We have our Volunteers for an fun filled extra Christmas morning parkrun. Yes Wednesday 25 December 7am see you there. Thank you to those that are giving up there time. Let's have dress up Christmas attire.


Christmas Day

Just letting everyone know there will be an extra parkrun on Tuesday 25th December Christmas Day Starting at 7am come and join the fun.


Christmas Party 12 December, 2015

Hi Everyone...just reminding you that we are having a Christmas Party next Saturday morning...we have Bangers Buns and Beanz catering our breakfast ...children who have been registered as coming will be given breakfast free and will receive a small gift. We have had a list on the table for the last month for people to register their's and their children's attendance. If you have not notified us of your attendance please contact me on 0407032114 as early as possible this week especially if you have children attending. Adults will be able to purchase their breakfast from the van or if you would prefer...bring a plate to share. We have Santa presenting the gifts and their will be Christmas cake...

Menu      Bacon & Egg Burger   $6.50; American Hot Dog (Pork sausage, soft bun, pickles, smokey BBQ sauce, American mustard $8.50; Australian Dog (Beef sausage, soft bun, onion, tomato relish and cheese $8.50

Cold drinks ...soft drinks, poppers and water...Hot drinks, tea and hot chocolate

All sausages are from Schultes Meats, Plainland...


Hope you can join us...just remember to tell us you're coming so we can cater sufficiently for everyone...



PLEASE NOTE: We have cancelled Gatton parkrun for Saturday 2nd May, 2015 due to local flooding at Lake Apex and safety issues due to heavy rain...see you all next week... :)


Christmas & New Year’s Day 2014/15

This year Gatton parkrun will not be holding additional parkruns on Christmas and New Year's Day. There will be other parkruns that will hold an additional parkrun on these days...please check local parkruns or Gatton parkrun will be held as normal on Saturday, 27th December, 2014 and 3rd January, 2015.

Kind regards



International parkrun Day 4th October, 2014

Next Saturday is International parkrun Day and we would like to see everyone come dressed in fancy dress!! Choose your favourite Super Hero or Movie Star..any costume you like..their will be cake and a cuppa or juice afterwards so stay and enjoy catching up with fellow parkrunners.

There is also a Council event called "Instameet" being held at the "Lights on the HIll" monument starting at 6:30am on the same day ..Council have assured us that this will not impede our run around the monument and the event will have moved on from that area by the time parkrun starts so be assured the Gatton parkrun will run as normal next week..

Look forward to seeing you all in you favourite fancy dress!! If you catch up with friends who haven't been to parkrun for awhile, encourage them to come back next week and enjoy the fun..SEE YOU THERE!!


Event Director

Gatton parkrun



Please note that for the month of February there will be a change of course for Gatton parkrun due to park works up and around the Lights on the Hill monument. We will therefore be running 4 straight laps around the lake for our 5km run. Thank you for your understanding in this situation. We will update when works are completed.

Kind regards
Ingred Impekoven
Event Director


Cancellation of Gatton parkrun for 30/11/13..

Good morning Gatton parkrunners

I regret to inform you that I have made the decision to cancel Gatton parkrun today as it has been raining continuously all night and continues this morning quite heavily. Normally I would run in the rain but have decided because of consistency all night, it may cause safety issues for this morning.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.

Kind regards

Ingred Impekoven

Event Director Gatton parkrun

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