Run Report 54: Gotta Catch Them All

Last Saturday saw 85 souls converge on Kennington Reserve. This mob wasn't there to pokemon (whatever that is). Instead they enjoyed the best parkrun conditions we've had for a while, with some long standing Bendigo parkrun personal bests cracked. This is terrific work for all who attended and to the volunteer team.

Newcomer Welcome

There was a big group of 17 first timers. Considering only one was an Unknown finisher, the majority must have been there for parkrun, and had not been caught up in the run while seeking Squirtles or Pikachus (whatever those are). Well done, and we hope to see you all next week too.

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As said, the personal best achievements for this weekend were a little special. Well done to Jason Richter, Kay Kelly, Sharon Parker, Jenny Fogarty, Deanna Marshall, Marg Sheridan, Alice Wilkinson, Des Henderson, David Brownbill, Jess Dawson, Margaret Jones, Vicky Fisher, Chris Creely, Jason Anderton, Katie Burton, Yvonne Boseley, Leigh McDermott, Catherine Creely, Adrian Bassett, and Lauren Bonora.

Also congratulations to Adam Parker (first male), Rhianna Wik-Gamble (first female) and Tim Lauder (Age/Gender Grade leader) for their achievements on the day.

No achievement is made in isolation, so these results are a testament to everyone who came down and took part.

For a full list of results see:


There was a hiccup with the camera this week, so an extra thank you to Andrea Smith, Angela Graystone, Elizabeth Harland, Gregory Mundy and to Angela Gallagher for their help in getting images to your screens. Please “like” and share, and if you see a pokemon please explain it.

Look via the Bendigo parkrun Facebook album page:


We love our volunteers as much as those in their mid-twenties love pokemon (that's a lot). Thanks this week to Amanda Lynch, Andrea Smith, Andrew Snell, Angela Graystone, Elizabeth Hartland, Gregory Mundy, Ian Carmichael, Luke Morris, and Samuel Graham.

We ask if you run five times, please volunteer once. This ratio should keep the event going. Volunteer via this link:


Apparently this pokemon stuff is centred around historical locations. Bendigo has an old tramways and gold mine – which are tourist attractions but also pokemon sites apparently. Visit them after a parkrun/walk/jog, or just come to parkrun.

For more details visit:

It's Free

Bendigo parkrun is a timed, 5km event every Saturday. How is it free? It is all possible with support from our volunteers and The City of Greater Bendigo, and our sponsors: Suncorp, Stockland, VicHealth, the Gazelles Running Group, Medibank and The Athletes Foot.

Tip of the Week

If you want to catch them all you'll need to be fit, and parkrun is a great way to get out, get fit, meet people, and do something that doesn't require a mobile phone.

Run Report by Luke Morris (parkrun volunteer)