Team ‘parkrun’ for the 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon

All parkrunners are invited to join team ‘parkrun’ for the 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon. As an added bonus, all team members will receive a 10% discount on their entry fee(s).
Team Member Entry Fees (with the 10% discount) are as follows:
* Gold Coast Airport Marathon - $121.50
* Wheelchair Marathon - $121.50
* ASICS Half Marathon - $89.10
* Wheelchair 15km - $54.00
* Southern Cross University 10km Run - $54.00
* Suncorp Bank 5.7km Challenge - $40.50
* Junior Dash (4km & 2km) - $22.50
For team members to receive the 10% discount, a minimum 20 team members are required to enter.
To enter team ‘parkrun,’ go to - and use the following details:
Team Name: parkrun
Team Pin: parkrun16
Entering in two events:
If a team member wishes to enter 2 events (i.e. the 5.7km Challenge and the Half Marathon), they need to add their middle initial to their second entry, i.e. John Smith for 1st entry, John F Smith for 2nd entry. The system does not accept the same first name, last name and date of birth to be registered twice.
Please note:
  • No discount will be displayed when team members enter, discount will be calculated when team payment is made.
  • Team members do not have to make payment at time of entry. See below ‘Team Member Payment.’
  • Team members will not receive a Confirmation Certificate when they first enter, only when the team has been paid for.
  • Team members wishing to confirm they have successfully registered can contact Dale Murray and he will check the online system.

Closure of Team Entries:
Team ‘parkrun’ entries will strictly close on Friday, 22nd April 2016. From midnight, the team code will be disabled.
Team Member Payment:
In order for team ‘parkrun’ members to receive the 10% discount, one bulk payment needs to be made for the team. This payment will be made by Dale Murray and needs to be received by the Gold Coast Airport Marathon team by Monday, 2 May 2016. For this to happen, team members will need to send their registration payment to Dale Murray (bank transfer) no later than Tuesday, 26th April 2016. Details will be provided later.  
Adding People to the Team:
If someone has registered for the event as an individual, they can be manually added to team ‘parkrun,’ however they will not receive the 10% team discount as they will have already paid their entry fee. They will count towards total team numbers and kilometres travelled. Please contact Dale Murray if you want this to happen for you.
Who can join team ‘parkrun’?
Any registered parkrunner. Everyone is welcome! Please share this information (with poster image) amongst your parkrunner friends and encourage them to join team ‘parkrun’ at the 2016 Gold Coast Airport Marathon. It would be fantastic to have team ‘parkrun’ with the most team members. It is going to be awesome.
If you have any questions, please send an email to:
Dale Murray
Territory Director (North-North West NSW) & Event Director (Armidale)