Karkarook parkrun – Meet your fellow Karkies – 6th October 2021



In this week’s edition of our “Meet your fellow Karkies” series Natalie has a great chat to mum and daughter duo Joanne and Cath.

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When was your first parkrun? How did you find out about parkrun? Why did you first go to parkrun and did you go on your own or were you invited by a friend/relative?

Cath: Mum first dragged me down to parkrun - 12 August 2017 at Karkarook (although I didn’t get around to signing up for a barcode until September). I had gotten into running a few years earlier to try and stay fit in Uni but had only ever seen running as a solo activity until Mum said I should go with her. That first parkrun we ran 26:38 - which remains Mum’s PB to this day!

Joanne: I joined a running class at my local gym and heard about parkrun from our coach. My first parkrun was in early 2017. I got the time wrong and was half an hour late starting, but still came in just ahead of the tail walker. The next week I was on time and enjoyed running with such a large friendly group.




What were your first impressions or thoughts when you arrived?

Cath: I was nervous of signing up and hid in the back of the crowd while the run director welcomed everyone. There were a lot more people than I thought, but after the first couple of hundred metres the crowds spread out and it was a lot of fun.

Joanne: I was delighted to discover that parkrun was for all abilities and was a wonderfully social, inclusive experience.




How many different parkruns have you been to? If more than Karkarook. What is your favourite and why?

Cath: Apart from the lake loops at Karki that are always a delight I’ve also ran at Jells Park, Albert Park, Ararat, Chelsea, Lawson in the Blue Mountains and Bairnsdale, that might rival Karki for the prettiest course with it's riverside and autumn trees.

Joanne: Karkarook is my home and favourite parkrun. I enjoy parkrun tourism and have participated in parkrun at Inverloch, Hamilton Island, and Chelsea Bicentennial, and Western Springs next to Auckland Zoo where we heard the lions roaring whilst we ran the 3-lap course.




What is your best memory from parkrun?

Cath: When Mum and I volunteered for pre-run set up and covered the parkrun course in chalk words of encouragement, including a drawing of the Karki dragonfly.

Joanne: In 2020, just before COVID I ran at Karkarook parkrun with my daughter, her friends and my nephew.




What do you like most about parkrun?

Cath: I really do enjoy having a weekly tempo run that is timed to help improve. It is also really good to be able to talk about other runners and “running things;” what their training plans are and what events they’re signing up for like the classic Sandy Point Run that lots of Karki runners enjoy.

Joanne: I love that parkrun is for the whole family and get a buzz when I see families participating together.




Are you a walker, jogger, runner or a mixture depending on your mood?

Cath: Mostly a runner, but sometimes you’ve got to take it easy.

Joanne: I’m a jogger and sometimes a dog walker.




What other activities do you do?

Cath: Does trail running count as a separate activity? No…what about volunteers at trail running events?

Joanne: I enjoy bush walking, gardening and I make patchwork quilts.




What is your current favourite TV show or Movie – ie: looking for recommendations for all of us in lockdown.

Cath: The adventurer Beau Miles on YouTube with crazy challenges like 1 mile an hour for 24 hours is a delight to watch. I’ve also got some Netflix Halloween recommendations to inspire your running - Zombieland (Cardio is rule 1), Fear Street, and the Korean Zombie TV show Kingdom.

Joanne: I love watching distance racing on YouTube (Barkley Challenge). On Apple TV - Ted Lasso, Morning Wars, and Truth Be Told.