Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun, Event #40

Run Report by Justin Bersey.


This is my second run at the Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun today.

Let’s start with the warm welcome by both organisers and fellow runners alike, it’s a feel good and welcoming atmosphere.


Set in one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen, the rail track is well maintained and flat with a slight camber.


It’s an up and back 2.5km track that starts with a slight uphill for 1km before flattening out to a slight downhill for the last 1.5 km.

At the turn it seems it’s all uphill on the way back although only slight, as you come around the final bend you can see the finish line a long way out, which never seems to get closer. The scenery running among the tall trees and ferns is amazing. All up if you’re thinking of travelling to visit put it in the calendar as well worth it.


Heading back afterwards to a local cafe which changes weekly, with the volunteers and other runners for a coffee was also fun.


All up fantastically run and well worth the trip