Karkarook parkrun – Meet you fellow Karkies – 15th September 2021





Thanks to Natalie for another great interview in our “Meet your fellow Karkies” series.

This week Natalie speaks to An, who adds so much to our event! Whether he is running with his sons, chasing a PB, doing one of his regular volunteer stints, recruiting his friends or supporting his wife Mel in her Run Director role, An loves parkrun!



When was your first parkrun?

Phillip Island 8/9/2018.



How did you find out about parkrun?

Through a mate who does parkrun @ Berwick Springs.



Why did you first go to parkrun and did you go on your own or were you invited by a friend or relative?

To stay fit and I went with a mate on our annual boys only weekend trip.


Where did you do your first parkrun?

Churchill Island @Phillip Island for a boy’s weekend trip. What a way to a cure hang over by doing a parkrun lol.



What were your first impressions or thoughts when you arrived?

Wow what a view!
These people are crazy, out and about early in the morning in the cold to run 5ks.
Man was it fun racing others.



How many different parkruns have you been to?
(if more than Karkarook) What is your favorite and why?

Been to 9 dif parkruns.
Chelsea, Gardiners Creek, Inverloch, Dandenong, Marriott, Phillip Island, Berwick Springs, Rosebud and Jells Park.
Best view is Churchill on Phillip Island, 2nd Karki

Best park run is Karkarook (was deciding which parkrun should be my home base, Chelsea or Karki. Karki it was, cos it’s such a family/friendly parkrun. Just in awe of some of the great people at Karki that I've meet).



What is your best memory from parkrun?

Getting my family debuting at parkrun @ Karki, eg sister, nephew, cous and friends.
Doing my 50th with Xavier’s 10th Junior run. Mel on her Run Director debut.
Getting Karen my friend onboard after 6 months of nagging.



What do you like most about parkrun?

Just love the people and the positive energy from all ages. I’m not normally a morning person but I get up early every Saturday for parkrun.



Are you a walker, jogger, runner or a mixture depending on your mood?

Mostly a runner chasing PBs (trying to break 20 mins) if not running with Xavier lol.



What other activities do yo do?

Love to fish.
Hang out with fam and friends.



What is your current favourite TV show or Movie - ie: looking for recommendations for all of us in Lockdown.

Got into Korean Drama on Netflix from lockdown (thank god for sub titles). If you are thinking about giving it a go watch “It’s ok not to be ok.” (OMG so good, such a fantastic/meaningful series to watch).



What are you doing whilst parkrun is not taking place at the moment?

It’s great to also have non parkrun to motivate others to be active during these crazy times to keep us sane and healthy.