Jells parkrun 169 on 22th Sep 2018

Run Report


Our 169th parkrun was a nice warm morning. It really felt like spring.
Thanks to everyone for their participation and we hope to see everyone again soon.
A very warm welcome to the 23 people who had their personal barcodes scanned at our parkrun for the very first time today. We hope you enjoyed it, and will run here again.
Remember to tell your friends that parkrun is fun for everyone in the community. :)

  • This week 221 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 23 were first timers and 46 recorded new Personal Bests.
  • Jells parkrun started on 27th June 2015. Since then 4,521 participants have completed 25,985 parkruns covering a total distance of 129,925 km, including 4,962 new Personal Bests.



Have you got your team colours ready for Grand Final Day September 29th. Remember all sporting teams in all sports are welcome.



jells parkrun relies on volunteers to bring you a free, timed event each week.
We encourage everyone to volunteer because it's fun, rewarding, and giving to your community.
Please review the Future Roster
to see where volunteers are needed and email
if you can help. The wonderful volunteers who made this event possible are:
  • Josephine CARDACI
  • Ann-Marie JEFFERY
  • Callum MCDONALD
  • Regina NEVILLE
  • Long NGUYEN
  • Leanne OBERIN
  • Simon REYMERS
  • Tina TIAN
  • Jessica WARD

Photos of the volunteers for the last few weeks.


Below are the photos from some important milestones for the last few weeks.

If any of you are celebrating a milestone, please let us know in the pre-run briefing.
If you'd like a big deal made for your milestone, please let the Jells team know a couple of days before your run. Contact or send us a private message on facebook.



You may have heard of Achilles recently or seen Achilles runners at jells parkrun.
The Visually Impaired(VI) runners and guides are usually in yellow Achilles shirts or singlets
Supported by Blind Sports and Recreation Victoria, Achilles Melbourne is your local all-abilities social running club.

  • Simon, a VI regular at jells was in a recent parkrun article here which details his trip to do the berlin marathon.
  • Adam, a VI regular at jells recently completed his 100th run two week ago. The only VI runner in Melbourne to have done so. He started running parkruns with friends as guides, then joined Achilles soon after. He likes jells because of the variety of the terrain, and the community here. He was recently accepted as a pacer for the melbourne marathon

You can join Achilles as either a VI runner or walker, or as a guide.
They have weekly training on Sunday mornings. There is training for anyone turning up for the first time.
There may be Achilles training at Jells parkrun in early November if there is enough interest. More details soon.
More information is on their website.

Photos of Achilles runners below.

achilles runner
achilles runner
achilles runner
achilles runner
achilles group

Aesthetically pleasing times

  • 20:20 - Tony DILORENZO
  • 24:00 - Cecai ZHANG
  • 26:00 - Isaiah WOLFORD
  • 30:00 - Gene HERAUD
  • 33:33 - Marina JORDAN
  • 40:40 - Sally ZHOU


Photos of a variety of people during the parkrun. There are more pictures on the jells parkrun facebook page.