Karkarook parkrun – Meet your fellow Karkies – 29th September 2021




This week we have a fantastic interview with the Cooper family!

Thanks to Natalie who caught up with Phil, Cassie, Grayson, Beckett and Katya to find out what they love about parkrun.


When was your first parkrun?

Phil: Guessing September 2019,

Cassie: I’ll go with Phil because he is better at remembering dates than me.

Grayson: I thought it was August because we went before Katya’s birthday.

Beckett: 2020? May.

Katya: With Dad.



How did you find out about parkrun?

Phil : Cassie.

Cassie: My school Cross Country team

Grayson: Mum

Beckett: Dad.

Katya : Beckett, Grayson, Mum, Dad, all.



Why did you first go to parkrun and did you go on your own or were you invited by a friend / relative?

Phil: It was about doing exercise. I ran with relatives. It’s all about family.

Cassie: It was a beautiful day and we thought “Why not give it a go?”

Grayson: I first went to parkrun because my Mum took me there. And even though I didn’t want to do it she coached me through.

Beckett: I went because Mum told me it was good. I ran with my family.

Katya: Mum took me to the playground after.



Where did you do your first parkrun?

Everyone: (yelling) KARKAROOK PARK!!!!



What were your first impressions or thoughts when you arrived?

Phil : Quite a few people.

Cassie: I was a bit nervous about doing it for the first time, but everyone seemed in a really good mood.

Grayson: I’m not going to be able to do this.

Beckett: About this guy who was running so fast. He kept doing laps.

Katya: it was fun.



How many different parkruns have you been to?

3 - (Karki, Rye and Kangaroo Island)



What is your favourite and why?
Phil. Karkarook. Cassie: Karki. Grayson: Easy. Karkarook. Beckett: Karkarook... when I did 3 laps.



What is your best memory from parkrun?

Phil : Seeing Cassie run her first parkrun after her heart attack.

Cassie : Running over the line with Katya when she first ran the whole thing.

Grayson : When I ran to the end and vomited on my shoes.

Beckett : Running 3 laps with my cousins and Aunty.

Katya : Being pushed in the pram.




What do you like most about parkrun?

Phil : It’s close to home and it’s a good distance for the whole family.

Cassie : The community.

Grayson : parkrun itself.

Beckett : How it actually exercises you.

Katya : Getting into the car at the end.



Are you a walker, jogger, runner or a mixture depending on your mood?

Phil : Runner.

Cassie : Runner or Vollie.

Grayson : Runner.

Beckett : Mixture of both.

Katya : Jogger.



What other activities do you do?

Phil: Indoor Cycling.

Cassie : Bodypump, RPM, Centr app.

Grayson : Outside games, Footy, hockey.

Beckett : Backyard games

Katya : Jumping and exercise.



What is your current favourite TV show or Movie – ie: looking for recommendations for all of us in lockdown.

Phil : Shawshank Redemption.

Cassie : Anything Zombie related. Train to Busan is amazing.

Grayson : Star Trek

Beckett : Harry Potter

Katya : Number Jacks.