March 2014 Newsletter

Fingal Bay parkrun Newsletter March 2014

G’day parkrunners! Welcome to our monthly FBp newsletter live from Paradise. If you like this feature or would like something added, please give us some feedback at;

Barcode News

We are now enforcing the ‘no barcode = no time’ policy. The good news is that you can leave a copy of your barcode with us, in our red barcode box on the table. That way, you’ll never forget it! Also, I recommend investing just $6 on the superb durable plastic barcode disc. You can order them from Bent logic here;


We now have well over 1000 registered runners. There are still lots of people who have not volunteered yet. As this is a non-profit organisation, we rely heavily on volunteers. All we ask is that everybody gives up one hour of their Saturday morning three times a year to help the FBp Team. All the roles are easy to perform, and our Run Directors will give full training for new vollies. You will receive 100 points for each of your first three volunteer sessions, and this all adds up to FBp’s annual points competition total.

Kids at parkrun

parkrun policy is that all children under the age of 11 must be supervised by an adult. We now get consistently over a hundred runners a week, so for safety reasons we also ask that the smaller ones are not placed right at the front of the start-line . We would like to stay accident-free.

and finally…A Great Running Tale  – Vicki Forsythe

Below is an Email we received from Andrew, Vicki’s husband;

“I have been a runner for 7 or 8 years yet I could never talk Vic into running, even after I had built a 4km running track through the bush on our property.  She has always been fairly fit and healthy and has been a regular work out junkie at the local gym but her comment was always, “I can’t run, I never could”.  When we  had a fun run at home with family and friends, all she would manage to do was time keep.

Last August a friend from gym told her about the Fingal Bay parkrun and when she told me about it I was immediately interested and went for my first run the following Saturday (without her as she was still reluctant).  After I described to her how it all worked and how I enjoyed it she agreed to attend the following Saturday.  And hey presto it all took off and now we have one of the most committed Parkrunners around as her records at Fingal Bay and at the NZ Masters Games will show.  One wonders how good a runner she could she have been had she started as a youngster, her sister is a fine sprinter and held some international masters records .


Andrew Barnsley”

Andrew alluded to the New Zealand Masters Games. It began in 1989 with 1500 entrants competing across 29 sports. Now it boasts over 8000 competitors in 67 sports. It alternates between Dunedin on South Island and Wanganui on North Island. 2014 was Dunedin’s turn to host between 1st & 9th February. The 5km run is part of the athletics games section and is split into age ranges, similar to parkrun. Vicki not only won Gold in her event, but finished over four minutes faster than her nearest competitor in Silver position. For someone who only recently took up running, I think you would agree that this is an outstanding achievement. For his part, Andrew won Silver in his event, but wanted me to point out that he was actually last as there were only two Gents in his age range. I wouldn’t have mentioned that bit Andrew!

In her own modest words, I’ll let Vicki herself finish this article;

“My sister was competing in the NZ Masters Games in Dunedin and, as there was a 5 km road run she suggested we join her and her husband for the Games and a holiday. It didn't take much to convince us to join them and have a shot at the 5km run. We would at least have a great holiday in beautiful Queenstown”

Happy running,