservoir parkrun

This will be the first of two special local events happening on the morning after the night could be a normal run or a hangover cure - either way it's sure to be fun!

We will be hosting an 8AM start on New Years Day, and for those of you feeling adventurous we will continue the party with our friends at Castlemaine Botanic Gardens by running another 5km with Castlemaine parkrun at 930AM. And don't fret if you want to do both but aren't feeling as quick as you thought you might be - the Castlemaine event won't start until the Kenny Res RD gets there, so you can be sure that you won't miss out.


Kennington Reservoir parkrun Christmas event is happening!

What better way to start the festivities than to join a hundred of your nearest and sweatiest friends for a leisurely run or walk on Christmas morning. Join us at 745 for an 8AM start and be primed for the day ahead!


Christmas and New Years Day parkrun

That's right! Bendigo parkrun will have a bonus Christmas Day and New Years Day parkrun on at the special times of 9am and 8.30am respectively.

See you there!

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