Is your barcode torn, tattered, sweat stained, dirty, misprinted or lost? Never forget your barcode again!

We will be placing a bulk order for the parkrun Athlete ID key tags and silicone Wristbands with the final and only order being placed on 2 April 2016.

ID TAGS - $6.80 each ($2 from each tag will be donated back to parkrun)

This is the most convenient way to carry your parkrun Athlete ID barcode - on a durable plastic key tag.

These tags can be attached to your car keys, shoelace, necklace, wristband or zip, and can contain your name, Athlete ID number and ICE (In Case of Emergency Phone Number).

This information will be printed onto the tag, including your all important barcode. The parkrun logo will be printed on the other side as shown.

WRISTBANDS – $21.50 each

The wristbands can contain your Name (maximum 30 characters); Athlete ID Number; any Medical Conditions that need to be listed (maximum 30 characters), and your ICE (In Case Of Emergency Phone Number).

The easiest way to check your size is to use a length of string or strip of paper and put it around your wrist and tape the ends together at a comfortable length, ensuring that it is not tight and also does not slip off your hand. The wristbands come in 3 sizes - 180mm (SMALL), 190mm (MEDIUM) and 202mm (LARGE). (see photo below)

Please be very careful when measuring as they will be non-returnable to the manufacturer if the incorrect size is ordered and they cannot be changed. You must also ensure that all details provided are correct. If there are errors, replacement wristbands, including postage, will be charged to you again.

The parkrun silicone wristbands are waterproof and durable and can be worn in everyday usage. Please note that like all silicone and rubber bands if they are nicked, cut or constantly overstretched they may snap over a shorter period of time. The manufacturer’s warranty will not cover items returned having suffered such treatment.


Order via the order sheet at the parkrun scanning table. You are responsible for correctly writing the information onto this sheet, as this is what will be submitted to Bent Logic. Please print all details carefully and sign the form.

Pay cash to Kay at parkrun or via Bank Transfer to:

Account Name: KAY P SHERLOCK
Account BSB: 484-799
Account No: 086693830 (use your name or athlete ID as the reference)


Orders will only be placed for the payments that have been received by lunchtime Saturday, 2 April 2016.

Please email if you have any questions.