Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun, Mirboo North is cancelled on 31 October 2020: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun, Event # 45

This week 31 people ran, jogged and walked the course, of whom 6 were first timers to Grand Ridge Rail Trail and 4 people recorded new Personal Bests!

Start line

In her pre event brief, Run Director Katrina Palmer welcomed visitors from Pakenham, Preston and Inverloch. It was a cool morning on the trail, and we welcomed the warmth of the sun filtering through the trees! The trail was in great condition as usual and is always so well maintained by the wonderful Wednesday warriors!

Pakenham guys

The usual support and encouragement was present on the course, however the lack of high fives given the current Coronavirus situation didn’t go unnoticed!

Justin Bersey

The course will be well used again tomorrow, with the inaugural Grand Ridge Rail Trail Fun Run / Walk taking place!

Todays event was made possible by 9 volunteers: Michelle HARRIS, Carmel QUIRK, Mary HE, Stacey HARRIAGE, Katrina PALMER, Kat SMITH, Claire BANKS, Marie RYLANCE, Lily RYLANCE.

Since the Grand Ridge Rail parkrun commenced on 27th April 2019, 705 individual participants have completed 1,869 parkruns covering a total distance of 9,345 km, including 306 new Personal Bests. A total of 115 individuals have volunteered 409 times!

We hope to see you there next week!

Stacey Harriage
Run Reporter


Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun #43

Leaping into parkrun


This Saturday for the first time on a 29th February, 34 people walked, jogged and ran the Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun course for our event number 43.  As a young parkrun you might think a 29 February event is not that unusual – after all a leap year comes around every 4 years – but in fact this weekend is the first time parkrun has ever fallen on February 29 – anywhere.  The last ‘Leap Saturday’ was in 1992 – some 12 1/2 years before parkrun began in the UK on 2 October 2004 – the next one will be in 2048 or in 1460 Saturdays time – so there was much leaping about on the course to celebrate the occasion.


Our fantastic photographer, Dana Eaves, recorded all 34 participants leaping into the air.  Even though it took a bit more energy to add a little leap into the run back up the hill, 5 participants; Ron Huffer, Mandy Ellis, Monica Huffer, Nella Mangiafico and John Mason all still managed a new PB and visitors Cynthia and Michael Faure chose this week to add the GRRT parkrun to their event collection.


Thanks to our other parkrun volunteers this week, Kate Lew Ton who completed the pre course check – and was then observed to run the course at least twice more - Seth Cropley, who made a quick dash down and back up the course so he could hand out finish tokens to all those who finished after he did (which was most of us), Jason Pincini, and Libby Belton our timekeepers, Mary He our barcode scanner, Laura McIlwaine who as tailwalker ensured everyone returned safely and Liz Radcliffe composer of these prose, all ably lead by Run Director of the week Kat Smith.

Next week we are celebrating International Women’s Day and we invite all our parkrunners and volunteers to wear purple.  Hope to see you there!


Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun, Event #42

Today I attended the Grand Ridge Trail parkrun in Mirboo North for my third time, it’s starting to become my go to run, not only is it worth the 40 minute drive but two PB’s in three runs, I’m pretty stoked!

It was a coolish morning which I seem to enjoy, once you get started running it’s pretty comfortable and seems to help.

Parkrun - Laurie & Isla Newman

I cannot speak any more highly of the up and back course which, as always, is well maintained.

parkrun - Geoff Martin

The volunteers were once again happy and helpful and it’s clearly the small township atmosphere which makes it, with most runners/walkers staying for a chat until the last person makes it back.

parkrun - Flynn Burgess-Pincini volunteer photographer

If you haven’t been and you’re a local, or from far away, it’s well worth the trip just for the chance to meet some new friends or enjoy the magnificent setting of running amongst the tall trees and ferns.

Parkrun - Julie Trease

Get along to Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun Mirboo North, every Saturday morning at 7:50am.


By Justin Bersey



Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun, Event #41

Conditions this week were cooler than in previous weeks with refreshing misty rain falling during the event. This week 41 people ran, jogged and walked the Grand Ridge Rail Trail (GRRT) parkrun course.

Georgia McIllwane

Eight participants were first timers and six recorded new personal bests. Congratulations on PB's to Melissa Jones, Brooke Jones, Judy Luck, Emily Aisbett, Nella Mangiafico & Marie Rylance.

Melissa Jones

First across the line this week was Brad Gossit with a time of 19min 33sec. Visiting us from Lilydale, Brad said that he enjoys getting out of Melbourne and visiting different parkruns and seeing a bit of the countryside along the way.

Brad Gossit

Pat Zanella from Wonthaggi was the first female across the line, and upon finishing stated that the Grand Ridge Rail Trail course was her favourite parkrun course due to the beautiful scenery along the trail and the shelter that the large canopy of trees provide.

Regular GRRT parkrunner & volunteer Ellie Stubbs brought along her latest rescue animal. This week it was Gippy the very cute baby Wallaby who was found after her mother was hit by a car. Gippy received lots of attention from our junior and senior parkrunners. We always enjoy the visits from Ellie’s rescue wildlife and wonder what animal she will bring along next!

Elly & GippyElly & gippy 2

Of course parkrun could not go ahead without the support from our wonderful volunteers, this weeks event was made possible by Glenn Wearne, Lynette McCarthy, Helen Lughetto, Darren Devlin, Stacey Harraige, Katrina Palmer, Pam Pincini & Cara Mahoney.

Mary & Helen

Report by
Katrina Palmer
Run Director


Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun, Event #40

Run Report by Justin Bersey.


This is my second run at the Grand Ridge Rail Trail parkrun today.

Let’s start with the warm welcome by both organisers and fellow runners alike, it’s a feel good and welcoming atmosphere.


Set in one of the most picturesque places I’ve seen, the rail track is well maintained and flat with a slight camber.


It’s an up and back 2.5km track that starts with a slight uphill for 1km before flattening out to a slight downhill for the last 1.5 km.

At the turn it seems it’s all uphill on the way back although only slight, as you come around the final bend you can see the finish line a long way out, which never seems to get closer. The scenery running among the tall trees and ferns is amazing. All up if you’re thinking of travelling to visit put it in the calendar as well worth it.


Heading back afterwards to a local cafe which changes weekly, with the volunteers and other runners for a coffee was also fun.


All up fantastically run and well worth the trip


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