Run Report #1 – Hamilton parkrun 10 October 2015

What a truly wonderful Hamilton parkrun inaugural event. Thank you to everyone that came along... All 123 runners and walkers, 11 volunteers, and so many spectators standing on the sidelines cheering everyone along. Thank you for being part of our first ever Hamilton event.

Here is some of the all-important data from day 1….

  • 123 people took part in our first parkrun event at Hamilton.
  • 25 were parkrun tourists that made the trip to Hamilton from Manchester UK, Shepparton parkrun, Point Cook parkrun, Phillip Island parkrun, Mornington Peninsular parkrun, Mount Gambier parkrun, Albert Melbourne parkrun, Lilydale Lakes parkrun and Coburg parkrun.
  • 71 were first time parkrunners (welcome to the awesome global parkrun community).
  • 105 were registered and brought along their barcodes for scanning.
  • 18 were not registered or did not have a barcode that we could scan so were recorded as “unknown”.
  • 11 Volunteers were on hand to coordinate the day.
  • 58 were female.
  • 47 were male.
  • 16 were Juniors (7 aged under 10yrs, 6 aged 11-14yrs, 2 aged 15-17yrs).
  • Participants ages ranged from under 10 years old to over 80yrs old.
  • 6 parkrunners have reached or exceeded their 100 run milestone club.
  • 11 have reached or exceeded their 50 run milestone club.
  • 3 juniors have reached the 10 run milestone club.
  • Our Facebook page now has 498 likes and our posts reached over 12,000 people this week!
  • We are on twitter with 14 followers – follow us @parkrunHamilton
  • We are on Instagram too with 33 followers - @Hamilton_parkrun


Thanks to all the people who made Hamilton parkrun happen this week! Especially to the Event Committee that have been working behind the scenes to set this up for the last few months…

Cindy RIDDLE • Debbie PITHER • Kelly THOMAS • Mandy EATS • Stephanie LAMONT • Bryan BARRERA. Special thank you to our volunteers Sally FINCH • Claire NAILON • Jacinta WAREHAM • Jane Elizabeth JOHNSON.

Thank you to our Territory Director, Craig Curtis and our stand-in Territory Director at the launch Phil Ackland (also the Event Director at Mount Gambier parkrun) for supporting the Hamilton team to set up our own event. We could not have done this without you both.

Did you know that everyone who makes parkrun happen each week is a volunteer? That includes the Event and Run Directors! The best part of this is that anyone can be a volunteer. We ask that each parkrunner fulfils a volunteer role 3 times a year. It is so much fun and we promise you won't regret it. Get on board by emailing us with the dates that you can help

Alternatively place your name on the clipboard when you check in after your run.


Hamilton parkrun would not be possible or FREE without the generous support from our local sponsors – Gen Health Hamilton, Vitality Health and Fitness, CoggerGurry Chartered Accountants and Southern Grampians Shire Council. As well as our national sponsors – Stockland, Suncorp Bank. Please support these businesses that help support Hamilton parkrun.

One of our sponsors, Gen Health Hamilton, was on hand to provide free balloons to the children attending the event.



Thank you to Coles Hamilton for kindly donating 75 bottles of water and a 10kg box of bananas free to hand out to our participants at the launch.

Also, we are very lucky to have the support of the Roxburgh Coffee Van. The Roxburgh coffee van was on hand to provide the post-run caffeine hit and also kindly donated 50 cents from every coffee sold on the morning at our event to help support the future of Hamilton parkrun. They will aim to be at our event every Saturday and will continue to make this donation. Please support The Rox Coffee Van so they can continue to support us. Thank you to the Roxburgh.

It cost $10,000 to set up Hamilton parkrun, and half of this was covered by the National Sponsors. The Hamilton parkrun Event Committee are required to raise $5000 in the first year plus and $2500 each subsequent year to keep parkrun in Hamilton. The funds pay for all our equipment and ongoing support – anytime of day or night. And, the money helps to ensure the event remains free to the user. The major benefits of being free to YOU are:

  • We are able to attract people to participate who have never had the opportunity to participate in events like this before, and who may have been dissuaded by an entry fee.
  • We attract participants on a regular basis.
  • We do not have to administer the collection of entry fees.

Do you want to help contribute to our ongoing fees? You can make a donation using this link


This week our photographer was Claire Nailon. Thanks Claire for your great shots. Check out Claire’s pics on our Facebook page don’t forget to tag yourself!

Thank you also to At Random Photography, the Hamilton Spectator and Southern Grampians Shire Council for taking pics and sharing them with us.

We also upload our photos onto Flickr. You can join our group and add your photos here, . Once added, the photos will feed through to our website for everyone to see.

parkrun Tourism

Thank you to all our visitors for travelling to Hamilton for our launch event.

To our locals, encourage your family and friends to visit you here in Hamilton and experience our new parkrun event. We had 25 tourists visit us this week and many stayed overnight and had breakfast at a local café. So, it’s good for the economy!

Keep Left

A reminder for you to please keep left, especially at the start of the run and leading up to the turnaround point. The path can get very congested with runners, walkers, prams, and dogs so PLEASE KEEP LEFT.

If you run in a group please also be reminded to run only 2 abreast, 3 people can take up the path and it is difficult for others to pass you.

Please be mindful of runners coming up behind you and stay left.

If you need to stop suddenly then please come off the path so that there are no accidents. This is especially relevant close to the turnaround point where there is likely to be a bottleneck of participants.

Finish Tokens

A friendly reminder that the tokens must be handed back to the volunteers when you have your barcode scanned. Please do not take yours home as a parkrun souvenir. Unfortunately we lost token number 39 this week - do you think you may have accidently taken it home? Is it in your pocket? please check and if so then let us know at the .

Kids under 11

A reminder to parents and children under 11, while we love having you all participate in parkrun it is imperative that ALL children under 11 are accompanied by a parent or guardian throughout the whole course.

Can my child accompany me on their bicycle (bike, cycle) or scooter?

Unfortunately this is a parkrun Australia directive and the answer is No, we believe that bicycles or scooters and runners do not mix. The risk of injury to runners and children are too high.


Dogs are welcomed at parkrun only if they remain on a SHORT lead at all times and only if they remain completely controlled by their handler. Please start with your dog at the back of the pack and move forward once the bulk of the runners have moved off. The course is very compacted at the start of the run as we don’t want any injuries from tripping over dogs. Please also remember that it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet so please bring along a plastic bag or anything that you need to do so.

Warm weather warning

Please don’t forget to bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and a water bottle with you each week. There is a water fountain for you to use on site, but it’s always a good idea to have your own bottle for the run on a warm morning. Just make sure you label it with your name in case someone else has the same bottle.

Snakes are part of the Australian environment. Please be aware that there is the potential to see a snake out on the course around the lake. It is more likely that they will be scared by the noise of all our runners, but just in case, please be aware and alert others if you do see one.

Finish Line

Please cross the finish line only once – please don’t come through again even if you go back out on to the course to support another runner/walker as this can cause problems with the results later.

Barcode reminder

Printed barcodes are used at all our events to record your result. No printed barcode = No result = No exceptions. Remember to bring a spare copy, as we can store this for you in our file to make it easier for you to be recorded in the future.

Hamilton parkrun upcoming events and special dates

October 17 – Hamilton parkrun event #

October 24 – Hamilton parkrun event #3

October 31 – Halloween - Spooky themed parkrun, kids volunteering day.
Other Events coming up

Melbourne Marathon Festival

Date: Sunday October 18th



WheelFun Cycling Challenge

Date: Sunday October 18th



NHK Junior Obstacle Race

Date: Sunday 1 November 2015


Hamilton Vitality Fun Run

Dates: Sunday 8 November



Hamilton parkrun - all important stats!

Male placings:

  • Amechai  “The Flash” BAWDEN (SM18-19) (Unattached) was first over the line in 18:52.
  • Wayne AITKEN (VM45-49) (Unattached) was second over the line in 19:51.
  • Derek PRENTICE (VM40-44) (Unattached) was third over the line in 19:51.

Female placings:

  • Sally BEGGS (VW40-44) of Warrnambool Athletics Club, was first (14th overall) over the line in 22:10.
  • Narelle FRICHOT (SW30-34) (Unattached) was second (19th overall) over the line in 23:45.
  • Vicki KEARNEY (VW50-54) (Unattached) was third (20th overall) over the line in 24:06.

The following runners recorded the best Age Grade scores:

  • Wayne AITKEN (VM45-49) was graded 73.72% for the time 19:51 (second overall).
  • Gennine LAMB (VW55-59) was graded 71.37% for the time 25:02 (27th overall).
  • Kathy THURLINGS (VW55-59) was graded 70.89% for the time 25:32 (31st overall).


  • Representatives of 12 different athletics clubs took part.
  • The female record is held by Sally BEGGS who ran in a time of 00:22:10 on 2015-10-10 (event number 1).
  • The male record is held by Amechai BAWDEN who ran in a time of 00:18:52 on 2015-10-10 (event number 1).
  • The Age Grade course record is held by Wayne AITKEN who recorded a 73.72% run (19:51) on 10th October 2015 (event number 1).

Full results can be found on the Hamilton parkrun Results Page.

See you all this coming Saturday for Hamilton parkrun # 2 – please arrive in time for our pre-run safety briefing at 7.50am – we can then start the run at 8am sharp.


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