parkrun Code

In light of the current situation we have made the following changes please ensure you read them.

  • all parkrunners and volunteers must abide by the Codes of Conduct previously posted
  • a first timers briefing will be held at 7.50am each Saturday, prior to the main briefing at 7.55am
  • there will now be a funnel at the finish line (to the right of the current finish line) as advised by parkrun Australia. Please follow the instructions of our friendly vollies during this time (including having your barcode and finish token ready to be scanned at the end of the chute). The aim of the funnel is to reduce congestion and speed up the scanning process.
  • all children under the age of 11 must be within arm's reach of a responsible adult at all times (i.e. before, during and after the event)
  • printed parkrunner barcodes (i.e. on paper, key tag or wristband) must be presented for a result to be recorded (no exceptions) and barcodes with ICE information should be carried at all times during the event
  • volunteers who time keep or scan must provide their smartphone with the parkrun Virtual Volunteer app installed (your friendly Run Directors will explain how to use the easy app if you're unsure!)
  • a Victorian Government-issued QR code will be made available via Facebook and our website soon, and printouts will be available at the event. All parkrunners, volunteers and observers are asked to please check in to our event (you can even do this before you leave home!)
  • Covid19 parkrun code.pdf

We'll remind our parkrunners via Facebook  of some of these points between now and the 16th to ensure we're all ready for a smooth return!