Karkarook parkrun – Event 197 – 27th of November 2021


Welcome back again to Karkarook parkrun



It was so good to be at Karkarook for our parkrun comeback last weekend. Our last event was way back on the 10th of July. There may have been a bitterly cold and strong wind but nothing could dampen the spirits of our parkrun community.

We were joined by 120 people who ran, jogged and walked our course. Ten people celebrated their parkrun return with a Karki parki PB and we were joined by 14 first time visitors to Karkarook park.


Thanks to our Volunteers



Thanks to Natalie Vujovich who pulled on the blue and white vest for the first time and was our Run Director on Saturday. Well done Natalie you did a great job! Natalie was ably supported by Mark Cant who gave the pre-event brief and was on hand to generally help out.

We had a great response to our call out for volunteers last week. All the vollie roles were taken by lunch time on Wednesday!. Everyone did a wonderful job to enable the parkrun magic to light our Saturday morning once again.

A special shout out to Annalei Warren who volunteered for the first time. Annalei was a one of people who was scanning your barcodes. Thanks Annalei!

If you would like to volunteer over the coming weeks then take a look at our Future Roster to see where volunteers are needed. Send an email to karkarook@parkrun.com to let us know what role you would like to try.

Our amazing group of 19 volunteers were:


  • Run Director - Natalie Vujovich & Mark Cant 
  • Event Day Course Check - Elaine & David Rotor
  • First Timers Briefing- Sezzy Johnson
  • Timekeeper - Derek & Lucas Shaw
  • Funnel Managers - Lorinda & Zack Shaw
  • Finish Tokens - Jodie Simos
  • Barcode Scanning - An Du, Angela Ngo,  Annalei Warren & Jason McCaul
  • Marshals - Hannah Faulks, Jackie Cant & Jacob Lye 
  • Tail Walker - Anne Mullan 
  • Photographer - Michael Sutton



Jacob and Hannah were volunteering as marshals



2B0489BB-A1AA-4395-BEF4-C58FD4AC50ABRosie and Adam


Congratulations to Rosie O’Loughlin and Adam Stuchbery who brought up their 50th parkrun milestones.

Rosie has ran at Karkarook 40 times since making her parkrun debut in May 2019. Rosie has visited 6 different events. She has visited Gardiners Creek on six occasions and has done some parkrun touring with runs at Hagley parkrun in New Zealand and Noosa parkrun. Rosie has volunteered for us at Karki as a marshal and has a parkrun PB of 26:33.

Adam’s 50th parkrun was his first at Karkarook. Adam also made his parkrun debut in May 2019 and has visited 18 different parkrun events. Adam’s home event is Portland where he has 33 parkruns to his credit. Adam has also chalked up an impressive volunteering portfolio with 20 vollie credits across 10 different roles. Adam’s parkrun PB is 27:49.


First Timers & Visitors



A big welcome to the following people who made their parkrun debuts: Allan & Flynn Green, Grace Adams, Stewart Warren, Tara Supple and Taryn McGaw.

Adam was our most experienced parkrun visitor. Other people visiting Karki from other events were Michelle Davey from Lillydale Lake, Gwenda and Peter James from Ocean Grove, Roxanne Giles from Chelsea Bicentennial, Ian McKay, Matt Bray and Olga Mirensky.


Karki parki Personal Best Times


Phoebe Watson striving towards a personal best at Karkarook

Congratulations and well done to everyone who achieved a Karki parki PB! It’s good to see you all kept up your fitness while we were away.





First Finishers

32649F8E-50A6-4399-9E76-135FCD137843Jason Daye


Some great running by our speedy first finishers in windy and tricky conditions.

  • Jason Daye - 17:01
  • Rob O’Donnell - 17:17
  • Tony Russo - 17:30


  • Beata Janetzki - 19:05
  • Dani MacFarlane - 23:42
  • Helen Bryan - 25:12



Beata Janetzki


Age Graded Results


Rob O’Donnell


We had some impressive Age Grade performances with 4 runners achieving in excess of 80% with Ian not far below with 79.66%

Rob’s impressive run of 17:17 was only four seconds outside Sean Quilty’s course record for the (VM50-54) year old age group. Sean’s record has stood since June 2018.


  • Rob O’Donnell (VM50-54) - 17:17 - 86.69%
  • Tony Russo (VM50-54) - 17:30 - 82.29%
  • Beata Janetzki ((VW40-44) - 19:05 - 80.61%
  • Stuart King (VM45-49) - 17:59 - 80.07%
  • Ian Dent (VM60-64) - 20:09 - 79.66%


Aesthetically Pleasing Times


Our aesthetically pleasing times are back! This goes to show that anyone can get their name in our run report. You don’t need a PB, achieve a milestone, or set a course record. Just align those seconds!

On Saturday the following people finished their 5km run or walk in an aesthetically pleasing manner.


  • 17:17 - Rob O’Donnell
  • 22:00 - Matt Bray
  • 29:29 - Ben Aldham
  • 32:00 - Abigail Cant
  • 33:11 - Katya Cooper
  • 40:40 - Tanya Moran
  • 42:42 - Jacinta Wubben
  • 43:34 - Chun Yum Hui
  • 60:06 - Robin Brotchie


An aesthetically pleasing time either ends in :00, repeats itself in the minutes and seconds (31:31), or is a time that reverses itself from the minutes to the seconds (32:23). We should also throw into the mix times like 23:45 and 34:56.


Karki Barkies


Good to see some of our Karki Barkies back at Karki parki!


Jump Shots of the Week

Angela gets special kudos for this great sequence of Jump Shots. This week’s jump shots of the week!


Next Week

We are all looking forward to another great morning at our favourite parkrun!

The first timer’s briefing will take place in the area near the rotunda at about 7:50. The general pre event brief will be at the starting line just before 8.

Hope you see you all at Karkarook parkrun this coming Saturday!





Karkarook parkrun – Event 196 – 10th July 2021

welcome to the Karki parki news


Photo courtesy of Sezzy Johnson


it was a foggy and cold at Karkarook parkrun. The type of morning where a warm top, a hat and a pair of gloves didn’t go astray.

159 finishers and 15 volunteers left their warm beds, headed out, and made the most of the still conditions at Karkarook parkrun to warm up, whilst setting up their weekends by completing a 5km run, walk or by volunteering.

Thanks to everyone who ventured to Karki parki on parkrunday!




Thanks to our Volunteers



Thanks to everyone who volunteered for us last Saturday, you all did a great job. Thanks to all our amazing volunteers.

Some special mentions to Elaine Rotor who tried out the First Timers Briefing presentation role for the first time and to Cataldo, who warmed up his fingers, before handing out the finish tokens for the first time. Thanks to Rock for taking photos for the second week in a row.

Thanks to Amy Mulholland who was our Run Director.

If you would like to volunteer over the coming weeks you can have a look at our Future Roster to see where volunteers are needed. Send an email to karkarook@parkrun.com to let us know what role you would like to try.


  • Run Director - Amy Mulholland
  • Event Day Course Check - An Du
  • First Timers Briefing- Elaine Rotor
  • Timekeeper - Irene Brown
  • Finish Token - Cataldo Mase
  • Funnel Manager - Frank McNamara
  • Barcode Scanning - An Du, Isabella Henderson, Natalie Vujovich & Ying Pao
  • Marshals - Bryan Lim, John Mackay & Michael Sutton, 
  • Tail Walker - Kellie Hamilton
  • Photographer - Rock Lee






Congratulations to three of our junior parkrunners who reached the junior 10 club.


  • Lily Compson - Junior 10
  • Hayoon (Jennifer) Moon - Junior 10
  • Max Reeve - Junior 10


Lily is in the JW10 age group. She has completed 9 parkruns at Karkarook and has also made a visit to the Inverloch parkrun. Lily made her parkrun debut in March 2019. Lily set a new parkrun personal best time of 31:35 during her 10th run. She has also kindly volunteered twice. Lily enjoys parkrun with her Dad Andrew and sister Ruby. Well done Lily!

Jennifer is in the JW11-14 year old age group and she is a member of the Clarinda Primary School running club. Jennifer hasn’t missed a parkrun since she made her debut in April this year. All of her ten runs have been at Karkarook. Jennifer has set 4 PB in her 10 runs, her personal best currently stands at 33:02. Her brother Yoonjoo also runs at parkrun. Congratulations Jennifer!

Max made his parkrun debut in December 2018 at the Cornwall parkrun in New Zealand. Since his debut, Max has ran 5 times at Karkarook, twice at Inverloch and has also visited the Lorne Beach and the Mt Ainslie parkruns. Max has a super quick parkrun PB of 20:26 which he ran on Saturday. Max’s brother Leo also runs at parkrun! Well done Max!

Thanks to all the parents and friends who bring our juniors to parkrun.


First Timers and parkrun visitors

Welcome to parkrun to the following 13 people who completed their very first parkruns

Andrew O’Callaghan, Ashleigh Whitelaw, Ben Kemal, Cameron Dimeck, Forbes Wikner, Grant Buse, Hayley Gould, James Robertson, Judy Yung,  Kiran Nair, Rachel McNamara, Samuel Lockton & William Archer.

Other first time visitors to Karkarook on Saturday were Joe Farrell, who has completed his first twelve parkruns along the picturesque Seven Creeks in Euroa before heading to Karkarook for his 13th, Amanda O’Keefe, John Carino, Richard Roberts and Toni Hilland.

It’s good to see so many newcomers now coming to parkrun at Karkarook. Last week we had 33 people who have completed 5 parkruns or less. Of the 159 people who finished, just under a third of the field, 50 people, had completed 10 or less parkruns!

We hope all our newcomers are enjoying the whole parkrun experience and continue to keep coming back each week.


Walking at Karkarook parkrun



It was a brisk morning for a walk around Karkarook on Saturday. A perfect opportunity to go for a 5km walk in the foggy atmospheric surroundings.


Karki parki personal best times



Congratulations to everyone who achieved a Karki parki personal best time. 27 people ran or walked faster than they ever had before.

Special mentions to the following people, Adrian Culshaw (21:41) keeps his PB streak alive with his 7th personal best in a row. Adrian went another 6 seconds faster on Saturday.

Steve Hall (30:14) ran an all venue PB in his 35th parkrun as did Paige Enright (29:36) in her 21st run. Well done also to Timothy Firth (18:25) who also set a new all venue PB whilst on his way to a 2nd position finish. Dylan Gillespie (18:32) set his third PB in a row a clipped 9 seconds from his previous Karki best.

Junior parkrunners to achieve PBs were: Otis Grenfell (34:16), Max Reeve (20:26) and Lily Compson (31:35).

A full list of everyone who achieved a new personal best on Saturday is below.







First Finishers



Well done to all our first finishers. It was Jordan’s 2nd first finish at Karkarook whilst Annie has now been first female home on 20 occasions.


  • Jordan Michell (JM15-17) - 18:16
  • Timothy Frith (SM25-29) - 18:25 (New PB)
  • Kiran Nair (SM25-29) - 18:28 (First Timer)


  • Annie Lang (JW15-17) - 20:31
  • Emily Huffer-Kirsch (JW15-17) - 21:06
  • Suzi Karajian (VW40-44) - 22:09 (New PB)



Age Graded Results


Fresh from his run at Rosebud parkrun, Andrew Moore had a very nice run of 20:54, only one second outside of his PB, to score an age graded result of 78.79%. Well done to Andrew who topped our weekly age graded table for the first time.

Our top 5 age graded performances were:


  • Andrew Moore (VM60-64) - 20:54 - 78.79%
  • Dylan Gillespie (JM15-17) - 18:32 - 75.09% (New PB)
  • Hylton Mathews (VM50-54) - 20:21 - 74.28%
  • Jordan Michell (JM15-17) - 18:16 - 73.91%
  • Annie Lang (JW15-17) - 20:31 - 73.68%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Do you like it when the odometer in you car shows all the same numbers or you click over to another 0000. Or do you think it’s cool when the date is something like the 21st of December 21?

An aesthetically pleasing time may be your idea of a bit of fun then.

An aesthetically pleasing time either ends in :00, repeats itself in the minutes and seconds (31:31), or is a time that reverses itself from the minutes to the seconds (32:23). We should also throw into the mix times like 23:45 and 34:56.

It’s a fun and random way to see your name in our newsletter when you run or walk an aesthetically pleasing time.

Have you finished in an aesthetically pleasing time before?

On Saturday the following people finished their 5km run or walk with their seconds aesthetically aligned!


  •  21:12 - Erik Eide
  •  22:44 - Stephen Dunbar
  •  28:00 - Oliver Harder
  •  29:00 - Paul Taylor
  •  52:00 - Catherine Antcliff




Next Week



Join us this coming Saturday for another great parkrun morning at Karkarook parkrun.

We will have our First Timers Briefing near the rotunda at 7:50am. The general pre-event briefing will be held at the starting line at 7:58am.

See you there!




Karkarook parkrun – Event 195 – 3rd July 2021


welcome to the karki parki news



“It was mid week and the weather forecast for parkrunday was bleak and the vollie roster was bare, but come Thursday all was well as the roster was over flowing, the vibes were exciting for what could be a wintery start to July…

Blue skies and big smiles was what greeted the 150 participants and 15 volunteers come event number 195 at Karki. Not even the chill in the air could keep the warmth off those that came and gave it a go.

Oh how I love being part of the Karki community.”

- Rachael



Rachael with Isabella


Thanks to our Volunteers


Bryan and Ying


A big thank you to our 14 volunteers! Thanks for helping us out by taking on all the tasks that needed to be completed so that our parkrun could take place.

A special mention to Ying Pao who volunteered for the first time! We hope you enjoyed yourself Ying.

Ruchi was a first time volunteer at Karkarook when she joined us as our Tail Walker. Whilst Bryan, Isabella and Rock each volunteered for the second time.

All our other volunteers on Saturday are old hands at the caper. Thanks to you all for your continuing support of parkrun and our community.

Thanks to Rachael Roach for doing a great job as Run Director once again.

Here’s a list of all our volunteer heros in orange!


  • Run Director - Rachael Roach
  • Event Day Course Check - An Du
  • Pre-Event Set Up - Lee Roach
  • First Timers Briefing- Sarah Johnson
  • Timekeeper -  Bryan Lim
  • Finish Token - Pao Ying
  • Funnel Manager - Robin Brotchie
  • Barcode Scanning - An Du, Isabella Henderson, Jason McCaul and Megan Riley
  • Marshals - Ian West, Michael Sutton and Sharon Kilmartin
  • Tail Walker - Ruchi S
  • Photographer - Rock Lee


00BB620A-CD28-424B-9D10-3922179791CFAn doing the Event Day Course Check


First Timers and parkrun visitors


Our vollie tourist Ruchi with Run Director Rachael


A big welcome to Amy Carhart, Andrew & Maryanne Lockton, Chris Howard-Guerin, Daniela Tirana Romero, Kelvin Monsbourgh and Stephen Chilver who made their parkrun debuts with us. We hope you all enjoyed your first ever parkrun and will keep coming along each Saturday morning.

Our most experienced, first time parkrun tourist, to visit Karki this weekend was Nick Turner. Nick has 58 parkruns to his his credit which includes 15 runs at Mullum Mullum and 14 at Westerfolds. Nick has visited 20 parkrun events, has volunteered twice and has a parkrun PB of 16:50.

Matthew Flynn has ran 37 of his 45 parkruns at Albert Park. He has visited 8 events, volunteered in the lead bike role at Albert and has a PB of 19:51.

Ruchi S was our tail walker in her 45th parkrun, a role she has completed on 13 occasions. Ruchi has completed 26 parkruns at Mernda and 11 at Aurora. Ruchi has visited 8 parkrun events including the Futakotamagawa parkrun in Japan.

Thanks also to Andrew & Belinda Kirkham, Timothy Firth, Henry Pickering, Justin Portelli and Will Curry who joined us at Karki for the first time.

A special mention to Anastasia Mase who completed her second parkrun at Karkarook. Anastasia has now completed 99 parkruns, with 96 of these being at Parkville. Anastasia has volunteered as a finish token support person and has parkrun PB of 29:00. Thanks for joining us for Cataldo’s milestone Anastasia!





This week we had four parkrun milestones to celebrate.

  • Cataldo Mase - 100
  • Margaret Beaumont- 50
  • Colin Marshall - 50
  • Dylan Gillespie - Junior 10


Cataldo was joined by his wife Sam, daughter Mia and sister Anastasia for his long awaited big 100!

Cataldo made his parkrun debut at Karkarook in November 2017. He has now ran 87 times at Karki,12 times at Frog Hollow and once at Parkville. Cataldo has volunteered 3 times and set a new Karki parkrun PB of 31:19 during his 100th. His fastest time at parkrun is 31:05, which he ran at Frog Hollow. Well done Cataldo.

Margaret has completed all 50 of her parkruns at Karkarook after commencing parkrun in January 2019. Margaret can be seen walking each week with husband Ian. Margaret has a parkrun PB of 46:30 and is a member of the Mentone Athletics club. Congratulations Margaret.

Colin enjoys parkrun with his son Otis. Colin made his parkrun debut in November 2017. He has completed 46 of his 50 runs at Karkarook and has also visited the Wangaratta, Cohuna, Brightwater and Dandenong parkruns. Colin has volunteered on 5 occasions and has a parkrun PB of 21:41. Well done Colin.

Dylan is a talented junior runner in the JM15-17 age group. He has completed all of his 10 runs at Karkarook. Dylan’s PB is a slick 18:41. He has ran sub 19 minutes at parkrun on 3 occasions and sub 20 minutes in 3 other starts. Dylan’s brother Ryan has also joined us at Karkarook on 3 occasions.



Karki parki Personal Best Times

Well done to the 18 people who achieved a Karki parki personal best time.

As mentioned above, Cataldo (31:19) ran a Karki PB in his 100th parkrun, his 10th PB at Karkarook. Well done also to Cataldo’s sister, Anastasia, who ran with him during his milestone run. Cataldo smashed his fastest Karkarook time by 74 seconds.

Congratulations to Adrian Culshaw (21:47) who made it six PBs straight as he took another 16 seconds from his fastest time. Adrian has now ran 39 times at Karkarook. During his PB run Adrian has lowered his fastest time from 23:59 to 21:47.

Well done to Tim Cook (31:58) who lowered his fastest time by 10 seconds in his 19th run at Karkarook. A great run by Rob O’Donnell (17:14) who broke his Karkarook PB by 49 seconds. Good to see the following juniors running PBs as well - Otis Marshall (28:44), Dylan Gillespie (18:41), Max Reeve (20:49), Ryan Gillespie (21:17) and Harry Henderson (26:31).

Our full list of people who achieved a Karki Personal Best time last weekend is below.





First Finishers


Hudson Bucci


Great running by the first people back to the finish line to greet the volunteers.

Annie Lang holds the record for the most first finishes at Karkarook with 19! Hudson has now been first across the line on 3 occasions.

Our first finishers on Saturday were:


  • Hudson Bucci - 16:29
  • Sam Merhi - 17:08
  • Rob O’Donnell - 17:14 (New PB)


  • Annie Lang - 20:38
  • Amy Miller - 21:20 (New PB)
  • Emily Huffer-Kirsch - 21:20



Age Graded Results


Sam Merhi and Rob O’Donnell


Rob O’Donnell had an eye catching, impressive run. Rob’s time of 17:14 was only one second outside of Sean Quilty’s record for the VM50-54 age group. Rob scored an age graded percentage of 86.27% which ranks him at number 11 on the all time, Age Graded League at Karkarook parkrun.

Hudson and Tony achieved the difficult task of scoring in excess of 80% whilst Steve and Justin had very nice runs to complete our top 5 age graded performances.


  • Rob O’Donnell (VM50-54) - 17:14 - 86.27%
  • Hudson Bucci (JM15-17) - 16:29 - 83.11%
  • Tony Russo (VM50-54) - 18:04 - 81.64%
  • Steve Crowley (VM55-59) - 19:36 - 79.76%
  • Justin Portelli (VM45-49) - 18:49 - 77.77%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Rosemary’s aesthetically pleasing times this week were:


  • 25:52 - Jamie Schellebeck
  • 29:29 - Claire Thomas
  • 30:03 - Robert Melita
  • 32:32 - Wayne Grenfell
  • 33:22 - Mary Harper


An aesthetically pleasing time either ends in :00, repeats itself in the minutes and seconds (31:31), or is a time that reverses itself from the minutes to the seconds (32:23).

It’s a fun and random way to see your name in our newsletter when you run or walk an aesthetically pleasing time.



Carla keeping warm


Around the parkrun Grounds



Thanks to Andrew Moore for this great “Around the parkrun Grounds” report from Rosebud parkrun.

When staying on the Mornington Peninsula, I like to join the friendly and enthusiastic crowd at Rosebud parkrun.

The course runs along the beach front, at the end of Jetty Rd (where there is a car park). It is a double out-and-back course along the Bay Trail, which means the path is two-way and requires four U turns around bollards at each end. The surface is a mix of asphalt and about 800 metres of gently undulating boardwalk. The finish line is on a wide, flat area of grass. It is a flat course, but not particularly fast, mainly because of the tight turns.

Saturday wasn’t the ideal day for the beach, but I decided to join 135 other hardy souls who turned up at Rosebud. The blustery winds made it hard to maintain a consistent pace, but I was happy to achieve a PB for this parkrun.

As always, a dedicated group of volunteers made it all run smoothly, despite the difficult conditions.”

- Andrew



Sally Kenney kindly sent us this photo after she visited and tried out the Warrnambool parkrun on Saturday

Sally said Warrnambool was a pretty course, with lots of mud though.


Next Week



Join us next week for another great morning of parkrun fun. We start at 8am, which means the pre-event brief will commence at the start line, a couple of minutes before 8.

We conduct a First Timers briefing for all our visitors and for the people who are doing their very first parkruns. The First Timers briefing takes place in the area near the rotunda, not far from our finish line, at 7:50am

Enjoy the rest of the week and we hope to see you on Saturday morning for another parkrun at mighty Karkarook Park



This photo courtesy of David Rotor

Karkarook parkrun – Event 194 – 26th June 2021

welcome back to the karki parki news



It was great to be back at parkrun on Saturday! 158 runners and walkers were happy to be back at mighty Karkarook Park.

The weather was a little chilly but that was ok. We are had blue skies and the chance to be back with our parkrun community once again.


Thanks to our Volunteers


Nathan, Margaret, Chris and Isabella


We’d like to take the opportunity to thank the 14 fantastic people who volunteered. We had a great blend of experienced parkrun vollies and a newcomer to parkrun volunteering.

A special mention to Isabella Henderson, who was volunteering for the first time. Isabella did a great job scanning your barcodes and finish tokens. Thanks also to David Rotor, who presented the First Timers Brief for the first time.

It was so good that everything went super smoothly for our first event after the break. Thanks to Chris Ruys who was our Run Director.

Here’s all our Volunteer heros in orange!


  • Run Director - Chris Ruys
  • Event Day Course Check - An Du
  • First Timers Briefing- David Rotor
  • Timekeeper -  Amy Mulholland
  • Finish Token - Irene Brown
  • Funnel Manager - Mark Cant
  • Barcode Scanning - Isabella Henderson, Margaret McDougall and Nathan Ruys
  • Marshal - Natalie Vujovich, Rachael Roach and Robin Brotchie
  • Tail Walker - Glynn Riseley
  • Photographer - Michael Sutton



Sheina and Glynn


First Timers


Rebecca Kenny and Christine McArdle


Thanks to the 22 people visited Karkarook parkrun for the very first time.

Special mentions and a big parkrun welcome to Bron Fensham, Rebecca Kenny, Narrim Segal, Sarah Rafter and Sharon Comber who all made their parkrun debuts.

The number of our participants were increased, by many Chelsea Bicentennial parkrun regulars, who were revisiting or completing their first parkrun at Karkarook.

Chelsea parkrun was unfortunately cancelled last weekend, due to resurfacing work being carried out on their course. It was good however, to see many new faces at Karkarook. We hope you all enjoyed your visit and can come along again soon.

Thanks to the following first time visitors to Karkarook who not only joined us from Chelsea but from many other parkrun locations.

Briony Joy, Charlotte Senior, Cheryl McCarthy, Dan Ralph, Daniel Paterson, Geoffrey Hotchin, Jordan King, Kinga Ritchie, Marsha and David Hoare, Matthew Gregory, Pramod Kumar Kapani Gowdana Palya Shivaramaiah, Rebecca Deacon, Rochelle Austin and Sonja Skocic.


Milestones Congratulations


Rochelle, Sonia and Sophie with Chun Yum


A milestone is always something to look forward to at parkrun. It’s a great achievement you can be happy and pleased about. Well done and congratulations to the following people who reached their milestones with us last weekend.


  • Rochelle Austin - 50
  • Fong Ching Sophie Hui - Junior 10
  • Sonia Hentworth - Junior 10


Rochelle was making her debut at Karkarook in her 50th parkrun. Rochelle is a regular at Chelsea Bicentennial where she has completed 46 parkruns. Rochelle has also visited the Seacliff Esplanade parkrun in Adelaide, Mount Gambier and Crissy Fields parkrun (USA). Rochelle has a parkrun PB of 30:16. Thanks for coming to Karkarook for your milestone run Rochelle.

Well done to Sophie who has completed all of her 10 parkruns at Karkarook and has a parkrun PB of 36:34. Sophie enjoys parkrun with Dad, Chun Yum and sister Shu Wing Janice.

Well done also to Sonia who has now completed 5 runs at Karkarook, 4 at Chelsea and one at Albert Park. Sonia has a parkrun PB of 29:16. Sonia was running with her proud Dad Ric on Saturday.



Karki Parki Personal Best Times


Karen Blair with her Karki Barkie followed by Michael Hoare, John Andrew (centre) and Rebecca Deacon.


Well done to the 25 people who recorded a brand new Karki parki personal best time on Saturday.

A special mention to John Andrew who ran an all venue PB of 21:02 in his 209th parkrun. John eclipsed his previous best time of 22:36, that he recorded at Albert Park in July 19. Congratulations John, a fantastic run and one to be proud of!

Bradley Hart’s 21:43 was his fastest time in his 76th parkrun whilst Sally Kenney continued her great (not) parkrun form, with her first sub 25 minute parkrun (24:53). It was Sally’s 68th parkrun on Saturday.

Andrian Culshaw set his 5th straight PB in his 43rd parkrun. Claire Johnson recorded a new PB whilst on her way to being the first female finisher.

It’s also always good, to see our junior parkrunners notch up a PB - Congratulations to Dylan Gillespie, Lily Compson and Katya Cooper.

Here’s a full list of everyone who recorded a Karki PB last Saturday.







Dylan Gillespie


First Finishers


Claire Johnson in the run to the finish line


Some super quick running at the front of the field. Well done to all our first finishers.


  • Dion Finocchiaro - 15:35 (New PB)
  • Dino Crivelli - 18:31 (New PB)
  • Stuart King - 18:38


  • Claire Johnson - 19:46 - (New PB)
  • Annie Lang - 20:34
  • Emily Huffer-Kirsch - 20:49



Age Graded Results


Peter Bence


Dion and Karen had brilliant runs to score age graded results in excess of 80%.

Dion’s time of 15:35 broke his own age category record for the (SM30-34) age group.

Welcome back to Peter Bence who scored a impressive percentage in his first parkrun for 15 months. Very nice running by Dino and Andrew to complete our Top 5 this week.


  • Dion Finocchiaro (SM30-34) - 15:35 - 82.42%
  • Karen Blair (VW50-54) - 21:00 - 80.79%
  • Peter Bence (VM70-74) - 22:32 - 79.22%
  • Dino Crivelli (VM45-49) - 18:31 - 77.77%
  • Andrew Moore (VM60-64) - 21.19 - 77.25%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times


parkrun fun and super sprint finishes (Teams Compson and Cooper plus Pam Sutton)


Congratulations to everyone who timed the 5km run or walk to the aesthetically pleasing second. Rosemary’s aesthetically pleasing times for our 1st week back were.


  • 21:00 - Karen Blair
  • 23:32 - Peter Bence
  • 22:44 - James Flavio
  • 23:00 - Helen Bryan
  • 26:00 - Jamie Schellebeck
  • 29:00 - Rosie O’Loughlin
  • 30:30 - Matt Coughlan
  • 32:00 - Lily Compson
  • 51:15 - Margaret Beaumont





Around the parkrun Grounds



Lake Boga parkrun near Swan Hill is a popular spot for a run or walk. Before the break Sezzy sent us some photos of her visit there with her Mum and Uncle and Aunty. Last weekend Melanie visited as well.

Melanie said she highly recommended Lake Boga parkrun. She said it was a great out and back, flat track course with super friendly volunteers.  Melanie finished in 6th place out of 14 runners and walkers! Melanie said that Lake Boga usually have around 50 participants.


Next Week


Cassie and Sally with one lap to go being encouraged by Rachael.


Rachael Roach will be our Run Director for our 195th parkrun at Karkarook. The main pre event briefing will be at the starting a couple of minutes before 8am.

We also hold a First Timers brief which takes place in the area near the rotunda at 7:50am.

If you’d like to give volunteering a try then send an email to karkarook@parkrun.com or look out for our Facebook volunteer requests during the week. We still need quite a few vollies for this week!

We hope that everyone enjoyed being back at Karki last Saturday. Enjoy the rest of this week and we hope to see you this coming parkrunday!



Bron and Narrim



See you next week

Karkarook parkrun – Event 193 – 22nd May 2021


welcome to the karki parkrun news



With calm, cool conditions and sunny blue skies we had a perfect morning for our 217 runners, walkers and volunteers at Karkarook last Saturday.

We were joined by 24 first timers to Karkarook parkrun and 32 people recorded brand new Karki personal best times.

As an added bonus, we were treated to the sight of hot air balloons sailing smoothly above us once again.

A fantastic morning was had by all!





Thanks to our Volunteers



We’d like to thank all our amazing people who volunteer for us. Thanks so much to everyone who helps us, so that Karkarook parkrun can take place every weekend.

Our honour role, of the awesome 16 people who volunteered for us last Saturday is:


  • Run Director - Chris Ruys
  • Pre-event Course Check - An Du
  • First Timers Briefing - Robin Brotchie
  • Photographer - Matt Carlin
  • Tail Walker - Carla Wallace
  • Marshals - Angela Nichols, Jill Campbell & Penny Heard
  • Timekeeper - Andy Ormesher
  • Funnel Manager - Michael Sutton
  • Finish Tokens - Lily & Andrew Compson
  • Barcode Scanners - Nathan Ruys, Phoebe Watson, Tracey Hutchinson & Troy Jeffs



CB3D1AA9-9EE9-4FFD-A345-165F820925CEAndrew with Lily - handing out the finish tokens






We had 3 people celebrating milestones on Saturday with John MacKay achieving  his 100th parkrun, Ian Beaumont his 50th, and junior parkrunner Mia Huffer-Kirsch completing her 10th parkrun.

John has ran 94 times at Karkarook and 4 times at Chelsea Bicentennial. John has also visited Coburg parkrun and the Eastern Gardens parkrun in Geelong. John started parkrunning in March 2018 and has a parkrun PB of 31:33. John has also volunteered 9 times. John is a member of the Victorian Cross Country League. Congratulations John.

Ian has completed all of his 50 parkruns at Karkarook and walks with his wife Margaret. Ian’s first parkrun was in January 2019. Ian is a member of the Mentone Athletics club. Congratulations Ian.

Mia has ran at Karkarook 9 times after debuting at Torquay parkrun in April 2019. Mia is a member of the Sandringham Athletic Club and has a parkrun PB of 21:32. Well done Mia.


First Timers

We would like to welcome the following people who came along to Karkarook for their very first parkruns. We hope you all enjoyed the Karki parkrun experience and will come again this week.

Anthony Noakes, James Shuttleworth, Jian W L Lim, Matilda Lyons, Monika Jerath, Peter Williams and Scott Daucourt.


Walking at parkrun



What a great morning for a walk and a chat at mighty Karkarook Park. parkrun welcomes everyone who comes along for a walk each Saturday morning.


Karki parki Personal Best Times


Congratulations to everyone who set new PBs, met a goal target, or just managed to get around the course! We think that everyone is a winner at parkrun!

Here’s some new PBs that caught our eye.


  • Joshua Jansen (24:15) - Great run by Joshua who improves his PB by a further 18 seconds in his 98th parkrun.
  • Jessica Power (29:41) - Well done to Jessica who runs a 13 second PB in her 45th parkrun.
  • Adrian Culshaw (22:17) - 4 PBs in a row for Adrian! Great running with another 29 seconds from his fastest time.
  • Matt Turner (21:02) - Kudos to Matt as he runs his fastest time in 41 parkruns. 46 seconds quicker at Karkarook.
  • Julie Piening (29:13) - Nice run by Julie, 3 Karki parki PBs in the last 4 weeks.
  • Ranil Kuruppu (23:14) - A 16 second PB for Ranil in his 23rd parkrun. Well done!
  • Stephen Campbell (22:55) - Stephen runs an aesthetically pleasing time and scores a PB in his 22nd parkrun.
  • Dion Finocchiaro (15:39) - Great run by Dion, taking another 7 seconds from his Karki PB.
  • Frank McNamara (20:43) - Top run by Frank as he runs a 16 second PB in his 19th parkrun.
  • William Butcher (25:43) - Nice running by William as he takes 51 seconds from his PB!



First Finishers


Super running at the front end of the field once again. It’s great to see how quick our faster runners really are.


  • Dion Finocchiaro- 15:39 (New PB)
  • Tony Russo - 17:57 (First Timer)
  • Shaun Hancock - 18:24 (New PB)


  • Annie Lang - 20:47
  • Emily Huffer-Kirsch - 20:51
  • Natalie Nicholson - 21:29



Age Graded Results


Frank McNamara closely followed by Annie Lang


Fantastic age graded results were achieved by Dion, Frank and Tony who all scored a percentage above 80%. Very nice runs by Kathy and Emily to round out our top 5 age graded performances.


  • Dion Finocchiaro (SM30-34) - 15:39 - 83.07%
  • Frank McNamara (VM65-69) - 20:43 - 82.46%
  • Tony Russo (VM50-54) - 17:57 - 82.17%
  • Kathy Zucker (VW60-64) - 25:55 - 75.95%
  • Emily Huffer-Kirsch (JW15-17) - 20:51 - 74.34%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Rosemary’s aesthetically pleasing times this week were achieved by the following aesthetically pleasing parkrun performers!


  • 22:55 - Stephen Campbell
  • 23:00 - Arwen Forsman
  • 24:42 - Evan Barrett
  • 26:26 - Sally Kenney
  • 27:27 - Sarah Howe
  • 29:00 - Claire Thomas
  • 32:23 - Peter Williams
  • 33:44 - John Gregory
  • 34:00 - Mylo Grenfell
  • 35:35 - Mary Harper
  • 48:48 - Anna Holden
  • 55:00 - Darren Ellis





parkrun Tourists and Visitors


It’s great to see so many long time parkrunners and newcomers visiting Karkarook parkrun each week. We hope you all enjoyed our event and that you will visit us again soon.

David Dodson was the most experienced parkrun visitor at Karki last weekend. David has a great total of 340 parkruns to his credit. He made his parkrun debut at Albert parkrun’s 5th event, way back on the 17th of December 2011. David has visited 22 different parkrun locations and has ran at Berwick Springs 138 times, Wilson Botanic 46, Albert 42, Hastings Foreshore 40 and Frog Hollow 32 times. David has volunteered 25 times and has a parkrun PB of 24:42.

David Aquilina has ran at Altona beach parkrun 150 times and at Point Cook 37 times. David has 232 parkruns to his credit and has volunteered 81 times for his parkrun community. David was present, and made his parkrun debut, at the first ever parkrun event to be held in Victoria, at Albert Park on the 19th of November of 2011. Since then David has visited 32 different parkrun locations, he has a PB of 20:55.

Sophie and Mike Honeyman have completed most of their parkrunning at Mullum Mullum where Sophie has finished 100 times. Sophie has a total of 227 parkruns and 30 volunteer roles to her credit, whilst Mike has completed 92 parkruns and has volunteered 6 times.

Paul Casburn was visiting from Tassie where he has ran 120 times at the Windsor Precinct parkrun and 37 times at Launceston. Paul has volunteered 26 times, visited 8 different events and has a parkrun PB of 19:23.

Bronwyn Harris has visited 13 different parkruns but has completed most of her 153 parkruns at Berwick Springs (97 times) and at Wilson Botanic (39 times). Bronwyn has volunteered 9 times and has a PB of 23:43.

Andrew and Daniel Barlow were visiting from Albert Park. Junior parkrunner Daniel is not far from his 100th milestone and has now completed 95 parkruns. Andrew is not far behind and has 81 parkruns to his credit. Both Andrew and Daniel have both volunteered 12 times and have visited 20 different parkrun events.

Other people to visit us were Emma-Lee Still, Julia Lay, William Zheng, Crystal Lyons, Sarah Howe, Tony Russo, Daniel McGlone, Mysan Lauren and Brea Kunstler.



Around the parkrun Grounds



Sarah Johnson went on a bit of a parkrun adventure last weekend and headed to the Lake Boga Foreshore parkrun!  It sounds like Sezzy had a great time catching up and running with her Uncles and her Aunties. Good to see that Sezzy’s Mum and nephew got involved in the parkrun fun as well.

Lake Boga looks like it would be a great place to visit. Sezzy’s photos show a parkrun course and finishing area that are right near the water in a very beautiful part of the country.

Here’s Sezzy’s roving parkrun report.

Even though Saturday morning started off mighty cold at Lake Boga it sooner warmed up by 8am for the start of parkrun.

An out and back course that is flat, and around a part of Lake Boga. Very friendly crew, and a small crowd - 41 people. I came 15th - won’t see that at Karki parki.

It was fantastic running the course with my two Uncles and Aunty. With my other Aunty and Mum walking at the rear.”

- Sezzy


This Week at Karkarook parkrun



Join us this weekend for another great time at Karkarook parkrun. The First Timers briefing will take place in the area near the rotunda at 7:50am. The main pre-event brief will be at the starting line just before 8am.

Manna McLeod will be our Run Director for our 194th parkrun event.

Please take the opportunity to come along and thank Manna at Karki on Saturday. Manna will be stepping away from her roles at Karki parki after this weekend.

Manna has been an Event Director at Karkarook for the past two years and a member of our core event team since the early days of our parkrun.

We’d like to thank Manna for everything she has brought to our team and to our parkrun community. It’s been great that you have been part of our team Manna, you will be missed by us all.  Best wishes for all your great adventures, and for all the fun things you will enjoy with your family and friends in the future!




Karkarook parkrun – Event 191 – 8th May 2021


welcome to the karki parki news



We had perfect conditions for an enjoyable run or walk at Karkarook last Saturday morning. Light winds, cool and overcast. 216 runners and walkers and our 15 volunteers made the most of a pleasant morning at parkrun.

We were joined by 25 first timers and visitors and 30 people achieved new Karki parkrun personal best times.



Thanks to our Volunteers


Darren Ellis


Thanks so much to our awesome volunteers! parkrun can take place every week because people volunteer.

Volunteering is fun and our tasks are simple. If you haven’t done so already, pull on an orange vest and give parkrun volunteering a go.

Our volunteers last weekend were:


  • Run Directors - Amy Mulholland
  • Pre-event Course Check - Justine Bertrand
  • First Timers Briefing - Sezzy Johnson
  • Photographer - Michael Sutton
  • Tail Walker - Darren Ellis
  • Marshals - Elaine Rotor, Jacinta Wubben and Rachael Roach
  • Timekeeper - Mark Cant
  • Funnel Manager - Todd Garrett
  • Finish Tokens - Kim Bullock
  • Barcode Scanners - An Du, Helen Kolawole and John Dawson-Wink






Congratulations to Simon McFarlane who achieved his 50th parkrun last Saturday! Simon made his parkrun debut at Karkarook in September 2018. Since then, Simon has visited 12 other parkrun locations. Simon has a parkrun PB of 21:37 and has ran 10 PBS at Karkarook since his debut. Simon has also volunteered for us. Well done Simon.

Congratulations also to Ocienne Farquharson and to Otis and Mylo Grenfell who reached the junior 10 milestones club. That’s a great effort for a junior parkrunner and we hope you’ll continue to come to Karkarook for a run or a walk.

Ocienne started at parkrun in November 2017 at the Rhodes parkrun in Sydney where she ran 4 times. Three runs followed at the Parramatta parkrun in 2018. Ocienne’s last 3 runs have been at Karkarook. Ocienne has a current parkrun PB of 29:21. We’ll done Ocienne!

Otis and Mylo made their parkrun debuts in February last year and they have ran all of their parkruns at Karkarook. Otis now has a parkrun PB of 35:28! Otis has set 7 new Karki parki PBs since he completed his first parkrun in a time of 50:15. Mylo’s PB currently stands at 31:55. His first run was completed in a time of 44:58 and he has set 5 PBs since his parkrun debut. Well done boys!



First Timers

Another 7 people visited parkrun for the very first time. Thank you to the following people for choosing Karkarook to make your parkrun debuts.

Brianna Jackson, Frank Lui, Hannah Fitzpatrick, Hamish Jenkins, Josh Martinelli, Laura Fettes & Siu Qun Hui.



Karki parkrun Personal Best Times


Georgie Whittle


It was good to see that there were 30 new Karki parkrun PBs achieved. Congratulations to all. Nice to also see that many of our newcomers and juniors have been setting personal bests.


  • Andy Ormesher - 28:14 - Two PBs in a row for Andy, another 18 seconds faster this week.
  • Dallas Riseley - 32:32 - Well done to Dallas, a 25 second Karki parki PB in his 41st run here.
  • Sally Kenney - 26:18 - Well done to Sally who ran a 17 second PB in her 66th parkrun.
  • Adrian Culshaw - 22:49 - Adrian takes another 4 seconds from his PB, a best time for the second week in a row.
  • Georgie Whittle - 23:08 - Well done to Georgie, a 7 second PB in her 21st parkrun.
  • Danielle McDonald - 27:03 - Three PBs in a row for Danielle. Well done!
  • Ocienne Farquharson (JW11-14) - 29:42 - Well done to Ocienne who set a Karki parki PB in her 10th parkrun.
  • Mylo & Otis Grenfell (JM10) - 31:55 & 35:28 - Mylo and Otis celebrate their 10th parkrun with great PBs!
  • Tom Loadman (JM11-14) & Eliza Loadman (JW10) - 26:21 & 30:23 - Congratulations to juniors Tom and Eliza on their new PBs.
  • Jennifer Moon (JW10) - 35:18 - Well done to Jennifer who lowered her PB by 38 seconds.
  • Georgia Gilloway (JW10) - 35:51 - Well done to Georgia for her 40 second PB.
  • Edward Bingley (JM10) - 28:14 - Edward lowered his PB by 18 seconds. Well done!
  • Yoojoo Moon (JM11-14) - 32:21 - Congratulations to Yoojoo, 3 PBs in a row and a faster time by 13 seconds.
  • Blanche & Minee Bernshaw - 34:00 & 34:47 - Congratulations to Blanche and Minee. PBs by 1 minute and 59 seconds and 1 minute and 11 seconds.
  • Max Howells (JM10) - 36:23 - 2 in a row for Max who lowers his PB by 3 minutes and 6 seconds. Well done!






First Finishers

D4AF87C9-3278-4B19-8929-6DD62DB6C9FADion Finocchiaro


Some super efforts by the runners who were our first finishers.

After a late start, Dion ran the “fastest” 16:51 parkrun of all time and was the first finisher in an impressive performance.

Rebecca was the first female finisher in a time of 19:17 and was 3rd overall with another great run.

Sam had a super quick run of 17:09 in his second visit to Karki. Sam posted a time of 16:58 when he debuted here 4 weeks ago.


  • Dion Finocchiaro - 16:51
  • Sam Merhi - 17:09
  • Darren Bowden - 19:30


  • Rebecca Beagley - 19:17
  • Annie Lang - 20:50
  • Natalie Nicholson - 21:51



A15123A3-5402-448E-B97B-1F89BE18B685Rebecca Beagley


Age Graded Results


The top five age graded performances on Saturday were:


  • Dion Finocchiaro (SM30-34) - 16:51 - 77.15%
  • Rebecca Beagley (SW30-34) - 19:17 - 76.75%
  • Sam Merhi (SM20-24) - 17.09 - 75.22%
  • Ian Dent (VM60-64) - 21:41 - 73.94%
  • Murray Jones (VM70-74) - 25.38 - 72.69%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Rosemary’s aesthetically pleasing times were plentiful this week. Well done to everyone who timed their aesthetically pleasing run to the aesthetically pleasing second. As a reward you get to see your names in the Karki parki newsletter!


  • 22:44 - Andrew Johnson
  • 23:00 - Arwen Forsman
  • 23:32 - Joan Zhang
  • 24:24 - Alan Ao
  • 25:52 - John Hopkins
  • 29:29 - Dana Goldsmith
  • 30:00 - Abigail Cant
  • 30:03 - Claire Thomas
  • 31:00 - Maggie Beaufoy
  • 32:23 - Brianna Jackson
  • 32:32 - Dallas Riseley
  • 33:00 - Tim Cook
  • 34:00 - Blanche Bernshaw
  • 36:00 - Mukul Relan
  • 40:40 - Fong Ching Sophie Hui
  • 40:40 - Chun Yum Hui
  • 50:05 - Peter Kent







parkrun Tourists and Visitors


Speedy Gonzales


Arriba, arriba…andale andale! Speedy Gonzales from Adelaide was our most experienced parkrun tourist last weekend. With 264 runs at 21 locations, Speedy has ran at Torrens 115 times and at West Beach parkrun 109 times. He has volunteered 39 times and has a parkrun PB of 25:12. Well done and thanks for visiting John.

Carol Pryle from Hamilton has completed a total of 209 parkruns at 34 events including visits to Bushy parkrun in London and Bushy parkrun in Dublin. Carol has also visited the parkrun Cieszyn in Poland. When closer to home, Carol is a member of the Hamilton Running Club. Carol has volunteered 59 times and has completed 168 parkruns at Hamilton.

Garry Pearce has a total of 168 parkruns at 31 locations to his credit, he has volunteered 19 times and has completed 55 runs at Blackbutt, 45 runs at Albury Wodonga and 34 runs at Newry parkrun.

Rod Heale has completed 128 parkruns which includes 70 at Parkville, 23 Rosebud and 18 at Westerfolds. Rod has volunteered 25 times and has visited 14 parkrun locations.

Other people to visit Karki for the first time were Andrew Johnson, Daniel Johnson, Elaine Wen, Eron & Sarah Barnett, Ewing Song, Jarrod Abbott, Julie Ang, Justine & Joel Charles, Lawrence Pearse, Loni Coil, Maggie Beaufoy and Paige Enright.



Around the parkrun Grounds

753AD83E-7AAD-4796-954E-53402D6B1ACAChris and Nathan


Chris Ruys and his son Nathan gave themselves a parkrun adventure by visiting the Ararat parkrun last Saturday. Nathan and Chris enjoyed themselves and they both had good runs. Nathan was actually the first finisher! Even after he gave the rest of the field a 30 second head start, after Chris and Nathan arrived slightly late to the start line!

Chris wrote “We had a road trip to Adelaide for the weekend so of course we had to find a way to get our parkrun fix on the way. Ararat was the perfect solution! It’s a quirky four (yes, four) lap course around a pretty lake with a nasty hill at one point. The Ararat vollies were super friendly and helpful and since it is a fairly small parkrun (around 30 participants) it felt like we got to know most of the group. If you’re ever near Ararat on a Saturday morning you need to experience Ararat parkrun!”



This Saturday



Abbey Walters will be our Run Director for our 192nd parkrun at Karkarook.

We still need plenty of volunteers, for this coming Saturday, so if you can help out, that would be great! Contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or send us a direct message or comment on Facebook.

We do a First Timers briefing for visitors and newbies in the area near the rotunda at 7:50am. To find the rotunda, either cross the bridge or walk along the trail through the trees. It’s in the area near the finish line.

The general pre event brief will be held a couple of minutes before 8am at the starting line.

Take care and we’ll hopefully see everyone on Saturday morning.





Christina & Holly

Karkarook parkrun – Event 190 – 1st May 2021


welcome to the karki parki news



“Perfection might have been an understatement from Karkarook Park on Saturday. The skies were clear and the lake was like glass as the glowing sun peaked over the hills and our parkrunners arrived. Though the calm conditions were welcome, they may have caught a few off guard as it was a little warmer than expected, but all the same it was enjoyed by young and old as we welcomed our newest Run Director in training, Natalie. Brightness of the sun was no match for the warmth and welcoming smiles of our heros in orange, thank you for helping another parkrun day sail on by with no dramas at all.”

- Rachael


It was a great morning at Karki parkrun for our 190th parkrun. Just ask our 226 runners and walkers and our 15 volunteers. We were joined by 26 first time Karki parki visitors and 39 people who can be proud of their brand new Karkarook parkrun PBs.


Thanks to our Awesome Volunteers



Thanks to Natalie for writing this poem about volunteering.


So many things to love about parkrun
The exercise, the scenery, the cheers
But all this wouldn’t be able to happen
Without the help of the awesome volunteers.

The very first vollie that you may see
Is the one doing the First Timer’s talk
They will help you to navigate the course
And not get lost while on your walk.

The Marshal’s you’ll see while out on the course
Will help to ensure you are going the right way
They will always be ready to give you a cheer
Their smiles can really make your day.

You never know where the Photographer may be
As they take happy snaps of us all
So try to smile as you follow the course
And a jump shot is always a good call.

When you finally cross the finish line
Then more volunteers you will see
The Timekeeper and the Finish Tokens vollie
With the Funnel Manager making three

The Barcode Scanner is the last vollie you may meet
As they scan your barcode and finish token
This ensures your times are registered correctly
Their importance is often unspoken.

And let’s not forget the all-important Tail Walker
The very last person over the line
They help clear up as the go along
And ensure that no-one is left behind.

Every week, these heroes in orange
Give their time so we can all run
So why not put your hand up too
And join in with all of the fun.“

- Natalie




Our super volunteers last Saturday were.


  • Run Directors - Natalie Vujovich & Rachael Roach
  • Pre-event Course Check - Natalie Vujovich
  • First Timers Briefing - Chris Ruys
  • Photographer - Mark Cant
  • Tail Walker - Kelvin Yap
  • Marshals - Michael Sutton, Oliver Harder & Sharon Kilmartin
  • Timekeeper - Melissa Du
  • Funnel Manager - Carla Wallace
  • Finish Tokens - Kim Bullock
  • Barcode Scanners - An Du, Angela Nichols, & Penny Heard


Thinking about volunteering? You can check out our Future Roster to see all the roles we need to cover over the coming weeks. Volunteering is half of the total parkrun experience. It’s easy and you’ll get lots of support.

If you’re free and would like to give some parkrun volunteering a try, contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or direct message us on Facebook.





First Timers


Thanks to everyone who was a first time parkrunner last Saturday. You are now all parkrun legends.

Aashna Rahman, Amy & Ethan Miller, Claire Schellebeck, Genevie Perruzza, Haley Minieri, Kerry Matthews, Lucy Asquith, Phil Cooley, Rob & Robyn Costanzo, Sam Baines, Sarah Burren, Suzannah Milne, Tanya Moran and Xavier Matthews.



Walking at parkrun



Remember there’s no need to run at parkrun if you’d prefer to take a walk instead.  5kms is 5kms. It’s you’re choice how you enjoy your parkrun!


Karki parki Personal Best Times


Joshua Jansen


Congratulations to everyone who achieved a personal best time. Here’s some times that caught our eye.


  • Stuart King - 16:57 - A great run by Stuart in his 193rd parkrun. An all parkrun PB by 20 seconds and sub 17 minutes for the first time!
  • Joshua Jansen - 24:33 - Well done to Joshua who runs a 13 second PB in his 97th parkrun!
  • Gerry Fernandez - 22:43 - Gerry takes another 5 seconds from his best time with another nice run.
  • Adrian Culshaw - 22:53 - Congratulations to Adrian who goes sub 23 minutes for the first time with a 12 second PB in his 39th parkrun.
  • Michelle Furniss - 21:58 - Nice run by Michelle who runs a 43 second, all venue PB, in her 31st parkrun.
  • Helen Castel - 29:17 - Well done to Helen who ran her first PB in her 25th parkrun.
  • Ruby Compson - 24:51 - Ruby now has three Karki PBs in a row and a new best time by 28 seconds. Well done Ruby!
  • Toby C - 17:58 - Congratulations to Toby who goes sub 18 minutes at parkrun in his 20th run!
  • Joyce Lui - 44:10 - Joyce takes 63 seconds off her fastest time with her 7th PB in her 19th parkrun.
  • Tony, Ryan & Lewis Trinh - 30:47, 31:35 & 30:46 - Well done! All happy in the Trinh family with some PB fun!
  • Julia & Ocienne Farquharson - 35:53 & 34:18 - Congratulations to Julia and Ocienne with their new PBs to celebrate together.
  • Steve McAdam - 19:59 - Congratulations and kudos to Steve who broke the magic, sub 20 minute barrier.





First Finishers


Tom in the push to the finish


Some super running at the front of the field. Here’s our first finishers.


  • Tom Pirrone - 16:55
  • Stuart King - 16:57 (New PB)
  • Toby C - 17:58 (New PB)


  • Annie Lang - 20:40
  • Amy McKinley - 21:05 (New PB)
  • Amy Miller - 21:42 (First Timer)




Bella and Wayne


Age Graded Results

0496CA23-6E41-4394-90B8-ECE9AFEE11C0Annie, Stuart, Tom, Andrew & Ethan


Congratulations to Stuart who achieved a super impressive age graded result of 84.27%

The top 5 age graded performances were.


  • Stuart King (VM45-49) - 16:57 - 84.27% (New PB)
  • Ethan Miller (JM11-14) - 18:24 - 78.80% (First Timer)
  • Andrew Moore (VM60-64) - 21:09 - 77.86%
  • Tom Pirrone (SM25-29) - 16:55 - 76.26%
  • Annie Lang (JW15-17) - 20:40 - 73.15%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times


Rosemary’s aesthetically pleasing times were:


  • 22:22 - Angela Ngo
  • 24:24 - Zavier Matthews
  • 24:42 - Orla Conroy
  • 33:22 - John Gregory
  • 33:44 - Mylo Grenfell
  • 35:53 - Julia Farquharson
  • 35:53 - Sian Harrison
  • 43:43 - John MacKay
  • 50:00 - Rob Bishop


An aesthetically pleasing time either ends in :00, repeats itself in the minutes and seconds (31:31), or is a time that reverses itself from the minutes to the seconds (32:23).

Anyone can be lucky and receive an aesthetically pleasing time. It’s a fun and random way to see your name in our newsletter. It’s a wonder that aesthetically pleasing times are not some sort of worldwide “unofficial running challenge” that you can receive a shiny icon for!




parkrun Tourists and Visitors




With 251 parkruns and 51 volunteers roles to her credit, Deb Shuffler was our most travelled parkrun tourist to the visit Karkarook last Saturday. Deb made her parkrun debut at Albert Park back in August 2014. Since then she has ran at Albert 170 times, at Gardiners Creek 20 times and at Maribyrnong 14 times. Deb is a great tourist and has visited 31 parkrun locations in all, with overseas parkrun trips to the USA, Poland, Ireland and the UK. Deb has also visited the home of parkrun at Bushy Park. It was good to see you at Karkarook Deb.

It was great to receive a visit also from James and Melissa Thiele from Darwin who between them have completed 444 parkruns. James has completed 224 parkruns at 17 locations, whilst Melissa has completed 220 parkruns at 12 locations. James and Melissa are also great volunteers for their parkrun community.  James has volunteered on 66 occasions while Melissa has volunteered 40 times.

Great to also see Darren Moore from the Willoughby parkrun in Sydney. Darren has visited 41 parkrun events and has a total of 120 parkruns to his credit. Darren has visited the Crissy Fields parkrun in the USA and the Taman Purdue Ulu parkrun in Malaysia. Darren has volunteered 11 times.

Other people to visit us were Katrina Pandey from Jells, James Flavio, Tod O’Reilly, Tegan Dally, Abbey Windley and Sam Zielonka.

Thanks everyone, we hope to see you again soon!




Melissa and James



Next Week


Margaret and Sarah


Start the weekend by being outside. Take a run or walk around Karkarook Park!

Amy Mulholland will be back as our Run Director and we’d love to see a big Karki parki crowd in attendance. The pre-event brief will be just before 8 at the starting line.

If you are a first timer to parkrun or a parkrun visitor there will be a First Timer’s brief in the area near the rotunda. Go over the bridge or through the trees and you’ll find us.

Take care everyone.




Karkarook parkrun – Event 188 – 17th April 2021


welcome to the karki parki news



We had another great morning at Karki parkrun that was enjoyed by 259 people who were running or walking and our 14 wonderful volunteers.

We welcomed 32 first time visitors and there were 41 people who set new PBs at Karkarook.






Thanks to our Volunteers



A very big thank you to everyone who answered our appeal to help fill our vollie roster.

parkrun can only take place with the support of people each week. We really do appreciate the help of everyone who has volunteered.

Here’s a list of our awesome people who volunteered for us last Saturday.


  • Run Directors - Chris Ruys
  • Pre-event Course Check - Natalie Vujovich
  • First Timers Briefing - Sezzy Johnson
  • Photographer - Hannah Faulks
  • Tail Walker - Natalie Vujovich
  • Marshals - Carla Wallace, John MacKay & Sharon Ruyters
  • Timekeeper - Mark Cant
  • Funnel Manager - Todd Garrett
  • Finish Tokens - Kathy Zucker
  • Barcode Scanners - Amy Mulholland, Anni Chambers and Frank McNamara.


Thinking about volunteering? You can check out our Future Roster to see all the roles we need to cover over the coming weeks. If you free and would like to give volunteering a try contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or direct message us on Facebook.










Congratulations to Ulicia Potts and Jason McCaul for the great achievement of their 50th parkrun milestones.

Ulicia made her parkrun debut in December 2017. Since then, Ulicia has ran at Karkarook 32 times and has visited 14 other parkrun locations, including a run at the West Coast Park parkrun in Singapore. Ulicia has a parkrun PB of 28:02. Ulicia’s dad David and siblings Taj and Sheyenne are also keen and regular parkrunners. Well done Ulicia!

Jason has now ran 44 times at Karkarook and has visited 5 other events, Chelsea Bicentennial, Port Fairy, Merimbula and the Rickmansworth and Cassiobury parkruns in the UK. Jason commenced parkrun in July 2018 at Cassiobury, he has volunteered on 9 occasions and has a parkrun PB of 22:44. Well done Jason!




Here’s one we prepared a little earlier - Jason a few weeks ago at Karki


First Timers


12 people made their parkrun debuts with us last Saturday. Thanks for joining us and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and come again next week.

Ethan Neale, Gunta Bradley, Kathy Pamfleet, Kun Li, Kylie Balmain, Lisa Outjers, Philippa Crombie, Robert Saunders, Shiqi Tang, Stephanie Mak, Tammy Lakeland and Yoonjoo Moon,


Walking at parkrun



It’s good to stretch the legs, maybe have a chat and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Karkarook  Park. Well done to all our people who walk at parkrun.


Karki parki personal best times




A great day for people to go for a personal best. Whilst parkrun isn’t always about fast times, it is good to have a crack at going faster than you ever have before.

Congratulations to everyone who achieved a PB. Enjoy and be satisfied with your shiny new fastest time!


  • Gerry Fernandez - 22:48 - Great run by Gerry who sets a 60 second PB in his 77th parkrun.
  • Andy Ormesher - 28:32 - Congratulations to Andy who records a Karki parki PB in his 54th run here.
  • Peter Challis - 24:51 - Well done to Peter who takes 14 seconds from his best time in his 43rd parkrun.
  • Seunggil Hong - 17:11 - Well done to Seunggil who takes another 11 seconds from his parkrun PB in his 182nd run.
  • Beckett Cooper - 26:53 - Well done to junior boy Beckett who ran a big 56 second PB in his 30th parkrun.
  • Elaine Rotor - 32:04 - Well done Elaine, 10 PB at Karkarook in her 20th run here.
  • Mark Bormamis - 19:03 - Nice run by Mark to set a PB for Karkarook.
  • Matthew O’Neill - 23:28 - Matthew has a great run and sets an all venue PB in his 31st parkrun.
  • Marcus Poon - 23:41 - Congratulations to Marcus who has a great run to take 40 seconds from his previous best time.
  • Andrew Moore - 20:57 - Andrew goes sub 21 minutes at parkrun for the first time with a nice run talking 4 seconds from his previous best.
  • Megan Wallace - 29:25 - Megan continues her strong running with another 15 second improvement. 4 straight weeks of PBs!
  • Greta McRae - 27:43 - Junior girl Greta takes 45 seconds from her PB with a great run.
  • Jordan Michell - 16:50 - Fantastic run by Jordan who goes sub 17 minutes at parkrun for the first time with a 25 second PB.


057BF9A2-7DD7-4B86-997E-00A04A387FB6Greta and Andy






First Finishers


Impressive and super fast running at the front of the field with Hudson and Tom setting new PBs to join the sub 17 minute club at Karkarook.

Good to see Michael back for a quick run at Karki, whilst Annie was the first female back to collect a finishing token with a nice run of 20:45.

First timers Erica and Tiffany take their place on our virtual podium with good sub 22 minute runs.


  • Hudson Bucci - 16:23 (New PB)
  • Michael Kernahan - 16:46
  • Tom Pirrone - 16:49 (New PB)


  • Annie Lang - 20:45
  • Erica Drangsholt - 21:45 (First Timer)
  • Tiffany Nanfra - 21:55 (First Timer)



Age Graded Results




There was some wonderful age grade performances on Saturday with two Age Category records for Karkarook parkrun being achieved.

Congratulations to Yassine Belaabed whose run of 19:41 is now the fastest ever run at Karkarook in the VM65-69 age group. Yassine’s time scored an age graded percentage of 88.57% which ranks him 6th in the Karkarook parkrun  “Age Graded League.”

Congratulations also to Hudson whose great time of 16:23 sees him as the new age category record holder in the JM15-17 age group.

Well done to Seunggil, Jordan and David for some impressive runs which scored over, or just under, 80 percent.


  • Yassine Belaabed (VM65-69) - 19:41 (New PB) - 88.57%
  • Hudson Bucci (JM15-17) - 16:23 (New PB) - 83.62%
  • Seunggil Hong (VM40-44) - 17:11 (New PB) - 80.60%
  • Jordan Michell (JM15-17) - 16:50 (New PB) - 80.20%
  • David Hartley (VM45-49) - 17:53 - 79.87%



Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Our Karki parki aesthetically pleasing times are:


  • 22:11 - Max Reeve
  • 25:00 - Orla Conroy
  • 27:00 - Charles Ellul
  • 29:00 - Jacqui Thompson
  • 30:30 - Justine Leopold
  • 41:14 - Alicia Cohen
  • 44:11 - Anne Mullan
  • 44:22 - Charlie Kavanagh
  • 44:44 - Lauren Chiang
  • 50:00 - Lisa Outjers


An aesthetically pleasing time either ends in :00, repeats itself in the minutes and seconds (31:31), or is a time that reverses itself from the minutes to the seconds (32:23).

It’s a fun and random way to see your name in our newsletter when you run or walk an aesthetically pleasing time.






parkrun Tourists and Visitors



Thanks to all the parkrun tourists and visitors who ventured along to Karki last weekend. We had a lot of visitors with a big contingent from Frog Hollow. We hope you enjoyed our great park and our event.

Our most experienced, first time visitors were Alex and Deanne Mazzanti who are both regulars at Frog Hollow parkrun. Alex has a total of 235 parkruns to his credit whilst Deanne has completed 209. Both Alex and Deanne are great parkrun volunteers for their community. Deanne has volunteered 66 times and Alex 18.

Heidi Cutler has completed a total of 206 parkruns with 113 of these being at Frog Hollow. Heidi has also ran at Marriott Waters 55 times and has visited 23 events. Heidi has volunteered 25 times and has a PB of 21:51. Heidi was joined by Paul Cutler who has completed 44 parkruns at 18 great parkrun locations.

Also visiting from Froggie were Tiffany and Anthony Nanfra. Tiffany has completed 180 parkruns and volunteered 27 times whilst Anthony has 106 parkrun and 26 vollie roles to his credit.

Other people to join us were Susie Nixon from Hastings Foreshore (140 parkruns & 16 volunteers roles), Gayle Evangelista from Chelsea Bicentennial (124 parkruns & 9 vollie roles), Doug Nelson (110 parkruns & 8 vollies), Paul and Jillian Howells from Warragul, Marilyn & Patrizia Sendeckyj from Mullum Mullum, Anna Edwards from Hastings, Erica Drangsholt, Vanessa Gooden, Jesse Higginson, Shaun McKenna, Alison Marquardt and Vincent Heng.


Karki Barkies



Great to see so many Karki Barkies enjoying an adventure at Karkarook parkrun!



So many Karki Barkies! How many can you name?






Next Week



Mel and Manna will be our Run Directors on Saturday. Our First Timer’s briefing will be held near the rotunda at 7:50. The general pre-event brief, will be in the area near the starting line, just before 8 o’clock.

Why not bring some friends or family members along? Help spread the word of how great parkrun is!




Karkarook parkrun – Event 187 – 10th April 2021


Welcome to the Karkarook parkrun news



We had a great attendance at Karkarook parkrun last Saturday morning, with 251 people either running or walking the course and 15 people volunteering.

Conditions were overcast and a little windy, but that didn’t stop the 41 people who set brand new Karki PBs.

It was also good to see and be joined by 39 first time visitors to Karkarook, including Justine and the children from Dingley Primary School, who are in training for their upcoming cross country event.

In all, it was another great morning at Karkarook. We hope that everyone enjoyed themselves and that we’ll see you all again this coming parkrun day.






Thanks to our Volunteers


Some of our awesome volunteers - Renée, Hannah, An, Melissa, Sharon, Kuni and Ming Li


Thanks to the following awesome people who volunteered for us on Saturday.

A big shout out also to Melissa who did a great job as our Run Director.


  • Run Directors - Melissa Du & Mark Cant
  • Pre-event Course Check - Abigail Cant
  • First Timers Briefing - Josh Cant
  • Photographer - Hannah Faulks
  • Tail Walker - David Rotor
  • Marshals - Kelvin Yap, Michael Sutton and Ming Li Yee
  • Timekeeper - Renée Webster
  • Finish Tokens - Justine Leopold
  • Barcode Scanners - An Du, Kuni Bowden, Marlo Rachor and Sharon Kilmartin


At the moment, our volunteer roster looks a little empty for this coming Saturday. So, if you have been thinking of volunteering at parkrun, then now might be a good time to give it a try.

All our roles are easy to do and you’ll find a friendly and supportive team to work with. Chris Ruys will be our Run Director this week and he’d love to hear from you to help fill our roster.

If you take a look at our Future Roster you’ll see what roles we need to cover over the coming weeks.

You can contact the team at Karki by sending an email to karkarook@parkrun.com Include the role you would like to do and your athlete’s barcode number in your email so we can find you easily in our system.

You can also offer your support by commenting on the volunteer request that we will post on Facebook during the week.



Elaine and David





50th parkrun milestone for Annie


Congratulations to Annie Lang for the great achievement of her 50th parkrun milestone. Congratulations also to Leo Wells on reaching the junior 10 milestone club.

Annie made her parkrun debut at Karkarook in April 2017 and has now ran 47 times here. Annie has also visited the parkruns at Frog Hollow and Albert Park. Annie is in the JW15-17 age group. She has been the first female finisher at Karkarook on 15 occasions and has a parkrun personal best time of 20:01. Well done Annie!

Leo’s first parkrun took place at Karkarook in July 2019. He has now completed 9 runs at Karki and has also visited and ran at Albert parkrun. Leo set a new PB of 26:22 in his milestone run. Leo is in the JM10 age group. Well done Leo!



Making their parkrun debuts


Josh presenting the First Timer’s briefing to a large gathering of parkrun tourists and people making their parkrun debuts


Welcome to everyone who came along to Karkarook for their first parkruns. Thanks to the following people who had their barcodes scanned for the very first time.

Alicia Chau, Anushka Pradhan, Brenton McRae, Eliza Walker, Elliott & Natasha Sturrock, Jarrad Thomson, Jennifer Moon, Jonathon Flett, Kate Wilcock, Renee Qu, Richard Howells, Sami Merhi, Sarah Putz, Shane Archer, Semira Persi and Teng Yong.




Karki parki Personal Best Times


A PB for Hilary!


41 people set brand new PBs at Karki last Saturday. There were some great performances throughout the field with many people setting all parkrun venue best times as well. Congratulations to all!

Here’s some special mentions for some great personal achievements.


  • Stuart King - 17:20 - Great run by Stuart who takes 16 seconds from his fastest run at Karkarook in his 82nd run here.
  • Seunggil Hong - 17:22 - Congratulations to Seunggil who runs an all venue parkrun PB in his 181st parkrun.
  • Jeremy Goh - 22:41 - Jeremy runs a 20 second PB at Karkarook and in the process runs an all venue PB in his 44th parkrun. Well done Jeremy.
  • Angela Ngo - 22:14 - Angela has a great run and records an all time PB at parkrun in her 40th run.
  • Hilary Kaplan - 47:41 - Well done to Hilary who records her very first PB in her 40th parkrun.
  • Karen Blair - 20:16 - Super run by Karen, who recorded not only a PB, but a fantastic age graded performance of 83.72%.
  • Nikki Lesberg - 17:32 - Well done to Nikki who runs her fastest parkrun time in her 21st start. Another first female finish and a fantastic age graded percentage of 84.98%.
  • Georgie Whittle - 23:15 - Georgia runs her fastest parkrun in her 20th event. Well done Georgie.
  • Daniel and Leo Wells - 22:22 and 26:22 - Congratulations to junior boys Daniel and Leo who run fast PBs. Daniel in his 17th parkrun and Leo in his 10th.
  • Megan Wallace - 29:40 - Megan runs her 3rd PB in a row and her 4th in five weeks. Great running Megan!
  • Greta McRae - 28:28 - A nice run by junior girl Greta, who goes 24 seconds quicker in her 15th parkrun.


8AE7112F-CBF5-4CEC-84C4-D726CA9759D1Seunggil on his way to an all parkrun venue PB in his 181st parkrun



First Finishers

Some outstanding performances at the front of the field, with our first finishers running some super quick times.


  • Sami Merhi - 16:58 (First Timer)
  • Tom Pirrone - 17:15 (New PB)
  • Stuart King - 17:20 (New PB)
  • Nikki Lesberg - 17:32 (New PB)
  • Karen Blair - 20:16 (New PB)
  • Annie Lang - 21:03



Age Graded Results


Karen Blair


Here’s our top 5 age graded performances. Some really high percentages and great runs by all.


  • Nikki Lesberg (SW30-34) - 17:32 - 84.98% (New PB)
  • Karen Blair (VW50-54) - 20:16 - 83.72% (New PB)
  • Leon Brooks (VM65-69) - 20:24 - 83.01%
  • Stuart King (VM45-49) - 17:20 - 82.40% (New PB)
  • Seunggil Hong (VM40-44) - 17:22 - 79.75% (New PB)



Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Well done to our aesthetically pleasing time performers who crossed the finishing line at exactly the right moment.


  • 21:21 - Mark Rainey
  • 22:22 - Daniel Wells
  • 23:23 - Scott Rolston
  • 28:28 - Greta McRae
  • 33:55 - Patrick Jarvis
  • 44:44 - Anne Mullan
  • 45:54 - Anna Holden
  • 50:50 - Jackie Cant






parkrun Tourists and Visitors



Our most experienced, first time parkrun tourists at Karkarook were Lucinda and Matthew Bertram from Chelsea Bicentennial. Lucinda has completed 76 parkruns whilst Matthew has completed 59. They have both visited 4 locations and volunteered 7 times.

Martin Davies has a tally of 65 parkruns to his credit with 26 of these being at Cambridge parkrun in the UK. Martin has visited 30 different parkruns. Martin has volunteered twice and has a PB of 21:37.

Other people to visit this week were Bryan Lim, Michael Doensen, Damian Castanelli, Evette Cordy, Jasper McKinna, Natasha Bartlett, Dominique and Stephen Jeremiah, William Butcher, Tom Sammann, Brendan Crowley, Mitch Brewis, Joan Zhang, Cameron Marshall, Harrison Kemp, Georgia Gilloway, Mark Gamble and Hasini Wickramasinghe.




Around the Grounds



Sezzy Johnson often gives the first timer’s briefing at Karkarook, but last Saturday morning she travelled to the Willow parkrun in Wodonga.

Sezzy said that Willow park looked beautiful, with many of the trees covered in golden autumn leaves.

The course travels along a path lined with willow trees, before heading out along a creek to a neighbouring park. The course then turns back, taking runners and walkers along some more picturesque paths before crossing the finish line back in Willow.

Sezzy had a great run, finishing in a time of 31:01. This was Sezzy’s second fastest run at parkrun and placed her 3rd in her age group at Willow on Saturday.

If you travel to another parkrun, take a few photos and tell us about your parkrun morning. There’s plenty of great parkrun locations to visit. All are unique, but all share the same parkrun spirit of community and fun.


Karki Barkies


Graham and his parkrunning four legged friend



 Some more Karki Barkies having a great time



This coming parkrun morning


Ian and Margaret


Don’t forget that our First Timer’s briefing is held near the rotunda at 7:50. The general pre-event brief, will be in the area near the starting line, just before 8 o’clock.

We hope to see everyone there. Why not bring some friends or family members along. Spread the word of how parkrun is a great way to start the weekend.

Take care.




Karkarook parkrun – Event 186 – 3rd April 2021


welcome to the Karkarook parkrun news



The scene was set, the sky glowed bright orange and the air was still with not a chill. The light was golden, making Karkarook the perfect place to see a parkrunning bunny or two!

As the excitement set in, the crowd gathered, the hot air balloons appeared and the morning was complete.” - Rachael.


It was definitely a brilliant morning at Karkarook parkrun on Easter Saturday for all of our 192 runners and walkers and our 13 volunteers. All enjoyed a fantastic start to their day.

We were joined by 36 first time visitors to Karkarook which also included 10 people who were making their parkrun debuts.

Thanks to everyone who came along!





Thanks to our Volunteers


Some of our awesome vollies


A big shout out to the 13 people who volunteered last weekend. Thanks to you all.


  • Run Director - Rachael Roach
  • Pre-event Course Check - Natalie Vujovich
  • First Timers Briefing - Sezzy Johnson
  • Photographer - Bella Jordan
  • Tail Walker - Ian West
  • Marshals - Kelvin Yap and Michael Sutton
  • Timekeeper - Hannah Faulks
  • Finish Tokens - Mark Cant
  • Barcode Scanners - Heather Curtis, Helen Kolawole, Lynn Bullock and Marlo Rachor






Congratulations to Andrew Kong for the great achievement of 100 parkruns. Congratulations also to Alicia Cohen and Pam Cook for reaching their 50th parkrun milestones.

Andrew made his parkrun debut at Albert Park in October 2016. Andrew has now ran at Karkarook 77 times and has visited 15 different events. In February 2020, Andrew was lucky enough to visit the Alstervorland parkrun in Denmark, the Burgess parkrun in the UK and the Krakow parkrun in Poland. Andrew has also volunteered 4 times. He has a parkrun PB of 24:40. Well done Andrew!

All of Alicia’s 50 parkruns have been at Karkarook after commencing parkrunning in January 2018. Alicia has set 11 PBs since her debut and her current PB is 33:24. Congratulations on your 50 Alicia!

Pam visited Karkarook for the third time to complete her 50th milestone. Pam has ran at Chelsea Bicentennial 30 times and at Hastings Foreshore parkrun 14 times and has a parkrun PB of 28:21. Pam has also volunteered as a guide for visually impaired runners and walkers at parkrun on 13 occasions. Well done Pam!





First Timers

The following people completed their very first parkruns last weekend. What a fantastic morning to make your parkrun debut! We hope you enjoyed the parkrun experience and will continue to join us at Karkarook parkrun.

Deborah McKay, Grace Ryan, Helen Peacock, John Gregory, Karyn & Terry O’Neill, Mark Rainey, Mevan & Yanik Jayawardena and Ryan Barrett.


Karki parki Personal Best Times


Steve Bustin


Congratulations to everyone who set a Karki parkrun PB. 30 new personal bests were recorded in total.

Here’s some special mentions to regular parkrunners at Karkarook who set new best times.


  • Steve Bustin - 19:59 - Well done to Steve who goes sub 20 minutes for the first time at Karkarook in his 28th run here.
  • Kyle Denton - 22:58 - Good run by Kyle who takes 3 seconds from his Karkarook PB.
  • Abigail Cant - 29:03 - Well done to Abigail who runs an all venue PB in her 262nd parkrun.
  • Megan Wallace - 29:53 - Congratulations to Megan who goes sub 30 minutes for the first time in her 15th parkrun.
  • Kiedis Burmeister - 24:37 - Well done to junior parkrunner Kiedis who has a great run and betters his PB by 36 seconds.


First Finishers


Sarah Howe


Super quick runs once again at the front of the field with Tom being first past the post for the fourth week in a row. A great run by Sarah who was completing her second parkrun and first at Karkarook.


  • Tom Pirrone - 17:56
  • Dylan Gillespie - 18:57 (New PB)
  • Samuel Browne - 19:01


  • Sarah Howe - 18:12 (First Timer)
  • Niamh O’Reilly - 21:10
  • Emily Huffer-Kirsch - 21:56


Age Graded Results


Sarah’s run of 18:12 scored the highest age graded result with a percentage of 81.32%.

Here’s our top five age graded percentages.

  • Sarah Howe (SW25-29) - 18:12 - 81.32%
  • Niamh O’Reilly (VW45-49) - 21:10 - 78.27%
  • Andrew Moore (VM60-64) - 22:19 - 73.79%
  • Dylan Gillespie (VM15-17) - 18:57 - 73.44%
  • Tom Pirrone (SM25-29) - 17:56 - 71.93%


Aesthetically Pleasing Times



Our Aesthetically Pleasing times were:

  • 23:32 - Edmund Tsang
  • 25:52 - Grace Ryan
  • 29:00 - Glenda Leigh
  • 31:13 - Daven Shreeve
  • 32:32 - Sophie Bretman
  • 45:54 - Anne Mullan


An aesthetically pleasing time either ends in :00, repeats itself in the minutes and seconds (31:31), or is a time that reverses itself from the minutes to the seconds (32:23).

It’s a fun and random way to see your name in our newsletter when you run or walk an aesthetically pleasing time.






parkrun visitors and tourists



Visiting Karkarook from Wyndham Vale parkrun last weekend were Bill Lodwick Jr, Simon Clark and Chantal Luci.

Bill was our most experienced parkrun tourist last weekend with a tally of 146 parkruns at 38 different events. Bill has ran at Wyndham Vale 47 times and at Point Cook 36 times, he has volunteered on 6 occasions and has a parkrun PB of 23:04.

Simon has now visited 20 different parkrun locations and has 104 parkruns and 13 volunteers roles to his credit. Simon has a quick parkrun PB of 19:12. Chantal has a tally of 80 parkruns at 13 events with 17 volunteers roles. Chantal’s parkrun PB is 29:19.

Also joining us was Karlene Hilton who has ran at Coburg parkrun 53 times and at Ballarat 30 times. In all, Karlene has a total of 137 different parkruns to her credit at 18 different events. Karlene has volunteered 15 times and has a parkrun PB of 27:12.

Other people to visit us were: Sue Readon from Launceston (92 parkruns and 8 vollie roles), Bobbi Barry from the Chipping Norton parkrun in Sydney (67 parkruns and 39 vollie roles), Peter Syme from Gardiners Creek, Daven and Dominique Shreeve from Berwick Waters, Om Kar, Lynne Jones, Luke Quinn, Peter Herten, Ben Priestley, Yao Zhang, Lisa Temel, Anna, Jonathan, Leo and Max Reeve, Seana McDonald, Sarah Howe, Ningfei Zhu, Shally Khanna and Ojasvi Gupta.




Karki Barkies




A great morning for our four legged friends


Next Week



Melissa and Mark will be sharing the Run Directing duties as they bring you Karkarook parkrun's 187th event.

The first timers and visitors briefing will be at the rotunda at 7:50am. To get to the rotunda, either cross the bridge and keep walking or take the trail from the start line through the trees.

The general pre event brief will take place in the area near the start line just before 8am.

We hope everyone has a great week. Take care, see you on Saturday.


Our “Fluffy Tail” walker - Ian



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