Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun #43

Leaping into parkrun


This Saturday for the first time on a 29th February, 34 people walked, jogged and ran the Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun course for our event number 43.  As a young parkrun you might think a 29 February event is not that unusual – after all a leap year comes around every 4 years – but in fact this weekend is the first time parkrun has ever fallen on February 29 – anywhere.  The last ‘Leap Saturday’ was in 1992 – some 12 1/2 years before parkrun began in the UK on 2 October 2004 – the next one will be in 2048 or in 1460 Saturdays time – so there was much leaping about on the course to celebrate the occasion.


Our fantastic photographer, Dana Eaves, recorded all 34 participants leaping into the air.  Even though it took a bit more energy to add a little leap into the run back up the hill, 5 participants; Ron Huffer, Mandy Ellis, Monica Huffer, Nella Mangiafico and John Mason all still managed a new PB and visitors Cynthia and Michael Faure chose this week to add the GRRT parkrun to their event collection.


Thanks to our other parkrun volunteers this week, Kate Lew Ton who completed the pre course check – and was then observed to run the course at least twice more - Seth Cropley, who made a quick dash down and back up the course so he could hand out finish tokens to all those who finished after he did (which was most of us), Jason Pincini, and Libby Belton our timekeepers, Mary He our barcode scanner, Laura McIlwaine who as tailwalker ensured everyone returned safely and Liz Radcliffe composer of these prose, all ably lead by Run Director of the week Kat Smith.

Next week we are celebrating International Women’s Day and we invite all our parkrunners and volunteers to wear purple.  Hope to see you there!