Huskisson parkrun is cancelled on 2021-10-02 – Due to current COVID-19 restrictions

Huskisson parkrun 3 July 21 – Good to Go with Some Rules

Huskisson parkrun is good to go this weekend and to make sure that we can keep holding events, please be aware of the following inline with NSW health:

* If you are from a hotspot and meant to be in lockdown, please do not attend parkrun
* If you are feeling unwell, please do not attend parkrun
* Check in via the QR code
* You are required to wear a mask before the event and after you have completed your run/walk. This means wearing your mask when you get out of the car and while the RD delivers the quick brief. Remove your mask as you are getting into the start chute and after you have completed your run/walk, put your mask back on before seeing the scanners.
* If you need to catch your breath, please grab your finish tokens and then head out of the chute and away from people until you can put your mask on.
* Please try and social distance as much as possible before and after the event.



New to Huskisson parkrun

For those that are coming to Huskisson parkrun for the first time or it has been awhile since you have been there.

* We are now located a Moona Moona Creek on the big grass area
* We are a concrete path (not a bush track as indicated in the course description)
* First timers brief is at 7.50am

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