Jells parkrun 165 on 25th Aug 2018

Run Report


Our 165th parkrun was a nice cool morning. Great for being outdoors.
Thanks to everyone for their participation and we hope to see everyone again soon.
A very warm welcome to the 13 people who had their personal barcodes scanned at our parkrun for the very first time today. We hope you enjoyed it, and will run here again.
Remember to tell your friends that parkrun is fun for everyone in the community. :)

  • This week 170 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 13 were first timers and 20 recorded new Personal Bests.
  • Jells parkrun started on 27th June 2015. Since then 4,434 participants have completed 25,229 parkruns covering a total distance of 126,145 km, including 4,845 new Personal Bests.



jells parkrun relies on volunteers to bring you a free, timed event each week.
We encourage everyone to volunteer because it's fun, rewarding, and giving to your community.
Please review the Future Roster
to see where volunteers are needed and email
if you can help. The wonderful volunteers who made this event possible are:
  • Naomi (Tullae) CROTTY
  • Fiona DAVIS
  • Suzanne EVANS
  • Carmen LEOW
  • Samuel LOH
  • Jessica WARD
  • Baoping ZHANG
  • Daniel ZHANG
  • Nathaniel ZHANG


Safety or Rules Highlight - Why on a Saturday morning?

Every parkrun in the world is run in a similar way, so that no matter what part of the world you travel to, when you find a parkrun you will know how it works, what to expect, what day it's on, and depending on the climate of that area what time it starts. Hot climate parkruns start at 7am. Temperate climate parkruns start at 8am. Cold climate parkruns start at 9am. But they are all always on Saturday, every week, everywhere parkruns are held. (unless an event gets cancelled that week for safety reasons)

In addition

  • The volunteers who run the events would like to get on with their weekends; by starting early, they can (with luck) have the results for their parkrun sorted by lunchtime.
  • Many runners appreciate the opportunity to start their weekend on a social and active note before breakfast.
  • We also want to avoid clashing with the many club events that happen on Saturday afternoons.

Aesthetically pleasing times

  • 31:00 - Rachel SMITH
  • 36:36 - Jerry ZHANG
  • 59:00 - Sonia BHATIA


Photos of a variety of people during the parkrun. There are more pictures on the jells parkrun facebook page.