Karkarook parkrun is cancelled on 26 September 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Karkarook parkrun – 22 September 2020


karki parkrun news update - welcome!



Hello everyone,

Well, parkrun re-commenced in 4 locations last Saturday morning!

It was good to know that parkrun was back and to also see the photos from all these parkrun events. There were milestone celebrations and cakes, happy faces and awesome vollies, so many people happily participating and being with their local parkrun communities once again.

In this week’s news we take a look at the re-opening of parkrun in the Northern Territory and at Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun, which is located in the Falkland Islands.

We also summarise all of our Karki (not) parkrun and estimated time challenge efforts.

Whilst twelve months ago at Karkarook it looked like a great morning for smiles at our 150th event.




(not) parkrun

Results for Week 14 - 14th to the 20th of September.

It’s good to see the new and familiar names of runners, joggers and walkers that form our parkrun community getting out and about, running or walking 5 kms then submitting their times to represent Karkarook on the (not) parkrun results table.

In all we had 36 (not) parkrunners completing 58 (not) parkrun runs or walks last week.

We welcomed four new (not) parkrun “first timers.” Thanks to Jacob Lye, Lorinda Shaw, Rupert Van Dongen and Wade Greenstreet. Well done to you all on completing your first (not) parkrun.

(not) parkrun PBs were achieved by:

  • Angeleno Shannon (32:49)
  • Beckett Cooper (28:41)
  • Lyn Bullock (26:18)
  • Irene Brown (30:02)
  • Mandy Lay (31:58)
  • Nathan Ruys (20:08)
  • Priscilla Reilly (56:10)


Our fastest finishers were Rupert Van Dongen (18:56) and Ann Marie Carolan (23:50).

Congratulations to Rupert whose performance achieved the highest age graded percentage with 75.44%.

Getting the seconds just right was Adam Somes who was the only person to record an aesthetically pleasing time. (25:25).

Derek Shaw enjoyed a walk with wife Lorinda whilst virtually bringing the event to a close as our (not) parkrun tail walker.

Remember your fastest time each week is included in the weekly (not) parkrun results table. You can record one (not) parkrun run or walk per day.

(not) parkrun is a good way to keep and feel connected with the parkrun community. It can  can also help motivate you to stay fit and active. Let’s see how many people we can get into our (not) parkrun results table this week. Why (not) invite a family member or friend to join you on your 5km run or walk?



Margaret and Ian


Estimated Times



Thanks to everyone who let us know how they went with their (not) parkrun and estimated time efforts. Well done to An Du, who not only managed a super quick time for his 5 km run, but was also only 9 seconds from his estimated time.

You can claim all the estimated time kudos and bragging rights again An!

Here’s how everyone went.

Cassie said that all their guess we way off except for Phil. Cassie and Phil completed 5k runs on both Saturday and Sunday whilst Beckett & Grayson went on Sunday and had a run with each of their parents, running 28:41 and 31:02.

Chris said that the new best thing about (not) parkrun...we couldn’t do it on Saturday so we did it on Sunday.

Kim said she has consistently been running 32 minutes plus, so her estimate and goal was 31:59. Kim had a great run with 31:21 with her last lap 30 seconds quicker than the rest. Kim said that it is getting hot in Brisbane so needs to head out earlier in the day.

Natalie’s estimate was an aesthetically pleasing 33 minutes. Natalie reported that sadly, her run was completed in a not so aesthetically pleasing time of 34:22 - exactly one minute slower than her registered parkrun PB. We think that 34:22 was a good effort anyway Natalie.

An told us he was going for a fast one with his estimate and goal being 21:55. An had a great run and was just 9 seconds outside his target with a time of 22:04.

Rachael said that she was running with Carla for their Bayside (not) parkrun. Carla was aiming for a time of around 30 minutes for 5 kms. Rachael told us later that Carla kept a steady pace running the entire 5 kms in 33:53 and then continued on for another 5 kms with a mixture of running and walking. Great work Carla and Rachael!



Chris, Simon, Anne and Nathan Ruys


parkrun NT

It was great to see parkrun re-commence in the Northern Territory last weekend. In all, there were 377 finishers and 29 volunteers who took part across the three parkrun events at Darwin, Nightcliff and Palmerston.


Darwin parkrun - 97 parkrunners and 8 volunteers and at least one parkrun four legged friend.



Nightcliff parkrun - 185 parkrunners, 12 volunteers and a 50th milestone to young James, pictured above with his family (yellow shirt).



Palmerston parkrun - 95 parkrunners and 9 volunteers plus lots of yummy cakes. How would it be having a parkrun that starts and finishes inside a water park!



Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun

EE758D73-792B-4F78-8D52-AFC9FBE77793Cape Pembroke - parkrun 31 parkrunners, 5 volunteers. First finisher Tom Harvey 19:34 (top right - the other photos were taken from their event history).


Cape Pembroke Lighthouse parkrun must go pretty close to being the most isolated member of the parkrun community, but last Saturday morning they were back!

We took these extracts from their run report of last Saturday’s return, their 23rd event.

”This being 2020, it was never going to be a straightforward return. Displaying a Putinesque desire to demonstrate the reaches of her power, Mother Nature dealt us gale force winds and wind chill of -6 to welcome us back. Classic Falklands springtime.”

and these sentiments sum up their return beautifully...

”It has been lovely to hear messages of support from other parkruns all over the world prior to restarting this morning. It’s no surprise to know that parkrun means a lot to a lot of people, but it’s nice to feel that many were running vicariously through us this morning, and humbling to feel part of something big and global (and that is not a pandemic).”

“Stay safe, and hope to see you all running again soon.”





A look back 12 months - Event number 150



Event 150 - At a Glance...

  •  271 - Finishers
  •  17 - Volunteers
  •  45 - First Timers & Visitors
  •  31 - PBs
  •  First Finisher - Andrew Compson 17:19 and Caroline Cleary 21:54
  •  Highest Age Graded Performance - Dylan Oakley (JM10) - 20:02 - 81.61%
  • Tail Walker - Jacob Lye - 59:08
  • Run Director - Rachael Roach



Catherine Kershaw was our most experienced tourist at Event 150. Catherine has now completed 234 parkruns at 37 locations. Most of Catherine’s running has been in the ACT where she has ran 165 at Tuggeranong parkrun. Catherine has volunteered 15 times and has a parkrun PB of 28:30.



Karkarook regulars to run or walk PBs at Event 150 were:

Alex Haywood (17:58), Chris Monaghan (19:04), Daniel Wells (26:05), Dylan Oakley (20:02), Ian West (37:52), Jenny Gatfield (26:12), Keyan Mianji (37:52), Liam O’Donnell (25:40), Marcus Poon (26:43), Mark Lavery (25:16), Michael Sutton (58:37), Nathan Ruys (23:28), Rene Matihas (25:58), Sophie Elsworth (24:27), Stuart King (17:56), Tonette Kaufman (26:32) and Tony O’Donnell (29:43).






Our Volunteers were: Chris Ruys (Barcode Scanning), Derek Shaw (Barcode Scanning), Eliza Sammells (Token Sorting), Graham Sammells (Barcode Scanning), Ian West (First Timers Briefing), Jane Rossiter (Marshal), Jacob Lye (Tail Walker), James Scott (Marshal), Justine Bertrand (Marshal), Kellie Hamilton (Other) Lee Roach (Photographer), Les West (Timekeeper), Rachael Roach (Run Director), Simon Ruys (Finish Token Support), Stewart Gardiner (Finish Tokens) and Thomas West (Pre-event Set Up).






Why not send us a photo of your (not) parkrun or your estimated time efforts?

Remember that you can contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or send us a direct message to our Facebook page or in the comments of our posts.




Well that’s about all for this week. Take care everyone.




Karkarook parkrun – 15 September 2020


the karki parki newsletter - welcome!




In this week’s news we summarise all of our (not) parkrun and estimated time challenge efforts. We also take a look at the re-opening of parkrun in the NT and we go back twelve months to check out Karki’s 149th event.



(not) parkrun

Results for Week 13 - the 7th to the 13th of September.

It’s great to see that the number of people representing Karkarook parkrun keeps growing each week. It’s nice to see the new and familiar names of runners, joggers and walkers alike, in our (not) parkrun results table.

Last week we had 39 (not) parkrunners who completed 55 (not) parkrun runs or walks.

Last week we welcomed six new (not) parkrun “first timers.” Welcome and thanks to the Kaufman family, Patrick, Tonette and Chloe and also to newcomers Beckett Cooper, Derek Shaw and Mandy Lay. Well done to you all.

The following six people recorded personal best times for (not) parkrun last week. Congratulations to:


  • Danielle McDonald - 29:51 - great run and sub 30 by Danielle in her 5th (not) parkrun.
  • Grayson Cooper - 24:43 - super run by Grayson who is in the JM10 age group.
  • Mary Harper - 32:00 - a great run and a big PB for Mary 2:37 quicker than her PB the week before.
  • Nathan Ruys - 20:16 - Nathan is so close to a sub 20 (not) parkrun. Fantastic run  once again.
  • Simon McFarlane - 22:16 - great running by Simon, second on the results table with his third PB in a row.
  • Priscilla Reilly - 64:07 - a PB for Priscilla in her second (not) parkrun.


Our speedy first finishers were Nathan Ruys (20:16) and Chloe Kaufman (25:55).

Chris Brown achieved the highest age graded percentage for the fourth week in a row with a percentage of 67:43% Chris’s (not) parkrun time of 24:52 was recorded in the (VM60-64) year old age group. Awesome work Chris!

Aesthetically Pleasing times were recorded by: Mandy Lay (35:00), Mary Harper (32:00) and Priscilla Gall (26:00).

Priscilla Reilly (64:07) virtually brought the event to a close as our (not) parkrun tail walker. Thanks Priscilla!

You can record one (not) parkrun activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in the weekly (not) parkrun results table.

Let’s see how many people we can get into our (not) parkrun results table this week. Why (not) invite a family member or friend to join you on your 5km run or walk?




Estimated Time Challenge


The two Nats enjoying a Karki parki masked jump shot!


Cassie Cooper was the winner of the Karki Bragging Rights for last weekend’s “Estimated Time Challenge”. Cassie was only 23 seconds from her estimate for her 5 km run. Well done Cassie!

Here’s what we said about our targets, walks and runs last weekend.

”If it’s not raining tomorrow I’ll do 3 laps of Karkarook. Aiming for 45 minutes” - Sezzy.

”Was going to run for 31 minutes, but walked instead in 44:59.” - Carla.

Manna said she would be completing her (not) parkrun In 59:59 on Saturday and In 59:58 on Sunday.

An estimated a time of 26:36 for 5km but then picked up the pace to get out of the rain. He finished in 23:50!

Natalie Vujovich said, “Due to the constant rain on Saturday I didn’t get out for a run but did go for a walk at Karki this morning with fellow Karki Parkie Nat Petty. We did approximately 50 minutes for the 5 kms and managed to get a couple of masked jump shots for the album.”

Shaun went to the athletic track at Rowans Road to run his 5km. Whilst Shaun said he ran a little slower than what he hoped, he couldn’t complain as it was a great arvo to go outside for a run.

Kim ran two 5 km runs on the weekend. The first on Saturday was 32:02 and then following day she ran 32:04. Great consistent running Kim.

Chris said “The cold wet weather restricted Dingley Bypass Unofficial parkrun to only two participants this week, but it was a great day for Ducks and Ibises.”




Jason’s aim was to run 11 kms in 60 minutes. Jason smashed that with 11.3 kms in total. He said he was also lucky not to have stepped on a brown snake! It was on the corner gravel section, just before the turn to the finish line at Karkarook.

Cassie and Phil went out for a run with sons Grayson and Beckett. They were all super quick and much too fast for their estimated times. Beckett joined for the first time and his 5 kms run was in a time of just over 36 minutes.

Mary got a nice surprise when she ran a huge PB! Mary ran 32 minutes for her 5 kms after estimating she would run 34:20!







parkrun NT



It’s exciting to think that this Saturday morning, parkrun will reopen in Australia.

It will be all parkrun systems go at our three parkrun events in the Northern Territory - Darwin, Palmerston and Nightcliff.

We’re sure that everyone will have a great time and we’re hoping that things go super smoothly for the event teams and all in attendance.

Darwin was the first parkrun to commence in the Northern Territory on the 26th of October 2014. Now 332 events old, the course starts at the southern end of Bicentennial Park and travels north along the Esplanade on an out and back course.

Palmerston parkrun launched in September 2016 and starts and finishes in the Palmerston Water Park.

Nightcliff parkrun is held on a paved course through the historic and beautiful Nightcliff foreshore. The path travels along cliffs and provides parkrunners with views of Rapid Creek and Shoal Bay. Nightcliff parkrun commenced in February 2018.

parkrun events in the NT commence at 7am.




A look back - 12 months - Event 149



Event 149 - At a Glance...

  • 283 - Participants
  • 17 - Volunteers
  • 36 - First Timers & Visitors
  • 40 - PBS
  • Milestones - Andy Ormesher - 50th parkrun!
  • First Finishers - Rubin Howard (17:14) and Lizzy Holst 19:48
  • Highest Age Graded Performance - Rubin Howard (JM11-14) - 17:14 - 82.30%
  • Tail Walker - Darren Ellis - 1:02:16
  • Run Director - Chris Ruys




10 people made their parkrun debuts at Event 149. Our most experienced tourist was Michael Twycross who has now completed 135 parkruns at Toolern Vale, has a total of 163 parkruns to his credit and has volunteered 29 times.




Regular Karki parkrunners and parkwalkers to record a new personal best time were:

Chris Bartlett (36:19), Christian Day (20:15), Clifford Nguyen (20:19), David Tran (24:21), Grayson Cooper (31:52), Hannah Faulks (27:45), Jamie Schellebeck (23:48), Joshua Cant (21:18), Justine Leopold (28:44), Katrina Harris (25:35), Ken Bowden (22:14), Leisa Robinson (32:04), Lizzy Holst (19:48), Matt Turner (21:48), Nathan Ruys (23:48), Penelope Wells (28:57), Priscilla Gall (26:21), Robert Melita 28:03, Natalie Petty (28:35) and Toni Bowman (32:19).






Our Volunteers were: Andrew, Lily & Ruby Compson (Marshals & Photographers), Catherine Antcliff (Barcode Scanning), Chris Ruys (Run Director), Darren Ellis (Tail Walker), Evan Healy (Finish Token Support), Lynden Roberts (Barcode Scanning), Margaret Dunbar (Marshal), Mark Cant (Token Sorting),  Michael Sutton (Photographer), Ming Li Yee (Finish Tokens), Natalie Vujovich (Pre-Event Set Up), Peter Blake (Timekeeper), Rosie O’Loughlin (Marshal), Sarah Johnson (First Timers Briefing) and Simon McFarlane (Pre-Event Set Up).





Don’t forget you can contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or send us a direct message on Facebook or in the comments.




Take care everyone. Have a good week!




Karkarook parkrun – 9th September 2020


welcome to the karki parkrun news



Since our newsletter was published last week, parkrun Australia have announced the exciting news that parkrun events in the Northern Territory are scheduled to reopen on Saturday, the 19th of September. That’s fantastic news for all parkrunners in the Top End!

We would like to send our best wishes to all the event teams in the Northern Territory as they busily make preparations for their return.

In this week’s news we summarise all of our (not) parkrun and estimated time challenge efforts. We also go back 3 years to take a look at event 44.



(not) parkrun Results for last week - week 12

The number of people representing Karkarook parkrun is growing each week. It’s great to see new and familiar names in our (not) parkrun results table. Last week we had 35 (not) parkrunners who completed 62 (not) parkrun runs or walks.

Last week we welcomed seven new “first timers” who made their (not) parkrun debuts for Karki. Welcome and thanks to: Carla Wallace, Jillian Campbell, Melanie Myers, Phillip Cooper, Priscilla Reilly and Timothy Holden.

(not) parkrun can be a great way to keep tabs on your training progress in a public forum. It can be a good way to keep yourself accountable, out the front door and out on the course of your choice. Just like parkrun, you can take it easy or aim a for new 5km best time.

The following people recorded personal best times for (not) parkrun last week. Congratulations to:

  • Cataldo Mase - aesthetically pleasing, new (not) parkrun PB of 33:33.
  • Chris Brown - recorded another PB and was in fine form with a time of 24:41.
  • Irene Brown - aesthetically pleasing as well and a nice (not) PB of 31:00 for Irene.
  • Jason McCaul - recorded a slick time of 23:57 on his way through to a new 30 minute best distance target.
  • Mary Harper - a great run at Karki by Mary with 34:37.
  • Matthew Kerr - second PB in a row for Matthew with 26:43 last week.
  • Rowan Cole - great run by Rowan and close to that 30 minute mark with 30:07.
  • Sally Kenney - well done to Sally with 29:19.
  • Simon McFarlane - second on the results table and second PB in a row with 22:39.
  • Steph McClymont - another nice run by Steph with 28:06.

Nathan Ruys (20:45) and Cassie Cooper (25:24) were our first finishers.

Chris Brown achieved the highest age graded percentage for the third week in a row with 67:32%. His (not) parkrun time of 24:41 was recorded in the (VM60-64) year old age group.

Aesthetically Pleasing times were recorded by: Cataldo Mase (33:33), Irene Brown (31:00), Phillip Cooper (24:00) and Timothy Holden (51:00).

Priscilla Reilly (65:02), in her first appearance at (not) parkrun, was our virtual tail walker.

Remember you can record one (not) parkrun activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in the weekly (not) parkrun results table.

(not) parkrun is a good incentive to keep up your training and stay connected to the parkrun community. If you haven’t already done so, then give it a go!

(not) parkrun times are submitted via the (not) parkrun tab in your parkrun profile page.




And we’re off and parkrunning at event 44!

Estimated Time Challenge

Nathan Ruys holds onto the Karki parkrun bragging rights for another week with his perfect estimated time effort. Nathan was spot on with his estimate of 20:45 for for his 5km run. Congratulations Nathan, great pacing and running once again!

Jason tried something a little different with an estimate of how far he would run in 30 minutes. His run of 6.26 kms was only 60 metres further than his estimate of 6.2 kms. That’s really nice running Jason!

Jason had a great plan to aim for a 30 minute distance target and also a 5 km time split on the way through, he said “I’m doing my 2nd 30 minute challenge tomorrow, looking to beat my 5.86 kms from 3 weeks ago, aiming for 6.2 kms. I’ll take a 5 kms snapshot and aim for 24:15 for 5 kms at Karki for my estimate.”

Jason later reported that he had gone through 5 kms in 23:53 only 22 seconds from his plan.

An was planning to run 20 kms over the weekend, so predicted a time of 27:56 as his estimate for his 5 kms run.  An later said that the weather had been awesome with a slight breeze and that he had ran 26:28.

Mary estimated 35:40 for her 5km run and then told us, “Actual time was 34:37, it was beautiful at Karkarook Park today, lots of people out enjoying an hour of exercise.”



Mary and friends


Thanks to Carla who joined us for the first time for the estimated time challenge and for (not) parkrun. Carla got pretty close to her estimate of 32:00, running 31:22.

Shaun said he was heading to the track at Rowans Road to hopefully clock 23:35 for his 5kms.  He later told us, “Felt good running laps today and I have just beat my estimated time by 3 seconds which I’m pretty happy with.”

Natalie Petty said that she wasn’t really sure how far she was going to run, hoping for 3km in 21:00. She ended up being way out on her estimate, running 18:58 for her 3km split on the way to 5kms in 34:35. Natalie said the last 2 kms were 500 metres of jogging alternating with 500 metre of power walks.

Cassie told us that Phil was aiming for 25:30, Grayson was aiming for 26:30 and that she was shooting for 27:22. Cassie later told us that their estimates were very off, but two very happy runners. Phil 24:00 flat and Cassie 25:24. Grayson however, ran 28:02 and blamed his big breakfast.

Natalie Vujovich had earlier predicted that she would run 32:32 for 5 kms. Natalie later told us that she didn’t get aesthetically pleasing today, but that she did get a personally pleasing 31:52.

Sezzy went to Karkarook and ran 7.5 kms with her Uncle Terry, whilst Cataldo was aiming for a 5km time of 35:00. Cataldo ended his run in fine aesthetically pleasing form with 33:33.

“Dingley Bypass unofficial parkrun went ahead a little late after 1/3 of the participants had a sleep in. Conditions were colder than it looked and a head wind on the way out kept the times to nothing spectacular, but Nathan paced himself perfectly.” - Chris.



Chris heading out for his Saturday morning (not) parkrun at his Dingley Bypass unofficial parkrun!


A look back 3 years to Event 44 - 9th September 2017


First timers briefing - can you spot some now familiar first time faces?


This time, three years ago, it looked like a perfect morning to head off on a run or walk at parkrun.

At our 44th event Vanessa Jones was our Run Director and we had 120 runners, joggers and walkers and 9 wonderful vollies.





It was a big day for first timers and visitors with 28 new faces at Karkarook. Among our first timers were: Ajay Kavasseri, Anita Ajay, Lesleigh Mather, Phil Walls and Janne and Terry Randall.

Phil & Lesleigh have gone on to be weekly parkrun regulars with 88 and 87 runs apiece at Karkarook. Phil and Lesleigh each have a grand total of 90 parkruns in total. They have both visited the Southwark parkrun in the UK and the Hagley parkrun in New Zealand. Lesleigh has also snuck away to visit the Berrinba parkrun in Queensland. They have also volunteered for us on 8 and 10 occasions each.

Terry and Jane have run at Karkarook 38 and 34 times. Terry has a total of 173 parkruns to his credit with 52 of these being at Jells. Janne has completed 44 parkruns at Jells in her grand total of 148 parkruns. Terry has volunteered 9 times whilst Janne has donned the orange vest on 6 occasions.

Anita and Ajay have both been regulars at Albert parkrun with Anita parkrunning there 93 times, Ajay 104 times. They have also volunteered a number of times (Anita 12 and Ajay 14). Anita has ran at Karki 21 times in her tally of 152 parkruns whilst Ajay has 25 runs at Karkarook with 176 in total.





It was a good day for running and walking fast and 26 people did just that. We had a total of 26 PBs. Here’s a list of some of our regulars with the parkrun PB time they set on that day:

Amber Louw (20:13), Ann Collins (27:20), Arthur Wall (24:47), Caroline Bertrand 21:37), Chelsea Whittle (23:03), Chris Chandler (28:01), Emma McCaffrey (27:54), James Pickering (29:17), Janice La (42:14), Jennifer Morley (23:49), Jett Towne (28:42), Jo Whittle (24:46), Jodie Simos (30:59), Lucy Jackson (24:28), Nick Jackson 23:39), Shanty Lourie (30:36) and Sophie Lawson (21:53).




Our junior parkrunners were setting the pace. The first finishers were Rubin Howard (JM11-14) 19:47 and Amber Louw (JW11-14) 20:13.

Amber’s fantastic run achieved the highest age grade result for the day with 80:54%.

Rubin time achieved an aged graded percentage of 75.15%, whilst top percentages were also achieved by Chelsea Whittle (JW10) -  23:03 - 74:04% and Sophie Lawson (JW11-14) - 21:53 - 72.96%

In our last newsletter, we had a look at the parkrunners with the most first finishes at Karkarook. This week we thought it would be interesting to take a look at our Age Graded League table.

In total, 90 parkrunners have achieved the difficult to achieve, age graded percentage of 80% or above, in our 175 events.  The list below shows our top 20 performances.

It’s interesting to note that our course record performances by Michael and Karinna are ranked at number 13 & number 6 on an age graded basis.

A list of the top 1000 age graded performances can be found on the Karkarook parkrun website. Click on the results tab and then on the age graded league tab.






Our volunteers at event 44 were: Chris Beck (Finish Tokens), Chris Ruys (Timekeeper),  Milla Chambers (Token Sorter), Nina Podolsky (Barcode Scanning), Oyiela Litaba (Photographer), Renée Webster (Tail Walker), Sarah Morley (Finish Token Support), Tony Messenger (Marshal) and Vanessa Jones (Run Director).





Here’s some more photos from 3 years ago. Let’s see how many familiar faces you can put a name too.








Coming Up

As always you can contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or direct message us on Facebook. Look out for our posts on Facebook during the week. It’s also a good idea to follow the parkrun Australia Facebook page for updates and fun facts.

Well that’s about it for this week. We hope everyone is well and as happy as can be.

There’s some more photos and the full (not) parkrun results table from last week below.







Eugene being looked after by the friendly volunteers!



(not) parkrun full results 31/08/20 to 6/09/20








Karkarook parkrun – 2 September 2020


welcome to the karki parki news

Chewie taking in some fresh air at the 3k mark.


It sure wasn’t a good weekend for getting out for some exercise if you don’t like the wind.

At the moment there’s little chance of finding a new, downhill 5 km trail to run along with the wind behind our backs, so many of us had to tough it out last weekend, for at least half of our journeys by running into that strong breeze.

Anyway, we hope you all could remember the training benefits you were gaining as you were pushing through the wind.  A run or walk in bad conditions can feel great when you’ve finished. An accomplishment that you can draw on later when things get tough again.

In this week’s news we summarise all of our (not) parkrun and estimated time challenge efforts. We also take a look at our 94th parkrun which was held two years ago.



(not) parkrun Results for last week - week 11

We had another fantastic result for Karkarook parkrun with a total of 33 (not) parkrunners last week. A new record of parkrunners completing a new record of 65 (not) parkrun runs or walks.

Thanks to everyone who participated once again to cemented our place in the top 10 of the national (not) parkrun results tables. parkruns in Victoria had an awesome number of (not) parkruns that were submitted.

Last week welcomed three new “first timers” who made their (not) parkrun debuts for Karki in the results. Welcome and thanks to: Bruce Johns (45:00), Cassie Cooper (30:15) and Grayson Cooper (26:45),

Congratulations to Anne Marie Carolan (23:50), Berta Armijo (33:37), Jason McCaul (24:27), Karen Foster (27:06), Lynn Bullock (26:29), Matthew Kerr (29:05) and Simon McFarlane (23:26) who all set new (not) parkrun personal best times.

Nathan Ruys (20:42) and Anne Marie Carolan (23:50) were our first finishers once again. Chris Brown achieved the highest age graded percentage with 63.38% for his run of (25:02) in the (VM60-64) year old age group.

Cataldo Mase (51:09) was our virtual tail walker.

Remember you can record one (not) parkrun activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in the weekly (not) parkrun results table.

(not) parkrun is a good incentive to keep up your training, stay connected and perhaps set yourself some little goals.

(not) parkrun times are submitted via the (not) parkrun tab in your parkrun profile.


Estimated Time Challenge


(The also amazing) Simon and Anne Ruys


The amazing Nathan Ruys was not only the quickest on our (not) parkrun results table but also the closest to his estimated time for his 5km run.  Nathan’s running has improved so much over the last few years and he now consistently runs great times between 20 to 21 minutes. Take a virtual bow Nathan, the Karki bragging rights are all yours once again.

Here’s a list of everyone’s estimates and actual times. Thanks to all who participated.


  • Nathan Ruys - 5kms - est. 20:30, actual 20:42 - 12 seconds.
  • Natalie Petty - 3kms - est. 20:30, actual 20:13 - 17 seconds.
  • Shaun Mersey - 5kms - estimate 23:40, actual 23:58 - 18 seconds.
  • Kim Marie & Naresh - 5km walk - est. 56:00, actual 56:22 - 22 seconds.
  • Jason McCaul - 3kms - est. 13:59, actual 13:30 - 29 seconds.
  • Chris Ruys - 5kms - est. 24:25, actual 23:49 - 36 seconds.
  • Kim Marie- 5kms - est. 29:59, actuals 31:16 & 30:36 - closest 37 seconds.
  • Simon Ruys - 5kms - est. 26:30, actual 27:17 - 47 seconds.
  • Natalie Vujovich - 5kms - est. 37:37, actual 36:47 - 50 seconds.
  • An Du - 5kms - est. 21:50, actual 22:55 - 65 seconds.
  • Rachael Roach - 5kms - est. 29:09, actual 27:39 - 90 seconds.
  • Jason McCaul - 5kms - est. 26:00, actual 24:27 - 93 seconds
  • Cassie Cooper - 5kms - est. 28:10, actual 25:15 - 175 seconds.



Natalie springing into a new season vibe


And here’s what you told us about your runs, walks, estimated times and (not) parkruns.

My guess was wrong but I couldn’t be happier with my time. Guessed 28:10, did it in 25:15. Saw the swans on a nest too.” - Cassie.

The wind today was tough. I actually ended up doing 4km in a time of 27:15.” - Natalie Petty.

Was hoping for calmer conditions but I think the winds are even wilder...I certainly felt it this mornings couple of times I swore I was going no where but backwards whilst facing forwards.” - Rachael.

Jason told us that he had already completed a 3km time trial during the week and had ran an impressive 13:30 after estimating a time of 13:59. Jason said he was going to have a karki crack over the weekend, going for a push effort of 24:30. Jason later revised his estimate to 26:00 but then had a great run of 24:27 on Sunday afternoon. Jason said Karki was crazy busy and that he had to avoid bikes a couple of times.

Kim reported that she had completed a 5km walk with partner Naresh and had also competed two other 5km runs last weeks. Kim ran 31:16 and 30:36 after estimating 29:59.

Shaun said that he went and ran laps at the Rowans Rd athletics track and ran 5kms in 23:58. Shaun told us that he was happy with that time as his legs had felt real heavy.

An said that he had estimated 21:50 for his 5km run but that the deceiving wind slowed him down to 22:55.

Chris reported that it was a perfect day for the 22nd edition of his Dingley Bypass unofficial parkrun! We didn’t even need our winter woolies!

Whilst Derek said, “Some kind of wind today...I’ll save our (not) parkrun time...for next time...not even (not) parkrun worthy really...but we did it hey Chewie!”

Natalie said that “My times are never very good so let’s say 5km for 37:37 and see how close we can get.”



We’ve all felt like this after a run!


A look back two years - Event 94 - 1 September 2018

We were still running in a clockwise direction two years ago. I loved getting that little kick off that hill with about 600 metres to go.

At event 94 it was the first day of Spring, we had pacers and we had 150 runners, joggers and walkers and 15 awesome volunteers.

Aleisha Wills and Angela Ngo were amongst the 21 first time visitors who we welcomed to Karkarook Park.

Aleisha now has a total of 70 parkruns to her credit at 14 different locations. Aleisha often volunteers for us at Karki and has ran here on 7 occasions. Aleisha’s parkrun PB is the 23:30 that she recorded during her fifth run here.

Angela has now ran 18 runs at Karkarook, and 31 in total at 9 different events. Angela’s PB of 22:15 was recorded at Albert Melbourne in November 2019.



Being the first Saturday of the month it was a Pacer Day. 24 people took advantage of the sunny conditions to record a new PB including the following Karki regulars.

Anne Mullan (46:58), Berta Armijo (28:48), Christian Day (25:13), Debbie Tunbridge (31:42), George Lay (22:24), Glynn Riseley (43:23), Jackie Cant (32:46), Jason Louey (21:58), Jono Fuelling (21:51), Marsha Roberts (31:32), Megan Riley (35:07), Natalie Vujovich (43:36), Rubin Howard (18:19),

Our first finishers at event 94 were Stef Taranto (17:39) and Jessica Ingleby (20:03).

Stef has finished first at Karkarook on 14 occasions, whilst Jessica holds the record at Karkarook for the most number of first finishers - 17 times.

Here’s a list below of the people who have finished first the most number of times. The best time listed is the athlete’s best “first finish” time. For example, Stef’s Karkarook personal best time is the 16:47 he recorded in March 2019. Stef finished in third place that day.

A full list of our first finishers can be found under the results tab of Karkarook parkrun’s webpage.




Jessica (JW11-14) also recorded the highest age graded result with her time of 20:03 (81.21%).

Our Tail Walker was Glenda Leigh who brought the event to a close after 54 minutes and 41 seconds.





Our Volunteers were: Abigail Cant (Pre Event set up), Amy Mulholland (Pacer), Andy Ormesher (Finish Tokens), Catherine Antcliff (Barcode Scanning), Charles Ellul (Marshal), Chris Ruys (Pacer), Glenda Leigh (Tail Walker), Irene Brown (Timekeeper), Josh Cant (First Timers Briefing), Lorinda Shaw (Barcode Scanning), Mark Cant (Run Director), Michael Arnott (Marshal), Rosemary Waghorn (Pacer & Run Report Writer), Vince Yeo (Pacer) and Yuri Kontrobarsky (Pacer).



Catherine and Lorinda scanning the barcodes.



Eugene heading towards the rotunda with his finishing token




AF153572-3718-4C43-9101-52EC25896B49Nina heading towards the finish line after another fantastic run





Sezzy pacing Vince to the finish line



Charles, Glenda and Darren taking care of things at the back of the pack



Well that’s about all for this week. If we don’t finish this newsletter tonight it will almost be the weekend before we get it published!

Please remember you can contact us at karkarook@parkrun.com or via a Facebook direct message. We welcome any feedback, suggestions and ideas.

Stay safe everyone...


Full Results (not) parkrun 24/8/20 to 30/8/20







Karkarook parkrun – 26th August 2020


welcome to the karki parki news



Hello everyone,

Hopefully we are on the second lap of Melbourne’s lockdown number two and that we all can see the finish line, in the not too distant future.  We hope everyone is keeping well and is in good spirits and health.

In this week’s news we summarise all of our (not) parkrun and estimated time challenge efforts. We also travel back in time to a beautiful August day to take a look at our 93rd parkrun which was held two years ago.





Swan and cygnet photos courtesy of Christine McArdle & Michael Sutton.


(not) parkrun



(not) parkrun Results for last week - week 10

We had a new record number of 30 (not) parkrunners representing Karkarook parkrun last week. 51 (not) parkrun runs or walks were submitted.

Thanks to everyone who participated to help Karkarook climb the national (not) parkrun results tables. We were placed in the top 10 and also helped Victoria submit the most number of (not) parkruns of any of the states and territories.

Last week welcomed five new first timers who made their (not) parkrun debuts for Karki. Welcome and thanks to: Charles Ellul (28:11), Danielle McDonald (29:57), Karen Foster (28:22), Lynn Bullock (26:50) and Melissa Lane (37:22).

Congratulations to Andrew Kong (30:40), Angelene Shannon (33:05), Berta Armijo (34:56), Chris Brown (24:52), Greg Hughes (28:47), Hilary Kaplan (48:20), Sally Kenney (29:24) and Rowan Cole (31:53) who all set new (not) parkrun personal best times.

Nathan Ruys (21:04) and Lynn Bullock (26:50) were our first finishers. Chris Brown achieved the highest age graded percentage with 66.82% for his first run of 24:52. Chris runs in the (VM60-64) year old age group.

Cataldo Mase with his aesthetically pleasing (not) parkrun time of 1:00:00 was our virtual tail walker this week.

Remember you can record one (not) parkrun activity per day, with your fastest time each week included in the weekly (not) parkrun results table.

(not) parkrun times are submitted via the (not) parkrun tab in your parkrun profile.



Estimated Time Challenge


Jason on his first lap of Karki at his very first parkrun


The winner of our estimate time challenge last weekend was Jason McCaul who estimated he would run 11 kms in 60 minutes and ended up running 10.99 kms. That’s a footstep or two out Jason and a great estimate. Well done and great pacing! The Karki estimated time bragging rights are all yours this week!

Here’s the rest of our Estimated Time Challenge” results.


  • Jason McCaul - 60 minutes - estimated 11 kms - actual 10.99 kms.
  • Chris Ruys - 5 kms - estimate 25:00 - actual 24:43 - 17 seconds.
  • Kim Marie - 5 kms - estimate 33:15 - actual 34:03 - 18 seconds.
  • Nathan Ruys - 5 kms - estimate 20:45 - actual 21:04 - 19 seconds.
  • An Du - 5 kms - estimate 27:46 - actual 27:07 - 39 seconds.
  • Simon Ruys - 5 kms - estimate 27:00 - actual 27:58 - 58 seconds.
  • Phillip Cooper - 5 kms - estimate 26:56 - actual 25:57 - 59 seconds.
  • Grayson Cooper - 5 kms - estimate 26:58 - actual 25:57 - 61 seconds.
  • Cassie Cooper - 5 kms - estimate 27:59 - actual 29:25 - 86 seconds.
  • Cataldo & Mia Mase - 5 km walk - 60:00 - actual 63:00 - 3 minutes.
  • Natalie Vujovich - 5 kms - estimate 46:00 - actual 39:02 - 6 minutes 58 seconds.


Here’s what our estimated time participants said.

Jason said, ”60 minutes session for me tomorrow as part of my running group. I’ve estimated 11km, hoping the conditions don’t hurt too much.”

Kim told us, “Wanted a slower casual run this weekend with some walking. estimate 33:15, reality 34:03.”

Cassie braved the elements with a super impressive effort with the family early on Saturday morning. Here’s what she reported. “Heading out now before the rain! Two kids on bikes because we are worried we will be too slow with them on foot. Phillip estimates 26:56, Grayson guesses 26:58. Me - 27:59 (still desperately trying to break 28 minutes). Happy running all.”

Cassie let us know later that she wishes she could have amended her guess, as she had got halfway round and found herself pushing Katya’s bike! They all managed to beat the rain, but Cassie didn’t beat her time. Next time Cassie!

An told us he was saving his legs for his planned 21 km run last Sunday. His estimate for his 5 kms on Saturday was 27:46. At the time, it didn’t cross our minds how An was going to cover the half marathon distance in 60 minutes on Sunday.

The following day we discovered that An had ran from his home, around Braeside Park and then back home (11 kms). An then followed this up by running the extra 10.1 kms using a circuit at his home! Around his backyard, through his garden, around the front, down his driveway and carport. 80 laps!

Congratulations An, that’s a staggering effort and achievement, and a course record that we doubt will ever be broken!

The Ruys family’s “Dingley Bypass unofficial parkrun” was held again on Saturday morning, for the 21st time. Chris told us that they “managed to get out for DBUp 21 despite the arctic conditions. A strong cold headwind on the way out had us second guessing our estimated times, then quite a nice tailwind for the return helped us finish reasonably strongly.”

Natalie said that due to COVID restrictions she has had to change her walking schedule with Boris. Here’s what she said.

Due to the change to our restrictions and only being allowed out once a day for one hour, I always take Boris the Wonder Dog with me, so can’t run my 5 kms anymore. But that shouldn’t stop me putting in a (not) parkrun time or an estimate. So for this week, I will estimate that I will do 5 kms in 46 minutes at least once during the week.”

Natalie reported later that her timing was really out. “Even in bad weather I’m quicker than I thought. Slowest time this week was 39 minutes and two seconds.”

And finally, last but not least, Cataldo said he was taking his daughter Mia out for a 60 minute walk. Cataldo said it was going to take them 60 minutes to complete.  When we asked Cataldo later, how they had gone, he told us that they had actually walked 170 metres extra and taken 3 minutes longer. Taking that into account, Cataldo and Mia would have been pretty close to their estimate of 5 kms in 60 minutes. Sounds like good father/daughter time spent.



A look back 2 years - Event 93 - 25th August 2018



Two years ago it looked like a gorgeous late winter morning at Karkarook Park. It was one of those days when the hope of finer weather and a hint of spring gives everyone a bit of a boast. We had 176 runners, joggers and walkers and we were assisted by 10 volunteers. Anita Nichols was our Run Director.



Anita giving the First Timers briefing


We welcomed 22 first timers and visitors including now Karki parki regulars Jason McCaul and Berta Armijo.



Milestones - 100 to Chris and 50 to Daniel



Another beautiful day at Karkarook Park


Fast conditions for running and walking helped 39 people record PBs.  Karkarook regulars who smashed out a personal best were:

Alicia Cohen (37:04), Anne Mullan (47:16), Bianca Camfield (26:15), Chloe Kaufman (23:13), David Tran (25:24), Debbie Tunbridge (31:50), Emma McCaffrey (26:42), Glenda Leigh (28:45), Jason Louey (22:32), John Camfield (22:39), Junchen Peter Pan (21:35), Irene Brown (27:09), Katrina Harris (26:18), Lachlan Jansen (29:01), Lizzy Holst (20:11), Lynden Roberts (23:27), Nina Podolsky (39:31), 38:35 (Oct 18), Patrick Kaufman (24:11), Stephanie Jones (28:28), Steven Logan (22:28) and Susan Short (23:40).



Jessica, Nina, Eliza & Graham and Sezzy.


The first finishers were Darren Bowden (17:12) and Jessica Ingleby (19:41).

Jessica’s super run achieved the highest aged graded percentage (82.73%).



Our Volunteers were: Amy Mulholland (Timekeeper), Anita Nichols (Run Director), Catherine Snell (Pre-event set up), Deanna Pattieson (Finish Tokens), Eddie Tsung (Marshal), Ian West (Tail Walker), Mark Cant (Photographer), Ming Li Yee (Finish Token Support), Todd Garrett (Barcode Scanner) and Trish Andrews (Marshal).



Ming Li has the token box under control



Annie and Sylvia cruising round with their “karki barkie”



Abigail and Catherine



Kane and Steven



This was the first weekend that had the Karkarook parkrun photo frame



 Lucy, Andy and Daniel giving the thumbs up





Just a reminder, if you have a favourite photo of Karkarook Park, or from a previous parkrun event, then send us your photo and we’ll use it as our Facebook cover photo.

You can contact the team with all your photos, stories or questions at karkarook@parkrun.com or by way of a direct message to our Facebook page.

Don’t forget to get yourself out for a (not) parkrun. The full results table from last week is below.

Well that’s about all for this week...Stay safe.



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